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Sisters woman arrested in Redmond DUII crashes

Downtown Redmond DUII parked cars crash 13-1
Redmond Police Dept.
A Sisters woman was arrested on DUII, other charges after striking two parked vehicles in Redmond, one that then struck a third

Police say she hit two parked cars, one of which hit a third

A 28-year-old Sisters woman faces drunken and reckless driving charges, among others, after speeding through downtown Redmond Friday afternoon, crashing into two parked cars, one of which hit another vehicle, police said.

Redmond Police and Fire & Rescue personnel responded shortly after 3 p.m. to the reported crash at the intersection of Southwest Sixth Street and Cascade Avenue, Lt. Curtis Chambers said.

Investigators learned a Toyota 4Runner driven by Ashley Clary side-swiped a parked Ford Pickup on Northwest Sixth Street, near Greenwood Avenue, Chambers said.

She then continued south into downtown Redmond, reportedly driving at close to 50 mph in the 20 mph zone. Chambers said the sidewalks were filled with afternoon shoppers and diners, with much of the on-street parking spots occupied.

Clary's SUV swerved to the left and rear-ended a parked GMC Terrain, according to the lieutenant. The force of the collision "launched" the unoccupied GMC into a tree along the street, then across Cascade Avenue, where it struck a parked Toyota Corolla, he said.

The 4Runner, meanwhile, was disabled at the crash scene after it came to a stop on the sidewalk, Chambers said.

Clary was taken to St. Charles Redmond with minor injuries. She was arrested there on charges of DUII-alcohol, reckless driving, four counts of second-degree criminal mischief and misdemeanor hit-and-run.

"She was released at the hospital with a citation to appear in Deschutes County Circuit Court due to medical reasons," Chambers wrote in a news release.

He added, "The Redmond Police Department reminds everyone, while the holiday season has concluded, DUII drivers remain on our streets. If you are impaired, do not drive. If you observe a potentially impaired driver, please report it to law enforcement.

"In this incident, our community is fortunate no pedestrians were injured by Ms. Clary," Chambers said.

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Barney Lerten

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  1. “She was arrested”. “charges of DUII-alcohol, reckless driving, four counts of second-degree criminal mischief and misdemeanor hit-and-run”. “She was released at the hospital with a citation to appear in Deschutes County Circuit Court due to medical reasons.” This is unbelievable.

      1. I used to think it was really stupid, but I can see where it would consume a lot
        of man hours standing around at the hospital, time that could be better spent on
        the street. I don’t feel like searching and reading a bunch of stuff right now, but
        I wonder what the threshold is for when they do an actual arrest instead of issuing
        a citation ?

        1. I have a feeling the reality of it all hit her really good once the booze wore off.
          Realistically, C.O Police departments aren’t like Portland or Eugene, they don’t have a large surplus of officers on duty each shift. With limited resources, if there were a violent crime in progress, and all the other officers were tied up with important calls, I would rather the cop that was in the hospital respond instead of saying, Sorry I can’t respond. I’m standing around with a drunk idiot at St Chucks waiting so I can take her to jail, so she can be released after pictures….

    1. its pretty common to do that with a really high b.a. content. if they take her to jail and put her in a cell she could pass out, get sick, and drown in her own vomit

      1. she’s a human being. what difference does it make for justice if she’s in a jail cell until a responsible party picks her up, or a hospital until someone picks her up there. its not like she cheated you out of her public flogging. her D.L. will be just as suspended, she’ll have the same program, same jail time, the same amount of damages to pay off

  2. Strange to be publishing her supposed speed when they dont actually have that info, not only does it make redmond pd look a little amateurish, but it pollutes the jury pool making a conviction harder and identifies potential weakness in the case… good thing its nothing some false-color flags painted on their cruisers cant fix :-p

    1. “The sidewalks were filled with afternoon shoppers and diners”

      That should be the headline! I have never seen that in Redmond except during a parade!!!

    2. So what? This station and many others reported false info on the malheur and then blamed it on the cops. You people ate every single bit of it up and were calling for us all to be gunned down. Then you came unglued at the process of jury nullification

    3. Meanwhile, in the real world this young lady will NOT be going to any trial with a jury, lol. She’ll plead guilty to DUII and get zero jail time, 2 years of probation, and then she’ll have to shell out thousands to the court, probation department, and “treatment.” This is a business

    4. They may not have her exact speed, but they can certainly have a good guesstimate just based on damage, skidmarks etc… Why would she have a jury trial ? It’s a DUI case.
      Her BAC is really the only evidence they need, plus they have plenty of pictures of damaged property to add with it if need be, and I’m sure several witness statements.

    5. they can make a pretty good estimate when she’s knocking parked rigs through sidewalks and across roadways. figuring out skid mark lengths and distances vehicles were moved along with some accident formulas and they get it real close

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