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Gov. Brown: Oregon follows CDC guidance, drops mask, social distancing in most public spaces

Says some businesses may stick with guidelines, rather than verify vaccination status

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced late Thursday afternoon that Oregon will follow U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance released earlier in the day and is dropping the requirement for wearing masks or to socially distance in most public spaces.

Here's her full statement, issued by video and written remarks:

Today the CDC issued new guidance for lifting mask and social distancing requirements for fully-vaccinated individuals. It is yet another sign that, if we all continue to do our part, the pandemic is coming closer to an end.

Starting today, Oregon will be following this guidance, which only applies to fully-vaccinated individuals. That means Oregonians who are fully vaccinated no longer need to wear masks or social distance in most public spaces.

The CDC has outlined a few exceptions, such as public transportation, hospitals and health care clinics, correctional facilities, and long-term care facilities. Oregon will continue to require individuals to remain masked and distanced in these circumstances. Immuno-compromised people should continue to follow the recommendations of their health care provider when it comes to personal protective measures. Nothing is changing for schools this school year, and I expect education staff and students to continue to wear masks and physically distance, as outlined in our Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance.

In the coming days, the Oregon Health Authority will be providing updated guidance for businesses, employers, and others to allow the option of lifting mask and physical distancing requirements after verifying vaccination status. Some businesses may prefer to simply continue operating under the current guidance for now, rather than worrying about verifying vaccination status, and that’s fine.

Oregonians now have a choice of how to protect themselves and others from COVID-19: either get vaccinated, or continue wearing a mask and following physical distancing requirements. The new CDC guidance makes clear that vaccines are the best tool to protect yourself, and everyone around you. Vaccines are also the fastest way to get back to doing the things we all love, and to returning to a sense of normalcy.

If you’re already vaccinated, thank you. I encourage you to help a friend or loved one make their appointment. If you have questions about vaccines, that’s totally normal. Call your health care provider to get your questions answered, or visit for great resources.

We are one step closer to putting this pandemic behind us. Thank you, Oregon, for continuing to get vaccinated. Keep it up. And stay safe out there.

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    1. More than 2500 deaths later- Kovid Kate Brown- the CDC- Z21- and Demokrat Governors nationwide finally admit their “deadly” mistake… “The CDC has outlined a few exceptions, such as public transportation, hospitals and health care clinics, correctional facilities, and long-term care facilities.” This should have been Plan “A” from day one- based on the information gathered in China- combined with the early evidence that “at risk- elderly- closed quarter individuals were at the highest risk ! The CDC and WHO had this information back in March of 2020- even I told everyone within earshot- that if you have a loved one in a nursing home- get them out ! The rest is history- with the likes of Kate Brown having to wrestle with her own conscience over what she’s done… the deaths are all on her !

      1. Hey little Boy, YOU still can’t go outside without a mask, until you grow up,grow a pair, and get your first and second shots. In other words, Never.

        1. Here you go people. If you don’t go get your shots Eric in Redmond will call you names like a petulant child. Very persuasive. I’m sure he is changing hearts and minds about vaccinations with his brilliant methods of persuasion.

      2. She really should have done lying, denying and downplaying strategy that worked so well for your dear loser big fat failed and fired donnie the orange!!!! Soooooooooo much losing karen!!!!!ROTFLMAO!!!!—- “it’s just one person coming in from China, we have it totally under control, everything is going to be just fine ” —- “Hydroxychloroquine will be the greatest game changer in the history of medicine ” —– ” we’ve turned the corner and are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel ” —– “it’s just the same as the regular flu or a cold” ——- “Anyone who wants a test can get a test”. Soooooo much failing Karen. You poor thing. LMAO!!!!

        1. “You can keep your doctor”, one of the greatest lies ever told by a politician, the same politician you grovel to and kiss his – – – – – hand. It would have mattered not what President Trump did or did not do, you would have whined and sniveled like the little “Karen” you portray.

  1. And with one craftily worded press release, Kate Brown now stuck businesses with being the bad guy.

    Businesses will be forced to inquire about medical status prior to allowing entry without a mask. Hippa violations aside, this puts businesses in the unenviable position of denying entry to those customers refusing to wear a mask AND refusing to provide proof of vaccination.

