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Bend PD identify pedestrian struck, killed on N. Hwy. 97

ODOT directs traffic past scene of fatal vehicle-pedestrian crash on Highway 97 in northern Bend Friday morning
Jessie Foster/KTVZ
ODOT directs traffic past scene of fatal vehicle-pedestrian crash on Highway 97 in northern Bend Friday morning

(Update: Police release name, details of crash)

Officers say one driver stopped, but 2nd apparently hit man, didn't stop

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A 32-year-old pedestrian was struck and killed by a station wagon and apparently a second vehicle as he tried to cross North Highway 97 in Bend before sunrise Friday morning, police said.

Sgt. Eric Hagan identified the man as Micheal Powell, whom he said was a transient.

An investigation found that Powell was dressed in dark clothes as he tried to cross the highway from east to west just north of Grandview Drive before sunrise, around 6:40 a.m., Hagan said.

A 26-year-old Bend man was driving an Audi A6 wagon heading north in the right-hand lane when he struck Powell, the sergeant said. The driver immediately stopped, called 911, remained on scene and cooperated with investigators.

However, Hagan said investigators believe Powell then was struck by a second, southbound vehicle, whose driver did not remain on scene.

"Speed is not considered to be a factor," Hagan wrote in a news release, adding that no citations were issued. "It is unknown why Powell entered the highway in this area," he said.

The investigation remains active, Hagan said, and anyone who witnessed the incident or has more information was asked to call Deschutes County non-emergency dispatch at 541-693-6911.

Bend police were assisted at the scene by the bend Fire Department, Oregon State Police and ODOT. The crash investigation limited Highway 97 traffic to one lane in each direction, with intermittent closures, until it fully reopened before 9 a.m.

Powell's Facebook page, last updated last February, linked to a GoFundMe page entitled, "Putting Family Back Together," in which he described, "Me and my wife are fighting for our kids, trying to get housing … both of us are doing well and recovering, just starting jobs."

"Right now, there's no indication there was a crosswalk or anything of that nature," Hagan told NewsChannel 21 earlier at the crash scene. "But the pedestrian was crossing against the traffic while it was still dark out, and unfortunately it did result in a fatality."

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Jessie Foster

Jessie Foster is an anchor, producer and reporter for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jessie here.

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Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



    1. I seriously doubt Jimmy Carter was behind the wheel (that is a Carter quote, right?).
      I’ll add that Carters’ idealistic green approach had a terrible impact on those very same “weakest and most vulnerable citizens.”
      We can see his legacy in today’s line-up of democrat candidates… lots of taxes and penalties for corporate and middle Americans.
      Back to the story, I’m sorry for the needless loss of life.

      1. a fellow human dies and you feel a need to flog your inane political dogma, again – what made you so angry to treat so many of your fellow Americans as if they are your enemies?

      1. “The measure of a society is found in how they treat their weakest and most helpless citizens. As Americans, we are blessed with circumstances that protect our human rights and our religious freedom, but for many people around the world, deprivation and persecution have become a way of life.” ― Jimmy Carter

    2. You do know that joe biden had to drop out of the 1988 presidential race because he couldn’t write a speech without stealing the words of people like john and robert kennedy And lying about his academic achievements which explains why he had to steal someone’s else’s words

  1. There are allot of homeless that cross there hate to see anyone get hit but that is very very busy through there they tink 70 mph is legal it’s not just like 45 mph on the Bend Parkway they travel 60 to 70 on it how illegal the cops let you get away with 50 on the Parkway depending on the Weather but these speed demons just won’t slow down Even if they kill someone No common sense

    1. Maybe you and a few others here didn’t really read the article before you decided to comment so let me help you out a little.

      From the article:

      “Speed is not considered to be a factor,” Hagan wrote in a news release, adding that no citations were issued. “It is unknown why Powell entered the highway in this area,” he said.

  2. I was on this section of 97 yesterday. People drive like they are crazy! People need to SLOW DOWN! I was going the speed limit and people were passing me like I was in reverse.

    1. Read closer next time!

      “Speed is not considered to be a factor,” Hagan wrote in a news release, adding that no citations were issued. “It is unknown why Powell entered the highway in this area,” he said.

  3. I feel bad for the 26 year old driver. He was only doing what the couple generations ahead of him have done. The speeds that we regularly do now in cities and nearby populated areas are unacceptable.

    1. I’m sorry modern life scares you, non-deplorable, perhaps you should just stay on the porch. Surface streets’ speeds range from 20-45 mph, hardly the Indy 500. Rural speeds are 45-65 which is appropriate given the distances involved.

  4. I have lived near that location for the last 6 years. We have seen 3 fatal pedestrian accidents at this same spot. It is past time do something about it.

  5. My deepest condolences for his family and children. A proper crossing zone with flashing lights is needed. As others have said people speed in this area and need to slow down. I hope the driver is receiving support right now. So sad.

    1. No, what is needed is not a crossing with lights. What is needed is for people to be more responsible for their actions. The guy who hit him is being responsible for himself and it is not his fault this happened. I and no one else knows why he was crossing there but it is not far to the Cooley road crossing.

    1. And it’s become common and acceptable behavior to drive fast. Everyone does it and the poor driver will have to deal with this forever. He’s certainly not alone at fault for this.

  6. my heart goes out to his fam and friends. that can be a tough area to cross at times, cars are doing 65+ mph instead of the posted 45. icy patches or loose gravel can mess up a persons timing just enough to get them in trouble

  7. Mr Powell came to my work a few hours before he was hit and killed. He asked to use my phone to call his wife. I put my personal phone on speaker and dialed the number he gave me. They talked briefly. I am glad I could help in that small way. He wasn’t disoriented or under the influence noticeably when we talked. He just seemed like a guy having a rough time. He said he had been at Shari’s before he came to see me. Anyway, his wife’s phone number is on my phone so I called her to offer my condolences. She is a real person with struggles of her own like we all have. It is a sad story.

    1. Finally. Someone who has a human perspective here and actually acted to possibly make the situation less painful for his wife. Good on ya Sir. Thank you.

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