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Excavators cut SW Bend natural gas line

Ben Steen

Residence Inn hotel lost service for a time

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- An excavation crew working in a southwest Bend parking lot struck a two-inch natural gas line Tuesday afternoon, bringing fire and utility crews to the scene and cutting service to a nearby hotel for a time.

The incident was reported around 2:20 p.m. in a parking lot near Bond Street and Wilson Avenue, Bend Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Dave Howe said.

Assisting Cascade Natural Gas crews in shutting down the gas line, fire crews also checked nearby buildings for any gas accumulations, finding none, Howe said.

The Residence Inn by Marriott at 500 SW Bond Street was without gas until repairs to the line were completed.

The fire official said the natural gas lines were properly located before the excavation work, but Howe added, "it is important to remember that utility locating crews can approximate the actual lines, but cannot determine the depth."

"Therefore, within two feet of the actual painted line locations, excavation should be done by hand, so as not to strike any type of utilty line," Howe said.

"Anyone doing any excavation shhould call 8-1-1 for free utility line location," he added in a news release. "Call before you dig … it's the law!"

KTVZ News Team



      1. it was an excavating error. if it was located properly like the article says it was, the contractor should have just cut through the asphalt then hand dug the trench to get to where they needed to be. its really hard digging since its frozen compacted dirt this time of year. gas is supposed to be at least 2 feet down but some of the older lines are shallower than that, phone and cable are supposed to be at least 18 inches deep and I’ve found them in the asphalt. a lot of contractors will try to dig out as much as they can by machine to do the job faster, sometimes it pays off sometimes it don’t. cascade natural gas didn’t install their own gas lines, they had it all contracted out

      2. Dear non deployable
        Even an “improperly installed” gas line is locatable. It’s much more likely the marks were obliterated from the snow and new construction activity. It is on the contractor to maintain marks or call them back in.

  1. give a guy or gal a backhoe and they will surely………….the world. Why was the line not marked, it is time to levy big fines for risk to teh public. NW Portland had a massive fire a couple years ago, some businesses never recovered. Public safety with power and gas lines need to be taken more seriously. So if the markings do not shw, use flags or require the marking be done in real time

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