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Oregon fire marshal ends temporary rule allowing self-serve gas in some counties

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SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Office of the State Fire Marshal’s temporary rules change allowing Oregon gas retailers to provide self-service on a voluntary basis ends at midnight Saturday.

Starting Sunday, attendants will again be providing service at gas stations in Oregon where self-service is not allowed. Self-service is allowed in some coastal counties and in eastern and central Oregon.

Initially, a temporary rules change was implemented to address worker shortages at stations statewide because of COVID-19.

“We want to thank Oregonians and the many Oregon businesses who provide gasoline for their patience as we allowed for voluntary self-service at Oregon gas stations where that service had not been available before,” said State Fire Marshal Jim Walker.

“Starting Sunday, self-serve gas will no longer be allowed in counties where it is already prohibited by state law. Areas of the state where self-serve was allowed, in some coastal counties and areas of Central and Eastern Oregon, will see no change.”

Information about the ending of temporary self-serve gas in certain parts of the state can be found on the OSFM website.

The Oregon Fuels Association released the following statement thanking Governor Brown and the Office of the State Fire Marshal for working with the state’s locally-owned fuel providers over the past eight weeks on efforts to keep customers and fuel station employees safe through temporarily allow expansion of self-service fueling options:

“We appreciate the leadership from Governor Brown and the Office of the State Fire Marshal in providing flexibility to Oregon’s locally-owned fuel stations during this very challenging time,” stated Danelle Romain, a lobbyist for the Oregon Fuels Association. “Allowing fuel attendants to turn their focus to keeping equipment and payment mechanisms sanitized has helped keep people safe and stations across the state open. As we transition to a new normal, ensuring public safety and fuel availability will remain our priorities.”

About the Oregon Fuels Association

The Oregon Fuels Association (OFA) is the voice of Oregon’s locally-owned fuel stations, fuel distributors and heating oil providers. OFA members are at the forefront of environmental stewardship within the industry as the leading suppliers of biodiesel and other low carbon fuels. Often multi-generational, family-owned businesses, members fuel Oregon’s economy by providing career opportunities to thousands of employees across the state. The association is a leading advocate for common sense regulations that balance affordable fuels and environmental stewardship.

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  1. Sigh. Well it was great while it lasted. Oregon now returns to its 19th Century ways regarding pumping gas. New Jersey will be grateful for the company, again.

  2. Ridiculous. During the whole time, things were so efficient at the pumps that I never, ever had to wait for an empty pump. I just drover up, filled up, and went on my way. Now we call have to return waiting more than twice as long for someone else to do what we’ve been easily doing ourselves for the past few weeks.

      1. It’s a heck of a lot more than a minute or two. And with that attitude, where does it stop? Ban self-serve checkout lines in stores (which labor unions in Oregon have been saying they want to do)? Prevent me from carrying out my own groceries, in order to provide more jobs for the kids that carry them out for some people? Ban auto stores from selling motor oil to provide more Jiffy Lube jobs? We don’t need the Nanny State artificially dictating how businesses deliver services.

        1. nice try. Ive lived here 28 years and can count on one hand the amount of times Ive had to wait more than a minute or so for someone to pump my gas. Move back to wherever you cam from and pump your own gas, thanks

          1. You’re full of it. In my 46 years in Central Oregon, waiting over a minute for someone to do something that I’m fully capable of doing at a fuel station has always been an annoyance.

            1. But what about your Momma ?

              Is she just as comfortable getting out of her car to grab a grimy gas pump- wander in to the Quicky Mart to mumble something about 30 bucks on pump 7- then shuffle on back- open the cap and place it somewhere-pull the nozzle- select the grade-insert the damn thing- and stand there in the howling wind and rain till the digits strike gold… then complete the whole process in reverse- get back into her warm car- buckle up- and drive off ???

              I doubt it- I musta helped a dozen little old gray haired Grannys pump their gas since the fire marshal approved this idiotic scheme. I’ll betcha he never checked with his Grams before making this stupid decision- more than likely the guy lost his inheritance… and me ? made sure every single one of these kind elderly folks got my…

              Business Card !

              1. I’ve never seen anyone who wanted there’s pumped for them have any problem. In fact, service has been quicker for them since the attendants are less busy. No one’s saying ban self-service: just stop making it mandatory. This works fine in Culver and Madras and Prineville and Biggs Junction and Christmas Valley, why shouldn’t it work here?

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