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Must-watch videos of the week

Members of a choir lift their voices up. One kids’ classic gets a remix nobody asked for. And holy smokes can this roamin’ Catholic dance! These are the must-see videos for the week:

Holy moly

It’s fair to say there was mass hysteria at Cardinal Gibbons High School when the theology teacher made a surprise pep rally appearance. Not even the cheerleaders knew Father Ricardo Rivera was going to bring holy fire when he blessed the crowd with his ordained dance moves. Can we get an amen?

Cleared for takeoff

Late-night host James Corden took to the skies with rapper Kanye West for a spin on his popular “Carpool Karaoke” segment. This time, 100 members of West’s heavenly Sunday Service Choir came along for the ride flight and made a joyful noise for the “Airpool Karaoke” feature.

L, M, N, NO

There’s a new take on the classic alphabet song that’s not exactly a big hit online. The reason for the remix is to help kids better learn their ABCs, but many grownups say it hits all the wrong notes.

Lookout below!

Researchers believe they found the wreckage of the USS Johnston World War II-era destroyer almost four miles underwater, the deepest shipwreck ever discovered.

A bad brake

Dashcam video captured a car running over a median and slamming into an Oklahoma police cruiser. A spokesperson for the Tulsa police said even though the officer appeared to be using his phone before the accident, the crash was unavoidable.



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