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Oregon Democrats in Congress hail infrastructure bill passage, list what it includes for state


(Update: Adding Wyden news release)

 WASHINGTON (KTVZ) -- Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., issued the following statement Friday night after voting to pass the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act: 

“We are proving that America can afford what our families need. This is an unprecedented investment, and I’m proud that I authored several key provisions included in this legislation to help Oregon improve our public transit systems, enhance the safety of our streets, get lead pipes out of our schools, protect us from wildfires, and expand access to broadband—all while making polluters pay to clean up their toxic legacies. We have more work ahead of us to complement this legislation with a seismic investment in human infrastructure, but we’ve shown today that America can afford what it needs, and that we can get it done.”

Blumenauer also helped advance the Build Back Better Act for an upcoming, final vote.

Specific provisions secured by Blumenauer in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act:

  • Reinstate the Superfund tax on applicable hazardous chemicals.
  • Create a $1 billion Safe Streets and Roads for All grant program to fund projects that help prevent death and serious injury on roads and streets.
  • A 70 percent increase for funding to create and maintain bike lanes and sidewalks, and make shared micromobility (bikesharing and shared scooter system) an eligible use of resources from a federal program designed to reduce road congestion.
  • Reauthorize and expand the state pilot projects to test the feasibility of user-based alternative revenue mechanisms to help maintain the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is expected to allocate over $1.6 billion in investments to Oregon as follows:

  • $747 million in public transit investments;
  • $529 million to improve access to safe drinking water;
  • $268 million for bridge replacement and repairs;
  • $52 million to expand our electric vehicle charging station network; and
  • $39 million to help protect against wildfires.


News release:

Wyden Welcomes Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Passage

Historic bill includes Wyden’s Oregon priorities: power grid resiliency provisions, wildfire risk mitigation funding, Western drought and Tribal water assistance, and funding for essential services in rural communities

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today welcomed House passage of the bipartisan infrastructure legislation, which includes essential priorities for Oregon and the West. The bill now goes to the President's desk to be signed into law. 

"I’ve said for a long time, you can't have a big league economy with little league infrastructure. And today Oregon and the American West will finally get the significant investments needed to deal with catastrophic wildfires and severe drought, build back hard-hit rural economies, improve access to public transit and make sure clean drinking water is a right for everyone," Wyden said. "And while now we can put people to work to build a more resilient and stronger Oregon, my work isn't over to deliver on equally-important priorities in the Build Back Better package."

The bipartisan infrastructure legislation passed by both the House and Senate will create millions of good-paying jobs to rebuild and strengthen our nation's crumbling infrastructure, including our roads, bridges and airports, address the climate crisis by expanding access to public transit and electric vehicles, ensure clean drinking water is available for every community, and make our infrastructure more resilient against extreme weather events caused by the climate emergency.

Key measures include:

  • $5 billion for provisions of Wyden’s Disaster Safe Power Grid Act to secure the power grid from extreme weather and natural disasters to prevent severe wildfires; 
  • $5 billion to help farmers, ranchers and communities respond to drought;
  • $162 million for Klamath habitat restoration work through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service secured by Wyden and Senator Jeff Merkley;
  • $250 million for Wyden's Western Tribal Water Infrastructure Act to help improve drinking water quality and services for tribal communities in Oregon and nationwide. This will help address the emergency water situation on the Warm Springs Reservation.
  • Three additional years of funding ($290 million per year) for the Secure Rural Schools (SRS) program, which dedicates funding for rural communities facing budget shortfalls to address essential needs like schools and emergency services, totaling $870 million nationwide;
  • $6 billion for wildfire risk mitigation and forest health treatments, including an additional $100 million secured by Wyden for the Collaborative Forestry Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP), as well as a Wyden provision to clarify that CFLRP funding can be used for existing projects. The provision will ensure existing collaboratives, like the Lakeview Collaborative that has been facing the Bootleg Fire, can get access to $100 million of additional Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program funding; 
  • $65 billion to connect every American to high-quality, reliable broadband internet access, including in rural and mountainous Oregon communities, with Oregon expecting to receive a minimum allocation of $100 million to help provide broadband coverage across the state, including providing access to the at least 136,600 Oregonians who currently lack it. 
  • An estimated $747 million over five years allocated to the state of Oregon to improve public transportation options across the state.

Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-Ore., provided this summary of Oregon-specific investments:

KTVZ news sources



    1. My money is on this money being squandered. Likely most, if any, will be spent in Portland and Salem areas. Doubtful that our are will see a dime of this money.

