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Salem moves forward with plan to allow car camping


SALEM, Ore. (AP) -- The Salem City Council has voted unanimously to draft an emergency declaration legally allowing car camping in certain areas.  

Many members of the public who spoke at the council meeting Monday supported the push for car camping, but stressed more needed to be done to help the homeless population.  

A study researching the option found the city of Salem has neither the funds nor the resources to manage a city-sponsored program. A privately-sponsored program — where site owners provide supervision, trash receptacles and access to bathrooms — was suggested as an alternative. 

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  1. If you have a car, it would be parked somewhere anyway. So what’s the difference if you sleep in it. That being said, if they trash the area like they do around here then there’s a big problem. Just take a walk anywhere off China Hat or out by Lowes

    1. Once of the first things people do when they wake up is use the bathroom. Not a lot of cars have bathrooms. So when they are “Camping in from of your home, your yard is now their bathroom. Just one of the many problems with this

  2. Typical ineffective leftwing bandaid.Mandatory shelters and no drugs and working for your keep however menial is too easy a concept for Salem to grasp.Vagrancy is not acceptable.Car camping creates a horrid mess and facilitates larceny.

  3. When you feed the cats, more cats come. When you give an inch, a mile is taken. This will lead to encampments. They will then claim it’s their “right” to stay and camp indefinitely.

  4. I don’t have any problem at all, if they are allowed to park within sight of the Oregon capital building, that way Queen Kate, and her court of jesters will not be able to ignore the problem they have created. It’s the same problem you see in all of the west coast city’s. Who is the dominant political party running them?

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