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Del Rio Port of Entry in Texas to reopen more than a week after migrant surge


By Rosa Flores, Conor Powell and Ray Sanchez, CNN

The Del Rio Port of Entry in Texas was to reopen to vehicle traffic Saturday afternoon after a week-long shutdown prompted by a surge of migrants along the border with Mexico.

Vehicle and pedestrian traffic was to resume at 4 p.m. local time Saturday, and cargo traffic was to restart on Monday morning, according to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The popular port of entry connecting the Texas city of Del Rio with Ciudad Acuña in Mexico temporarily closed September 17 after the migrants — many of them Haitian — converged at a makeshift camp under the international bridge to await processing by immigration authorities.

At times the number of migrants topped 14,000.

Bridge traffic was rerouted to the Eagle Pass Port of Entry.

Chaotic scenes at the Del Rio bridge, including border agents on horseback using aggressive tactics against migrants, sparked anger from both local and federal officials and a border crisis for the Biden administration.

After several days of living in squalid conditions under the bridge, the last remaining migrants began departing the camp Friday on buses for CBP processing centers.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, more than 3,900 Haitians have been moved from the Del Rio camp to CBP custody or other sectors of the border to be processed.

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    1. It’s the typical hit and run cnn tactic to avoid telling the truth.
      Fact: over 50K ballots were either invalid, fraudulent or need a closer inspection.
      Fact: The voting machines had direct access to the internet.
      Here’s the full Arizona senate hearing, cued to Dr Shiva’s presentation (all speakers were excellent):
      Yep, crooked election. And the dems want to continue the practice.

      1. They do share some common ground, like being exempt from mask and vax mandates.
        It seems like the working middle class citizen is now nothing more than a second class citizen in the eyes of the Tali-Biden regime.
        Maybe not apples and oranges, more like Granny Smith and Golden Delicious…

  1. Where did they take them all? Swing states? Why at night so no one sees? The fake news lies about the people getting whipped. Even the photographer said they never saw whipping, it was the angle of the picture and the fake news ran with that lie. Biden & Harris failed…again! Never putting our country and safety first. Biden has never been to the border & Harris went to the wrong part on purpose. She didn’t want cameras showing the truth. One thing for sure, there were people not happy to see her vicious face. Of course, CNN will never show you that.

  2. The first we hear about this, they are here, under a bridge – Nobody saw this / them coming?
    14,000 people-must be pretty bad were they are from to have them risk such a journey?

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