      1. This money would’ve been soooooo much better spent on another massive tax break for corporations that are posting record profits!! Then they could by back another 650 BILLION dollars of their own stock on the taxpayers dime!!! The last completely unfunded break big fat failed and fired donnie the orange snowflake past put my stocks through roof!!! Its critical that us taxpayer dollars again be used to by corporations to pay off their debt. It will boost my portfolio bigtime!!!!! Thank you taxpayers!!!!!!!!! !!!!!Trump / Kim Jong Un 2020!!! True love!!!

          1. Yep. And nobody seems concerned that the USA is basically bankrupt. Debt: $30 trillion. Expenditures: $8 trillion. Incoming tax revenue: <$4 trillion. Just so many Americans can continue to sponge off of others. But, hey, liberals just seem to ask what’s in it for me?’

          2. Yep. And nobody seems concerned that the USA is basically bankrupt. Debt: $30 trillion. Expenditures: $8 trillion. Incoming tax revenue: <$4 trillion. Just so many Americans can continue to sponge off of others. But, hey, liberals just seem to ask what’s in it for me?’ Let’s Go Brandon.

    2. Hoe much of that money is going to other countries over our own? Just like the crap they passed during the pandemic. It’s pretty messed up that they were selling it as its for the American people yet they where sending more to other counties then taking care of Americans. Those bills where never delayed going through because of disagreeing about how much to give away but was because they couldn’t agree on how much to give to Americans.

  1. So not a dime for rent relief / affordable housing, food security, or healthcare? The only thing that looks promising is: “$747 million in public transit investments”

    But we all know it wont go toward things like city connecting, modern high speed railways or even buses. It will all go in someone’s father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roomate’s pocket. Small communities will still be left with inadequate bus transport, if that, so that people can remain bent over by the local,overpriced cabs (That might show up if they feel like it.).

    But hey, we might get some bike lanes. Which is great if you are capable of riding a bike. And dont mind being a moving target for motorists who know traffic laws wont be enforced anyway.

    1. Housing/Food/Healthcare is included in the 2tr social spending bill rather than the infrastructure one; we’ll see how much of that actually passes the senate though.

      The clean and safe drinking water also sounds promising to me; our neighbors up in Warm Springs have had repeated issues with their water being undrinkable this year. Broadband increases also sound like something that will be beneficial to the less populous parts of the state.

      More than 3.4 billion towards car infrastructure and at most .75bn to things like buses and trains (before any diversion to other projects) is disappointing though.

  2. A complete waste of US tax dollars on so many fronts. There are currently over 11 million job openings nationwide- Brown and Biden shutdowns the past year have embedded the concept of “stay home- go broke- let big Gov take care of you” ! Just exactly who is going to step out of their homes into a virus infected world and do any of thee “projects” ? This will only increase inflation- raise your taxes- and will see no results- mark it on yer calendars- you heard it here first.

  3. Only in Washington can you come up with a bill like this. There’s a ton of printed money out there chasing after goods that don’t exist hence our current predicament of spiraling out of control inflation.
    What do the Democrsts do? That’s right, print more money.

  4. Bring on the pork, now including more money to waste on Blumenaur’s bicycle fantasies and electric vehicles’ delusions. If EVs are that popular, let the market build charging stations just as it did for gas stations.

  5. The ‘ol “adding bike lanes will reduce road congestion” scam is alive and well. Reed Market Rd is a great example. Take a two lane road, spend millions of dollars adding bike lanes and sidewalks and when you’re done you have a…. two lane road. Great planning!

  6. Barney do you know if the the Safe act that was included in a prior version of the bill passed? It is the act that would allow banks to work with cannabis retailers. Thank you

      1. Im sorry, I forgot it was the defense bill they put it in this time. Thank you kindly for the work sir, I do appreciate you and all you do. Take care.

        1. BTW, sorry but I had to delete your other message with the more … strident defense of me because it… well, it’s a personally offensive attack of the kind you and I and so many are tired of. But I have to treat it equally with the others. I know how tempting it is to fire back in similar fashion, but then you just drop to their level. Thanks anyway.

  7. Anyone who’s lived here knows what a wasteful transportation budget system we have. For example the Gordys overpass in La Pine, the waste of 20 million dollars because the engineering team has never seen sandy desert soil. The railroad overpass to alleviate traffic congestion at Wikiup Jct. scrapped after numerous attempts. Dropping a 1.5 million$ cement bridge beam, sinking support structures, etc. Lighten up locals you’re too stupid to even pump your own gas !! Hail Hydra Trump!

  8. Of course GOV Brown will ensure these “free” millions will be used to vastly improve Oregon’s failed behavioral health system…its failed substance dependency system…the failed state of homelessness where new, managed shelters are built and staffed…the rebuilding of Oregon law enforcement in Portland and elsewhere in the state where cops are leaving in droves due to the insanity of “woke”…and so on.

    Of course the above won’t occur as GOV Brown will use the $$ to pay back her political allies and supporters and their pet projects, to include some inane “climate change” projects that the climate change for profit carpetbaggers are already petitioned Salem for.