    Once again Queen Kate sticks it to business in the State of Oregon.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    1. How about anyone trying to get into a store or restaurant without a mask or proof of vaccination gets a fluorescent orange “I’M STUPID tattoo on their forehead ?

        1. What is up with the “Beta Male”? You continually say it. Is it something you decided to try because you thought is was a catchy phrase? Really, what is up with “Beta Male”?

        2. There he is again with his cute litle Newspeak buzzword based commentary.
          He probably conditions his thin wispy beard with organic gluten free soy milk down there in mom’s basement.
          Go back to 8kun, poser.

      1. How do you intend on proving I haven’t been vaccinated, if I tell you I have, but refuse to prove I have? My doctor won’t tell you and the hospital/clinic/vaccination center won’t tell you, as that would be a violation of HIPPA law. Are you, as the business/restaurant owner willing and able to survive the lawsuit for refusing me service? I’m thinking YOU need the “I’m STUPID” tattooed on YOUR forehead.

        1. The simple reply is that the business owner can avoid your lawsuit by requiring all patrons to wear masks…

          From Governor Brown’s message: “Some businesses may prefer to simply continue operating under the current guidance for now, rather than worrying about verifying vaccination status, and that’s fine.”

          …provided just in case you were in too much of a hurry to get to the comment section to read the whole news report…

        2. Ever heard the term “We reserve the right to refuse service”? That’s what I thought, you really are that stupid. Now go run along and get your tattoo.

            1. My question for him as well, Eric, the ball is in your court if you are adult enough to answer the question. I also read where you want people tattooed, as the Nazi regime did to people who disagreed with them? What next, you want a chamber for “showers” built?

        3. HIPPA doesn’t cover vaccination status. It’s a status, not a condition. It’s sort of like age or weight in that it isn’t constant. It’s not in the list of things that are subject to HIPPA.

          1. Care to argue that in court? Is delivering a vaccine injection not a medical procedure, performed by medically trained personnel? HIPPA covers any and all interactions between medical personnel and the patient. Your definition is like saying HIPPA doesn’t count in regards to a discussion between a mental health specialist and their patient.

          1. Eric, nice to see you admit to being stupid and not having to have a bumper sticker to prove it, way to man up and admit your faults.

    2. Actually it’s the CDC – she is following their decision. Easy to be pragmatic and do the smart thing get vaccinated. No time to be a political idealist.

      1. /sarc

        But political idealism is the air we breathe and water we drink.

        Without it we would just be ordinary people instead of thinking we are actual players belonging to warring clans manipulated by powerful people for their own nefarious purposes who have no regard at all for us.

        Who would want to lose all of that?


    3. Given the low trustworthiness of people that hate masks and vaccination it’s going to be interesting. I would imagine that the CDC factored in the rampant dishonesty of Americans and is going by number of vaccinations done. Should work, they’ll either extinct themselves or get a little immunity the hard way.

                1. I thank you for your position on that once again Barney. Even though I don’t care for a lot of the comments here I still believe freedom of speech is important. I just do not understand why some people on both sides here are constantly insulting people instead of just giving their opinions on the subject at hand. My neighbor and I get along great even though we have some political views that are entirely different. why can’t it be like that here? I have been attacked on here for things I have posted when all I did was post verifiable facts. But I still defend the rights of people to attack me even if I do not agree with them.

                2. Still hoping we move to a platform with Reddit-style community moderation, up/downvotes that can sink low-value posts into near invisibility. I’d be glad to be the only one having to read some of this stuff…

      1. Don’t forget that O -/+ people tend to be immune or at least less susceptible to the COVID19 virus . . . These people are already part of the “herd mentality”, yet they haven’t and don’t need the vaccine.

      2. At some point in time people are going to realize that this was Mass Hysteria brought on by politics, fed by the media outlets and pharmaceutical companies, fueled further by GroupThink of about 60 percent of the population and then spread globally by the internet. Something similar happened with the Orsen Wells “War of the Worlds” radio show, the Emirates flight 203 from September 2018.

    4. Mad that you have to wear a mask! Now mad that there’s a ‘gray area’ and you don’t have to wear a mask! It’s definitely NOT you. Kate Brown is responsible for your mental illness.

