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Protests held around C.O. against two-week freeze

Some Central Oregonians in Bend, Redmond, Prineville and Madras protested Governor Kate Brown's two-week freeze on Saturday. Downtown Bend's event saw many people holding signs with phrases like, "We will not comply."

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Jack Hirsh

Jack Hirsh is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jack here.



    1. only if the voting public will be able to continue to ignore the bodies piling up, and their fellow citizens being sickened and hospitalized – sounds like a mindset you are down with

  1. KTVZ, when are you ever going to get the facts straight?! The event was scheduled for 12 noon, and by 12:30 there were 125 ralliers—- not “dozens” of people as your reporter shared.

      1. Every Corner was full… 250 to 300 with 90% of the drivers going by honking and supportive. The leftist had 6 and a half wannabe black clad punks looking sad and dejected. This happend all over Oregon and California. The Peacefakers also inserted a fake press member to operate information gathering on the Rally members.No white Supremacists, racist or hate groups attended the gathering.

        1. Ha the “corner numbers” keep going up with every comment, sadly just like the bat flu deaths- do you actually have grandparents or did you just fall off the back of a tu-95?

    1. Would you have preferred “tens” of people because 125 folks certainly doesn’t constitute the term “hundreds”? Sounds to me as if you may need either a math class or an English class.

    1. Please…Crook County has enough ‘rednecks’ already. Don’t dump your problems on us! Did you notice…NOT A MASK IN SIGHT! How long before these ‘upstanding citizens’ realize they are a big part of the problem? You want to thank someone for the lockdowns? Look closely at these faces and send them your thanks. Just sayin’…

      1. this is an article about the whiners you are supporting – what’s with your ilk? – been taken care of so long even the slightest inconvenience turns you into the wailing oppressed – any real hardship would crush you like a bug – yea, go find someone to blame your pathetic state on, ‘cus everyone finds you as brilliant as you find yourself – delusional twerp

        1. Maybe Fedup didn’t read the article, just figured that a picture of a bunch of people out whining on Wall were Liberals although the lack of masks by the over majority of them should have been a clue.

    1. Speaking of ancestors if harris and biden take office we’ll have the government our founding father warned us about. Fortunately with 72 to 75 million voters who strongly identify with our own nation and aggressively support a movement that will not be put back in the bottle. A country with the consent of the people not by decree of the lib tyrants.

      1. Yeah the people just voted against all that, where have you been? You were in the minority 4, 8, 12 years ago and its still the same now, if you “aggressively support” the “consent of the people” you sure have a backwards way of counting basic math

      2. Well, concerning approximately 80 million voted for Biden, I guess the ‘consent of the people’ has been established. And for your info, the founding fathers were very much against a king or dictator.

        1. Today an article published by biden supporter kandis mallet is another example how the left views America. She states,”There is no such thing as the United States of America”. Instead the US is founded on divisiveness and the genocide of indigenous people and the enslavement of Africans. She goes on, “at it’s core America’s values are white supremacy and capitalism”. The left has always been hyped on racism and obama’s upcoming 3rd term will again prove liberals are downstream from the achievements of our country.

  2. Commie Kate is a terrorist! You can’t even return bottles and cans. It’s ok because when they announce Trump is the winner I think she will be gone soon afterwards!

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