    2022 – When the insanity begins to end.

    1. Not sure how attacking the other side as all evil and blocking anything they try to do will ever result in progress, it’ll just mean endless fights for control of the ‘lever,’ followed by punishing your enemies.
      Now THAT’s insanity.

        1. I lean toward truth and facts, and away from endless hate and blame for the evil other side, no matter which side it comes from.
          And I’m far from alone.
          Braver Angels (their board is half ‘red,’ half ‘blue’) seeks to move beyond our toxic depolarization. Dozens of other groups do so under the umbrella of the Bridge Alliance.

          1. I’m not a hater, I’ve been following you for years and you definitely lean left. So don’t comment period. You’re job is to moderate not inject your take on issues.

            1. I try hard not to. As you know, some folks ask me questions to drag me into debates, then I get blamed for responding not with my opinion but factual information. Told to shut up.
              I’ll let others decide whose positions come from a side of hate and blame, as opposed to examples of or pleas for civil dialogue to try to find common ground.
              I do at times defend the many in the middle who dare not speak here for fear of being attacked and dragged into the endless debates that show the Blame Society at work.
              COVID false or unproven claims have forced me to weigh in more, or delete more risky if not outright dangerous comments. “Poison jab” etc. One can say what they believe, but the facts from officials many trust dispute those broad allegations. It has killed some comment systems, the hate and misinformation and … extreme wastes of time.

            2. he’s far left and should not comment on posts as the moderator. he should keep his views to himself. isn’t that the way the press is supposed to be???

                1. Not true. Or we wouldn’t use them as a news source. I’ve said for years some of their articles have too much spin, but the vast majority report things in a factual manner.

  9. Jerry Brown, previous “leader” of California would be so proud of this. Remind me again how his high speed rail project turned out? Anyone pay attention to history? I just wish I was a sales rep for those machines that printed our money.

    1. Portlands TriMet rail system isn’t anything to be proud of either.
      It’s a giant money pit, and on really hot days in the summer, the power
      cables sag and the trains become stuck on the tracks..
      The only people that really benefit from light rail are the politicians and their
      contractor buddies.

  10. Most of you commenters probably don’t pay taxes, so what is the big deal if we want to repair/replace bridges, fight forest fires, expand broadband, improve roads and highways to make the safer with other peoples money. I see a whole bunch of Cliff Bentz supporters here.

    1. yeah, i pay about 50% of my income in taxes.
      and i don’t want to pay more.
      and i’d like a refund on what i’ve paid in so far that has done absolutely nothing.
      hopefully this bill will do something.

      1. Buh-Bye you just shot your credibility. No one pays 50% in income taxes unless they are really bad at math or just giving money to the government. But we appreciate your largess.

    2. We would love it if the bill actually is for infrastructure but if one actually looks into it, it has a lot that has nothing to do with highway & bridge improvement or fighting forest fires.

  11. An actual President getting bi-partisan legislation accomplished for the good of the people and not just the billionaires but the incels will complain because their team lost. lol

    1. So much bitching and moaning about improving our infrastructure. This passed with bipartisan support because we needed it. Fortunately, We have Congressmen who were able to address specific needs of Oregon.

    2. “An actual President getting bi-partisan legislation accomplished for the good of the people and not just the billionaires but the incels will complain because their team lost. lol”

      It has nothing to do with the Republicans losing the election. This bill is nothing to get excited about. Oregon is slated to receive over $1.6 billion, but in the end, thanks
      to the liberal politicians in the valley that excel at wasting money, only a small percentage of the money will actually be used for improvements, and with the ridiculous
      cost of any project that the Government is involved in, the money won’t go far.
      Of course public transit is the biggest recipient at $747 million, and public
      transit is one of the biggest wastes of money that there is. Only the Government is
      stupid enough to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on something that will lose money,
      and need continual subsidizing. It’s no secret that our roads and bridges are in need
      of repairs, and that is a lot more important than public transit, yet there is
      $478 million less being dedicated to those projects.

  12. Cool, so… more 2-year road projects like Reed Market and Murphy that didn’t enhance traffic patterns at all?

    I’d pay extra to have the railroads routed around the city.

  13. Hey everyone we don’t need to post just ask Barney the expert on everything. He would be a good mouth piece to replace Biden’s mouth piece the little red head.

  14. The first paragraph literally gives it away that this was a huge waste and a lie.. because America can NOT AFFORD THIS!!! MORONS. this is the start of the fall of America as we know it. Be prepared to not be able to afford milk. Gas. Toilet paper.. etc.. anybody who voted for this crap hates America and all of us

    1. They are hateful people who will regret that they voted against President Trump. He will back in office soon. America will be great again. Don’t give up the fight!

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