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Possible Culver RV park worries neighbors


A possible city of Culver RV park has some nearby residents on edge, and they voiced their opinions at the city council meeting Monday night.

The proposed park would be located off of A Street, behind City Hall. A neighborhood sits just behind the property, and a majority of the residents worried about the park live there.

According to Culver Mayor Nancy Diaz, there has been no formal decision on the RV park and the property is undergoing a feasibility study.

The estimated construction cost is about $2 million and it could have concrete paths.

Several nearby residents voiced their concerns about noise, crime, devaluation of property, lack of safety and what it means for children.

Jerry Shaw is a nearby resident who said he only found out this was being discussed through another neighbor.

“I don’t want an RV park out my front door, (because) we enjoy the view, (and) the quiet,” Shaw said. “There are statistics that show there is a rise in crime, noise, light pollution, whatever you want to call it. There are just all of these nuisances that just happen, and it would cause our neighborhood to not be what we bought.”

Shaw said many residents want answers from the city council.

“You start throwing up lights, fences, how do you keep the noise out of all of our neighbors here, (and) I wouldn’t even be able to sit on my deck,” said resident Mike Hardie. “It’s going to kill this neighborhood. You’ve got residential all around, farm on one side, and the city here.”

The feasibility study also will show council if an RV park is even worth pursuing in the long run. The council has to weigh options, such as if the park would remain full enough to create revenue for the city.

“It would be just for overflow people from the Cove (Palisades State Park, because) there are never enough campsites around the area during the summer,” Diaz said. “We have this piece of land, why don’t we investigate and see about putting an RV park in? I couldn’t tell you if it’s even going to happen. It all depends.”

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