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Washington dwarf event ban draws support, concerns


OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) – A proposed statewide ban on risky dwarf events – including dwarf tossing and potentially also wrestling – drew passionate support at a public hearing.

At least five people with dwarfism showed up to the Thursday hearing, with several telling the committee that “dwarf tossing” events – sometimes held as promotions at bars and strip clubs – contribute to a culture of mockery and bullying directed toward those with the condition, and their overall marginalization in society.

But one representative for an entertainment company questioned the breadth of the bill, and advocates acknowledged separately that some activities banned by the bill, including potentially wrestling, might be less objectionable.

The ban, proposed by Spokane Valley Republican Mike Padden, would prohibit any physically hazardous activity involving a person with dwarfism in an adult venue or bar.

KTVZ News Team


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