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Oregon’s minimum wage goes up July 1

Oregon's minimum wage rises on July 1, up 75 cents to $12.75 an hour in Deschutes County, up 50 cents to $12 in Crook and Jefferson counties. But as the region's state economist notes, a serious hiring challenge has many lower-wage businesses paying well above those figures.


KTVZ News Team



  1. According to GOP types this law was going to put everyone out of business. Now businesses ignore the law because they can pay more than minimum.
    I wonder what other economic “truths” they are wrong about year after year.

    1. There is a difference between “they can pay more than minimum” and the reality of “they have to pay more than minimum.” to try and attract quality help or at least mediocre help willing to at least show-up and be of some use. Kate’s kids – slackers and bums – will still stay home, not pay their rent, get the bonus unemployment gift from the working people, not look for work and be a respectable part of society.

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