          1. Unlike your “orange ****- Russia-Russia-Russia- or never Trumper” for 4.5 years ??? I personally find the whole Beta Male accusation accurate- hope to hear more- cause you’ve certainly proved yer a wuss these past 4 years !

            1. I read somewhere this. “Do not repay evil with evil.” Plus name-calling on either side is just so juvenile. When someone behaves this way my immediate response is to believe that they do not know how to express themselves in a more intelligent manner. I didn’t like that behavior in Trump and I do not like it in others. I was raised by my parents to be better than that.

    5. So what you’re saying is, those who have had both shots can go out without masks, and so can the sissy’s that stomp their widdle feet and refuse. Since YOU are the only ones that will get Covid, it would appear you morons will be playing the Covid lottery, so thank’s for fixing the problem by getting rid of your dumb arse selves. Boy you sure showed us!

  2. Great news, but it looks like she’s reverting back to making businesses act as the mask police. So I imagine most will just require masks rather than do that.

    1. Well considering the number of cases in our local schools in younger people that might actually make some sense at this point anyway. ( Indoors, at least). Those kids still can spread to their parents and vulnerable family members.

  3. Wow– I thought news outlets were supposed to be unbiased and provide actual facts but those last two paragraphs are anything but. Don’t put your own prerogative in a news story. Very untasteful.

        1. Biden didn’t restart the building of the wall . . . the Corps of Engineers did, at the request of Homeland Security and the Justice Department, since the funds, materials, and equipment, was still there. Their decision was based on the number of authorities requesting it continue as long as it has already been funded.

    1. You are missing the point. Everyone will go out Naskless, nobody cares. Those who have two brain cells to rub together and got both shots won’t get it, whiny ignorant clowns that refuse will, solving the problem by offing themselves.

      1. Please explain the numbers of those who were fully vaccinated and then caught COVID. Getting vaccinated DOES NOT guarantee that you won’t get COVID.

      1. What are you saying? Your comment is literally stupid. DMAN is right, if you had covid your are immune…Go take a science class YOU BETA

        1. Currently, it is unknown if recovered adults are definitively immune to SARS-CoV-2 reinfection because biologic markers of immunity have not been correlated with protection from infection. However, available evidence suggests that most recovered adults would have a degree of immunity for at least 90 days following initial diagnosis of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19. Dang you morons are a hoot!

    1. Because the vaccination isn’t 100% effective, nor are you safe from getting COVID again, after you’ve already had COVID once/twice/trice times. My sister had it, was fully vaccinated, and got it again. What that tells you is, even if you’ve had it AND been fully vaccinated, you can still get it.

  4. You don’t have any right to know my vaccination status. Since when did our constitution go out the window? Businesses will realize this is unconstitutional and just ignore it. This is not a law and most states have banned proof of vaccine because they are not communists.

    1. You’re crazy, what’s so wrong with vaccines? I once had to do work in Africa and Yellow Fever Vaccine was absolutely required. Didn’t blink an eye, it was required. Let me ask you this, if you had to travel to a country with a vaccine requirement, let’s say you had a job or a relative was in trouble. Would you totally Karen out and say “NO WAY!! MY BODY MY CHOICE!!!” Or would be a normal human being and do what is required? But I’m assuming the response you have in your head is “I would Never go to a Crap Hole country!” SAD

      1. The difference is, the COVID vaccine is still in the experimental phase and doesn’t yet have an FDA stamp of approval. All the other vaccines have a long history of approval and use.

      2. Scientist….how long were those vaccines around. Did the fda approve them? Were long term effects studied? These are not FDA approved. I’m shocked at how many people just let the government inject them with whatever they want and do not know long term effects and have zero legal way to recover damages if they were to happen. But yeah, get that shot in the arm for a virus that has a 99% survival rate. Great job using “science”.

      1. WELL LITTLE BETA MALE….. they are concerned that our psycho governor could try to further her overreach and let businesses require some kind of vaccine card, which is a hippa violation.

      2. Sharder8 That’s valid, although every vaccine has an experimental period. And besides, do you think Karens like Fanbeav will get their Vaccines when the covid vaccine is FDA approved? I think not. They’re too busy having fun comparing our ‘dreadful’ situation to the mass murder of 60 million unwanted humans.

