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Redmond’s Jericho Road receives $10,000 grant for food, emergency supplies

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Jericho Road

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Redmond Rebekah Lodge has awarded Jericho Road $10,000 to help with the provision of food and emergency supplies in the Redmond area.

“These funds are critical in supporting our food and outreach programs especially during the COVID and fire disasters in our region. Those suffering loss and displacement need essential items in order to maintain even basic quality of life. These funds will help face those challenges,” said Jericho Road Co-Chair Priscilla Bigler.

The Rebekah degree of the Odd Fellowship organization was founded in 1851 on the principles of faithfulness, hospitality, purity and dedication to the principles of the Order as portrayed by women characters of the Bible. The Redmond chapter has been in existence since 1911.

According to Ms. Nancy Terry of the Rebekah Lodge, “it is an honor to be part of an organization that can offer this kind of support and a pleasure to help an organization like Jericho Road that does so much for so many.”  

The $10,000 will be used to purchase meals, supplies and housing assistance to those in need in the Redmond area.

For detailed information about Jericho Road and their programs, please visit or call 541-699-2099.

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