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More C.O. businesses added to list of closures amid COVID-19 impacts

Ochoco Brewing Company in Prineville, Dr. Brew Teahouse in Bend closing , Foxtail makes big cutbacks

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Central Oregon businesses have seen a dramatic loss of business during the COVID-19 pandemic, but a new challenge is right around the corner.

As the months begin to cool, businesses across the High Desert will no longer see as much business from tourists.

Ochoco Brewing Company in Prineville has announced it will be closing its doors this Saturday. Bend's Dr. Brew Teahouse will be closing Oct. 30.

Carissa Glenn, the manager at the teahouse, told NewsChannel 21 Wednesday that trying to adapt a sit-in business to one that would operate solely on to go orders was too difficult.

Nickole Hayden-Cady, the owner at Foxtail Bakeshop & Kitchen, told NewsChannel 21 the business had to cut six positions and stop serving brunch to stay afloat. Hayden-Cady admits while her restaurant is still open, they are still operating month-to-month.

"As November, December and January (approach), we really aren't sure how we are going to continue," Hayden-Cady said. "Our rent is very high. "We are in a very high-rent district."

According to Hayden-Cady, Foxtail has lost 60% of its business, as it heavily relies on weddings.

"We relied solely on weddings to carry us through winter, and to really have the extra income," Hayden-Cady said.

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Jordan Williams

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  1. All part of “turning the corner” as big fat failing donnie has assured us. Four more years of “turning the corner” sounds wonderful. If you hate America. trump/putin 2020!!!

    1. President Trump did not close Oregon’s economy- in fact- he told Brown to open it after Easter weekend- instead- the Governor of the state doubled down with her irrational responses concerning terminology- phasing- and manipulated/selective data. If you ever take the time to look at the OHA data- you will see that Oregon “turned” your corner back in April- and the fact that Oregon’s fatality rate leveled off to 2% since March has more cerebral minds demanding answers from the Governor- The US President has no say in the matter and your blind insistence that he interfere suggests you actually prefer his no-nonsense (get me outta this hospital- I’m goin’ back to work) attitude… typically criticized by CNN- What’s up with that ? You turnin’ into a “big fat failing donnie” supporter ? Sure sounds like it- welcome aboard- what took ya so long !

  2. The owner of Foxtail was given money to start her business, she didn’t earn anything she has. And yea, good luck telling people you made your money on wedding cakes, lol that is hilarious. Your food is too expensive as it is and not great to be honest. Every food truck across the street and at least 4 restaurants in the Box Factory are all better than Foxtail.

  3. At least everyone is “SAFE” I bet those sacrificial businesses are proud to “do their part” to keep us all “safe” from this disease that has ravaged our county and killed 13 elderly people that were dying of other health complications anyway…So noble…. Thank you Kate Brown for keeping us all soooooooo saaaaaffeeee…..

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