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Judge refuses to block digging at lithium mine on Nevada-Oregon line

RENO, Nev. (AP) — A federal judge has denied environmentalists' request for a court order temporarily blocking the government from digging trenches for archaeological surveys at a lithium mine planned near the Nevada-Oregon line.

The proposed Thacker Pass mine is home to the biggest known U.S. deposit of lithium.

U.S. District Judge Miranda Du said in a ruling late Friday in Reno that four conservation groups failed to prove the trenches across a total of one-quarter acre would cause irreparable harm to sage grouse habitat.

She plans to decide later this week whether a Nevada tribe can seek a similar injunction based on claims the digging would disturb sacred burial grounds.

Du emphasized she has placed the overall case on an expedited schedule and intends to issue a ruling on the merits by early next year. She noted any construction of the mine itself is unlikely to begin before the snow melts in the spring of 2022.

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    1. Damg, beat me to it! It’s crazy how the environment nuts jobs want electric cars, but no dams or nuclear for clean reliable energy. They want electric cars, but can’t mine the materials to build them. So we will be stuck with Chinese built battery packs and no electricity to charge them.

      1. Sorry to spoil your ignorant hate on China session Karen but Chile and Australia have far lithium than the hated Chinese. You should’ve stayed in school!!!ROTFLMAO!!!

        1. China holds 40% of the world’s lithium production. Third in production behind Australia and Chile so that was correct. Chinese lithium producers are worth more than all the smaller producers combined. China took partial control of the Australian mines. China and Chile export most of their lithium to China. China is the largest manufacturer of lithium batteries by far. Accounting for Teslas new battery factory, in China, the top 4 producers of lithium batteries are all Chinese. So yes. China is in charge of the lithium market and the other rare earths needed for our glorious electric car future. And China should be scorned for their enslavement of people.

  1. You mean Lithium comes from mining operations? NIMBY. Better to have the Chinese control the world’s lithium deposits so we don’t have to worry about it in USA.

    1. the world demand for coal is rising, with the blessings of the paris climate accord, we should be the ones mining and exporting it. …..sweet TDS BTW

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