        1. Well, when the vaccine gets full FDA blessing, the military will be able to force it on members. Also, at that time, there are many that will be willing to take it, as it has long term studies completed . . . so, there will be fewer numbers willing to refuse vaccination. Of course there will always be those who refuse vaccination for personal reasons. But those numbers will be deemed acceptable. It’s just like the vaccine for the common flu . . . there are still a large number of people that refuse to get it, even though it has full FDA acceptance and history of being pretty safe.

      1. Likewise, no where in the Constitution does it give you or the government the power to demand a person receive a “temporary emergency” unproven and fully untested vaccine. As a matter of fact, no where in the Constitution say that you have to take vaccines.

    2. Businesses can’t just ignore it. There’s this little thing called liability that can’t be covered with a sign. Proof of vaccines has been required by schools for generations, so your communist comment about the current situation is off the mark. To answer your question, it would seem the Constitution being thrown out the window started on January 6, 2021, and republicans across the nation are still pitching. BTW, vaccination status is protected by HIPPA. It is a PUBLIC health record.

  5. While it seems there should be hope in this message it will provide an incredibly challenging outcome for retail establishments and other local businesses. You can’t just ask someone about vaccine status or breach medical history. My heart goes out to those working in retail who will be dealing with angry customers on both sides of the fence. Those vaccinated and expecting to be mask free and those not that aren’t comfortable sharing medical beliefs or history. Both sides are reasonable in there own ways. It would be nice if these things were planned out and thought through a bit more instead of “more details to come”. Please I ask of all y’all no matter what you believe that we offer grace to those on the front lines in retail trying to manage this while being unqualified or lacking of the tools to do so.

    1. PreCovid, try and enter countries that had vaccine requirements without the vaccine. Would you call those countries Nazi’s as well? Yellow Fever in South America and Africa for instance. Vaccines help stop a virus, to try and save lives. The Nazi Regime was quite the opposite, can’t believe you’re that shallow minded and insensitive to compare what’s going today to the Holocaust. You’re insane.

      1. Scientist, you mean vaccines that have been studied for years and fda approved??? Because these aren’t and haven’t been studied more than a year….clearly you are not a true scientist.

          1. At my age, even knowing that we no nothing about the possible long term side effects, I would probably take the risk of getting the shot, However, every covid “vaccine” so has been developed with the use of embryonic stem cells, if no directly then in testing. These stem cells were originally harvested from an aborted baby. So, I’m cannot morally benefit from abortion in anyway, no matter how far removed.

            1. Since you are so opposed to using cellular contents to advance medical science, I hope you research every new prescription or medical treatment thoroughly before using. Stem cell research is the basis for lots of new innovations that are saving lives. I wouldn’t want you to have your life saved by one of them only to live in self-proscribed moral decay.

              1. I am not opposed to the use of adult stem cells, only the use of embryonic stem cells derived from an abortion. And, it is an eye opener. I will research any med or “innovation” before I will consent to using it. Forunately, I’m a pretty healthy guy.

        1. Here’s something you may not know, beta boy. FDA Emergency Usage Authorization requires a minimum of two months of clinical trials and much as the name might suggest, is used in emergency situations. FDA approval only requires a minimum of six months of trials. Look for these vaccines to become approved within the next few months. FYI, the FDA have absolutely nothing to do with the length of time encompassing clinical trials. That’s up to the pharmaceutical company. Also, you seem to hold your fellow betas in great esteem as you often capitalize the term. Something you would think that a confident and assertive alpha would not have to do.

      2. I knew that was coming when I posted. You know, there was a well developed rationale for the yellow badges also, as well as a government misinformation campaign.

    2. That’s their goal…and the BETA MALES on here are the first to tattoo you if you refuse the non fda approved vaccine. But, let’s be real, in real life, they cower like a slippery snake and won’t say damn word to your face. So don’t worry.

      1. Once it gets FDA approved what are going to complain about? Oh you are going to say “IT WILL NEVER GET APPROVED BECAUSE I DON’T WANT IT TO!!!” Betta Fish are pretty by the way.

