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Bend police issue dozens of tickets for cellphone use while driving

In just four hours Monday, Bend police issued 39 citations on Third Street between Greenwood Avenue and Reed Market Road and U.S. Highway 20 between Third and 27th streets. Most of the tickets were for cellphone use while driving.

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Ben Steen

Benjamin Steen is a photojournalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Ben here.



  1. This is worse than forcing people to wear masks. I’ll use my cell phone anytime that I damn well please to. Don’t bow to tyranny. Don’t let the Bend Police take away your freedom. 🚘 📲

    1. I can see you now, a phone in your left hand, putting your makeup on in the mirror with your right hand, steering with your knee while you are in the left lane doing 1 mph over the speed limit, you radical.

  2. People just won’t follow the Law’s Weather it’s cell phone or driving laws or parking laws parking in the wrong direction of flow of traffic parking on or across sidewalks Wake up people follow the Laws

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