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‘Empty shoes’ protest and counter-protest at Bend-La Pine Schools HQ over vaccine mandates

The Bend La Pine Schools Administration Building in downtown Bend was the setting Wednesday evening for an "empty shoes" protest, though the school district has not indicated any plans for student vaccine requirements. Counter-protesters said the "shoe show" was anti-Semitic, which the event organizers denied.

KTVZ News Team



    1. but its the vaxxed who get covid the most and spread it. Even the CDC director admits the jab doesn’t stop transmission. But nice to here you are so loving and pro freedom. NOT

    2. Believe me if we anti-vaxxers could find an island where groveling, whiney, government boot licking, snowflakes would stay out of our business; we’d happily leave them to thier decay and make some actual progress. Show me the island Bablaugh, I’d love to be left alone!

  1. Finally KTVZ did their due diligence and got info from both sides and balanced the information fairly equal. But is is still lacking some information. Statistics were given to the new outlets present from CDC, NIH, and OHA. Not one was referenced and I took a lot of effort to put them together so they could do a little bit of fact checking on their own to verify. They should have also verified the other sides stance that shoes on steps is disrespecting the Jewish community. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to fact check that shoes are a symbol around the world for people who are no longer with us. In fact Native Americans whom the CO Peacekeepers say they support use shoes to denote loss of a loved one and the family is grieving and to be left alone. Here in Central Oregon cowboys typically after death are honored in our parades by putting a pair of their boots backwards in the stirrups of a horse and someone walks the horse from the ground. Many cultures use shoes to symbolize loss of a loved one. In this case it was a visual for loss of children and teachers who will no longer utilize the school system services and therefore the school system will be loosing the $ both state and federally for those kids. Symbolize is not the same as Disrespect.

  2. Interesting take on the shoes Sagebrush. Though the symbolism I believe started it, at least that which I saw at St. Charles, is the idea taken from Matthew 10:15, “And whoever does not receive you nor listen to your words, as you leave that house or city, shake the dust off your feet.” The idea is that when it becomes evident that your message is as pointless as “casting pearls before swine” then leave them to thier mire and shake the dust from your feet, a gesture to state your permanent departure.

  3. Huh. I seem to remember having to get many vaccines when I was a kid to be allowed in the classroom.

    Billions of Covid doses have been safely administered across the globe. People need to man up.

    I just had a long time client die of Covid, and they were anti-vax. It’s very sad and so preventable.

    1. ITMFA You didn’t “have to” get vaccines to be in class, at least not in Oregon. Your parents just weren’t against the well researched vaccines for well known dangerous viruses. Billions of experimental vaccines administered with so little vetting and blatant downplay of reports like VAERS regarding negative effects should be cause for concern to any thinking age person. Man up? That expression best applies to those willing to act out the courage of thier convictions, even to quitting jobs, moving to a better state or pulling thier kids from school. I consider what you suggest as more like roll over.

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