        1. Once it is FDA approved . . . there will be one less reason to not get the vaccine. However, what if long term effects are not acceptable and FDA decides to not give full approval? Are you “pro-vaxors” going to take responsibility for those effects? We already know that the government gave the manufacturer’s immunity from prosecution if that happens. So who is going to pay and who will be sued? Not the manufacturers and not the government . . .

          1. Again. The FDA gave it an EUA. Formal approval requires a minimum of 6 months of clinical trials for formal approval. The FDA doesn’t perform any of these trials. They merely look at the data and judge if it’s adequate. Nothing, absolutely nothing suggests that these vaccines will not have formal approval within the next year, perhaps months.

          2. Worrying about something that hasn’t happened is a waste of time, just like the election security laws being passed currently by Republican legislatures in response to…NO evidence of widespread voter fraud!

            1. Actually, as AZ is finding some serious violations of voting laws and questions about the vote as well as other counties/states starting to do forensic investigations of the vote . . . I don’t think you can claim “NO evidence of widespread voter fraud!”
              “Worrying about something that hasn’t happened is a waste of time” Like worrying about possible nuclear reactor melt downs or tsunami’s/earthquakes/volcanic eruptions happening in Oregon? Personally, I live by the 7 P’s and Murphy’s Law.

  6. Barney shot you down there switzerland though as bghw has said in the past if brown reverts back around memorial day the z will be right in line with her chastizing us. 2 weeks after that nonsense week lockdown a different tune is being sung here.

  7. Here’s the thing about the new CDC mask guidance:

    1. I trust the science.

    2. We all knew there would be a “mask-off” moment.

    3. If you’re still uncomfortable, keep wearing your mask — nobody will blame you.

    4. This is a good thing. We’re nearing the finish line.

    1. Wow, way to polarize people further based on your political beliefs. Just a heads up buddy, I have a ton of friends who vote Democrat and are not getting the vaccine for a variety of reasons. Do you really see everything as left or right? If so, that is a sad way to view the world.

      1. No, I don’t see the world that way. I just enjoy teasing the RWNJ little children that blather on making fools out of themselves. I have Republican friends, just not the stupid ones making fools of themselves here.

    2. That’s why we need to wear buttons that say “I am not a republican. I am just fully vaccinated” – when we go into public places without masks.

      1. Scientist…have you been wearing 2 masks as cdc recommended??? I”ve asked this so many times and not one of you little BETA MALES have responded….Me thinks you all cowardly HYPOCRITES!!!

      1. I say good for you! As I said, I have many Republican friends. The difference between them and the clowns that show up here begging to be made fun of, they are intelligent and prove it by being just as happy as I am that the Orange Anus is out of the White House, AND are smart enough to have been vaccinated. I have my reasons to make fun of these idiots.
        I survived for over 72 hours without a heartbeat thanks to modern technology that was on the market for less than 6 months at the time. I survived on metal tubes ran into my chest connected to machines keeping me alive for over a month without a working Liver or Kidneys. I spent a year in my living room in a hospital bed recovering. THAT is why these IDIOTS that literally won’t wear a mask to save their own lives, and don’t give a crap if they infect anyone else PISS ME OFF so bad.. THAT is why I come on her and make fun of the STUPIDEST people in Central Oregon shouting from the roof tops how ignorant they are.

        1. And you realize that you volunteered to have those procedures . . . right? The only one forcing you to volunteer was yourself and you could have chosen not to have them. True, it was a life or death decision. Now you are demanding others to take the vaccine against their will. Note: There are those that have died from the vaccine.

          1. Steven, correlation is not causation, officials have said 1,000s have died after getting the vaccine (just as 1,000s did before getting one). Feel free to post a link to any legitimate to any news article that says the vaccine has been a confirmed cause of death.

          2. No, I didn’t “volunteer” to have those procedures since I was unconscious when the balloon pump was inserted through my vena cava in my groin up into my heart. I was unconcense when I was flown up to OHSU in a Cessna air ambulance my brother paid for, where some of the brightest minds in medicine work, and didn’t regain consciousness for three weeks. Strange as it sounds, my disabled wife wanted me alive to take care of her and our at the time young daughter. Do you understand how ignorant your volunteer comment was? I gained a new appreciation for life, and these ignorant bastards on here proudly ready to piss theirs and their loved ones, let alone strangers lives away make me sick to my stomach.

