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Redmond-based Stratos Aircraft tests new prototype jet

Redmond-based Stratos Aircraft completed the first test flight of its new 716X prototype jet on July 2. The new jet is a VLJ (Very Light Jet) designed to comfortably seat six people to support personal, business, and air taxi use.

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Ben Steen

Benjamin Steen is a photojournalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Ben here.



    1. Tell that to Epic. Tell it to Cessna. Tell it to Beech. Tell it to Mooney. Tell it to Lear Bombardier. Tell it to Gulfstream. Tell it to Piper. Tell it to Qwest. Tell it to Pilatus. Tell it to TBM.
      And tell it to Apple when there was never a market for iPads.

  1. yes, tell that to Epic. The company with over half its work force still laid off. Their is a market. You just have to have the ability to actually make the planes and deliver on time. Plus, Epic isn’t a jet. Its a Turbo Prop. Completely different class and customer base

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