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  1. Simply hilarious,who would have seen THIS coming?
    Buy up hoards of passes then not use them,gives nature a break right?
    Im sure our endless smokey days of summer doesn’t help either.
    Time to go back to the drawing board..

  2. Passes are only $1. An unscrupulous person could easily buy them all and use them at will. In my experience, they sell out immediately even on weekdays, and I’ve been to trailheads with virtually no one there on sellout days.

    I get that people trash areas and set fires and you’d like to reduce visitation to combat that, but this plan doesn’t work.

      1. You need to do SOME advance planning, it is rare you just hop on their website and a permit is waiting for you. Check 1 week before your planned trip at 7am. This is not rocket science, its certainly a lot easier to complain online since you can do that at any time, no planning needed.

  3. How can the FS possibly know who showed up to hike and who didn’t? They are just guessing. Someone explain how they know? This pass system was BS from the beginning. They should be utterly ashamed of themselves. Absolutely pathetic.

    1. Bulletin had good editorial on this. It’s an assumption, since they didn’t print out a permit. They have lots to review after the first year for improvements. You learn a lot really trying something like this rather than just doing surveys or projections. Less trail overuse and trash etc. did happen. So… tradeoffs.

      1. I suppose that could provide something close. I forgot or decided not to print a permit here and there. I saw one ranger all season. Turned me away and i entered 1 mile away. This system is remarkably terrible in all ways possible. The FS tremendously overstretched here and have created an unworkable and unmanageable system. Its easier for me to camp on public property and build a fire in the middle of any city in oregon than it is to stay overnight and have a fire in the wilderness. Its moronic and unacceptable. We should all be ashamed. However, they’ll just make 10 fake accounts next year instead of 5 and ask 10 friends instead of 2 to do the same thing. How will they stop that?

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