    3. What a sad life you must live, where anyone and everyone, not you, that does not think like you, may have a different opinion than you are scum. You are a few generations removed from your true calling in Germany.

    4. Poor little BETA MALE….Thanks again for being a test subject to a non FDA approved drug for us educated people to make decisions based on data. BTW have you been wearing 2 masks as cdc recommended???? Not one of you little beta males has answered this question. HYPOCRITE!!!

    5. YO Eric….I’ll ask again…you say this stuff to people in real life, or just here to BARNS? Because I think you don’t. SNIFF…SNIFF….I SMELL A BETA MALE and you won’t say a damn thing to ALPHA MALE in real life. You physically can’t!!!

    6. Eric, You wear that stupidity sign well. I am Republican, and had my shots. Most people I know who have not are the very liberal, very organic that add nothing to their bodies that doesn’t grow from the earth. And guess what – they are all Democrat. Actually, some of them are seeing how this administration is run, and might vote Republican if the right person runs.

      1. No point and saying anything to Ericinredmond. He is the biggest coward of all on here. He talks real big and bad behind that computer. You can’t fix stupid.

  8. So when you walk into business and they verify vaccination status,people will walk in with mask on and turn the corner and remove mask. Do you really think businesses want to be vaccine nazis?

    1. Do not compare what’s going today to the holocaust, you have no idea. It’s extremely hurtful. Getting vaccinated to save lives and to STOP this Pandemic being compared to the HOLOCAUST, where 60 MILLION unwanted humans were savagely murdered in factories has NO COMPARISON. HAVE SOME RESPECT. Our lord in heaven please forgive FANBEAV for such blasphemy.

      1. Allowing a part of society to become second rate citizens because they don’t want a non fda approved medication is similar to the holocaust……..SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS

    2. YO BETA MALE… are talking absolute rubbish. They can’t demand medical information. Park it in the back and put two masks on so we can’t understand your jibberish anymore…thanks.

      1. “””””Allowing a part of society to become second rate citizens because they don’t want a non fda approved medication is similar to the holocaust……..SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS””””. Wow, this is absurd. You obviously don’t get it little guy. THEY ARE PAPERS PROVING A VACCINATION TO STOP A PANDEMIC, TO STOP THE LOSS OF LIFE. IT IS IN NO WAY SIMILAR TO THE HOLOCAUST. Imagine trying to explain your logic with one of the 60 million lives that was lost in the holocaust, let’s say through a psychic like John Edwards or something. (hypothetically) How do they think they would react when some Karen American thinks that having to show proof of a vaccine is similar to getting a number tattooed on them, robbed of all of their family property and then gassed to death? You’re out of your element. There’s no argument here. You’re a “Beta” Karen.

        1. Sorry, but you are mistakenly assuming someone who uses false equivalence to make a point has rational thought. There’s lots of evidence in these posts to the contrary.

      1. My point is that this thing is now a republican-only disease, and I don’t care at all if you cult45 domestic terrorists get the shot or not.

        1. Republican only? Disease? Soze you are so far left that you’re in another world!! I know many Dems that are not being vaccinated. Disease?? I thought it is a virus….lol, although it truly is the flu on steroids.

        2. Good than shut up and move along little boy. Your pathetic. You are so uneducated and misinformed. Some people may feel sorry for you, but I for one think its hilarious that Donny lives rent free in that little head of yours. Go back to the basement you little whiny punk.

          1. I love that you follow “Your pathetic” by calling me uneducated. Well done, sir. I encourage you in particular not to get the shot, there is a Darwin Award out there somewhere with your name on it.

    1. NOPE!!! BETA MALES on here think they are tough talking smack with Ol’ Barns to back em, but nothing can be done. I ditched the mask and it’s AWESOME!!! THROW THE MASK AWAY.

      1. You might want to look at 45 CFR § 164.512 . . . and then understand the difference between with and without the individuals consent.

