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DCSO adds new tool to track fleeing drivers without risky high-speed chase

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office is adding the 'StarChase' tagging system, which fires a GPS tracking device and can let deputies find a vehicle whose driver is trying to elude law enforcement, without engaging in a risky high-speed chase.


KTVZ News Team



    1. Correct, sheriff nelson is terrible at his job and has been for years, its the same reason he paints secessionist propaganda on our cruisers, despite all the legal and financial risks to taxpayers

      1. Wow…

        Just wow.

        You must be related to sore loser Kozowski…or new sore loser Schaier…

        As bashing Nelson is clearly an addiction for you and with no other good reason.

        Whew. How sad.

        1. Yes comrade i bash racists and will continue to bash nelson until he removes the race propaganda from our squads, its very simple and if his feelings are getting hurt he knows what the solution is, other depts have manned up and done the right thing, just not him. One of the many reasons why people think hes incompetent

  1. Better option and folks running from the police is becoming more and more frequent here-abouts.

    Be interesting to see the results of the first use.

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