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Oregon Humane Society takes in over 250 guinea pigs from overwhelmed owner

Lane County guinea pigs Oregon Humane Society 1216
Oregon Humane Society
More than 250 guinea pigs were taken in by the Oregon Humane Society from an overwhelmed Lane County owner.

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon Humane Society in Portland has taken in more than 250 guinea pigs from an overwhelmed pet owner.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports it’s not known exactly how the unidentified person in Lane County became inundated with the furry little rodents. But experts say it can be difficult to determine a guinea pig’s gender — and they’re best kept in pairs -— because they keep each other company.

Oregon Humane Society spokeswoman Laura Klink said an adoption timeline will be determined in the next few days.

She said she'd like to see some adopted in pairs, but there will be counseling on how quickly they can reproduce if a female and male are together.

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    1. it may well have started with just two, and not very long ago, but no excuses for not getting a clue when things started escalating – it’s not the pigs’ fault – sound survival behavior for a bottom of the food chain species

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