  9. NO VAX NO MASKS!!! Just like I’ve been doing. Little BETA MALES so upset…boo hoo, cry barns a river, but when they see me out in public, eyes down and frown, cry to Kate clown.

    1. kate is it possible to answer a question without all the childish rhetoric? Just wondering because you may have interesting opinions but you just sound like a troll.

  10. With everything going on negative to the Biden administration, the border, inflation, war starting in the middle east, gas shortage, …… This is to distract the American public. This could have been done moths ago. The CDC is part of the Democrats, they made the call. I’m happy about it, but the reason is to deflect from what is happening.

    1. Of course not! We’re special and that is unacceptable! We have to kowtow like the rest of the sheep and not question the so called science . . . even though science admits some people are immune. Science knows who tends to be immune and they have stated such, but that’s not acceptable!

      1. Just keep spinning that natural immunity roulette wheel and hope you can keep pace with the various mutations. The odds are in Covid’s favor considering the numerous infected it can use to transform itself into an equal number of variants, and you have only your one immune system to protect you. Good luck to you and yours!

        1. Might as well spend your life in isolation then . . . Every time you drive, every time you cross the street, every time you eat something, every time you go outside during a thunder storm, every time you go for a walk in the woods . . . you spin that roulette wheel. You can live your life in constant fear or face the fact of your mortality and enjoy life. I have multiple underlying conditions, yet I live my life without the fear of dying from a bug that has a 99% survival rating.

  11. Get ready for another surge in cases. Every slack jawed yokel who did not believe in the seriousness of COVID in the first place (like BGHW) is now going to run around without a mask regardless if they have been vaccinated.

  12. Are u going to have to show proof of vaccination? Isn’t that a HEPA violation? What if u”ve had covid & shouldn’t take the shot?

  13. One more way to divide the people of Oregon. Oregon is so progressive it still promotes segregation. What a bizarre governor and state!

  14. I cannot believe the vitriol that still spews from some people! Wanting those of us who do not and will not take the vaccine to be tattooed with orange is, not only repugnant, but uncaring and ignorant, as well!
    Some of us have medical reasons why we cannot and will not. My family and I, for example, have Guillain Barre Syndrome.
    In addition, my late father worked in the Research Department of Merck and helped set up branches of that department in France and Japan. He was much respected by his colleagues and always said do not take vaccinations or medications until they have been tested and proven for 10-15 years, because you cannot guarantee their safety!
    As far as Eric in Redmond’s charming idea of tattooing non-vaccinated people: you probably aren’t old enough to know anyone who lived in pre-Nazi and Nazi Germany. My father’s parents lived in Danzig, when it was still a German Free State. They were both Lutherans and left when they saw what was beginning to happen. That was August of 1926, ONE MONTH before my father was born. They saw, firsthand, the same vitriol and hatred beginning to foment.
    It is wrong to be fighting amongst ourselves! Kindness and civility go much further than you think. We need to stop judging people.

  15. This wouldn’t be because of all the law suits would it? And what if you don’t get the shots? They can NOT force you to put chemicals in your body-it’s against the law (not that Brown follows the laws)
    I am NOT getting the shots-they have NOT been on the market long enough to know what happens down the
    road. Funny they came up with a cure for this virus so fast but can’t come up with a cure for cancer-which
    kills more Americans every year then this virus!!!!!

  16. If you’ve been vaccinated, you get a card, you can show the card if asked. HIPPA irrelevant. But what is the problem with wearing a mask – I have never understood that.If businesses don’t want to have an employee screening everyone for proof of vaccination, then wear a dang mask. The only right it impinges upon is my right to not catch COVID from you. Barney, I don’t know how you put up with having to read the stupid and often irrelevant comments.

    1. According to the CDC, you can contract Covid after being vaccinated but it is generally a mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic form and there have been no reported deaths from Covid post vaccination.

      1. But they can still spread. Isn’t that the whole issue regarding wearing masks and social distancing to not spread the virus or have the goal posts moved again?

  17. Looks like the vacation is over, now it’s time for EVERYONE to get back to work.
    Barney, your days should get easier, as the usual trolls, should be going back to work, and will not have time to hover around the KTVZ website. I know, I truly do not think they were really working before the COVID 19 either, so probably no rest for ya Barney.

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