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Walden explains ‘no’ vote on War Powers Resolution

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., released the following statement Thursday after he voted no on the War Powers Resolution.

The measure was adopted 224-194 on a largely party-line vote:

“I came away from yesterday’s classified briefing more convinced than ever that the President, as Commander in Chief, was right to protect American troops and diplomats in Iraq--and to prevent terrorist attacks there and elsewhere--by taking out Qassem Soleimani. General Soleimani was directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American military members and the maiming of many more. He was the mastermind of terrorist activities, often through surrogate organizations, all across the region. Even President Obama’s former Secretary of Homeland Security said he was ‘...a lawful military objective.’ I can only imagine what the political narrative would be today if the President had not acted based on the intelligence data we had, and the terrorists had carried out their plans.

“Meanwhile, the action of the House today plays into the hands of the Iranians who want us to leave the Middle East to them.  Moreover, because we voted on a House concurrent resolution -- unlike a joint resolution -- it could never have the force of law and could never reach the President’s desk. That makes it little more than a press release."  

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    1. either you know absolutely nothing about our constitution, and our laws, or you are purposefully employing subterfuge to promot some sort of fascist agenda – there are countries where you might be more comfortable, but this is not one of them

      1. Expand your argument. We probably agree the prez, regardless of political party, should be allowed to wage war without congress. But PLEASE expand your argument beside “Orangeman bad.”

  1. Democrats are just mad they didn’t have time to tip off the Iranians like they did when the Israelis were going to wipe out this monster back in ’15.

  2. If assassinating Soleimani was so important, then the democrats need to impeach Trump more often so he gets some stuff done. And contrary to the blow hard and chiefs statement, Iran is not standing down. Their goal remains to get the US military out of their region. And besides, Trumps only redeeming quality was that he actually figured out that the Iraq war was really stupid after pushing for it back in’03.

    1. And what do you think the US’ role in the world is? World police force? Bank? Provide everything to other countries for nothing in return? Home to everyone else’s criminals? Free education, medical, housing, SNAP, heating/cooling, etc., for the poor of other countries? Don’t forget, we also pay for the UN being and a disproportionate amount of their cost.

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