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Bend shoppers react to mask mandate

Masks have been a common sight at Central Oregon grocery stores for the last couple of months. Now they are required. NewsChannel 21's Jordan Williams spoke with a few Bend shoppers on Wednesday to get their reaction to the new requirement.

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Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jordan here.



    1. Good thing you and your club of goons are here to protect us sheeple! Where were you when net neutrality was at stake? Do you support the regulation of big tech companies like Facebook? How about the credit companies that constantly leak your personal info with zero repercussions? You’re not concerned about that control, though. Just that you don’t want to wear a bit of material on you face.

      1. It’s about control.

        You claim it’s about having respect for others yet you show no respect to others.

        Your hate for people who don’t think like you is on full display.

        My body, my choice or don’t I have that right too?

        1. It’s not just your body. I’d say pull your head out, but the rest of us is safer with it in. Wearing the mask is helping your fellow man/society from contracting the virus. None of us like wearing it, we just want to put it behind us. Please do your civic duty and wear a mask.

        2. your life is soooo rough! What is with y’all? I swear you would absolutely melt if you were ever confronted with actual hardship in your life – amazingly delicate, you

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