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Revised Oregon climate bill could trigger another Senate GOP walkout

Oregon Capitol
KTVZ file

SALEM, Ore. (AP) -- The GOP leader in the Oregon Senate says there could be another walkout by Republicans over legislation aimed at stemming global warming.

Senate Minority Leader Herman Baertschiger, Jr., told reporters Wednesday that a bill being prepared by Democrats in the Legislature, which they control, is similar to one that was introduced in 2019.

“I’m still having conversations, but nothing is off the table,” Baertschiger told reporters.

Republicans in the Senate staged a nine-day walkout over last year's bill, denying a quorum. They returned only after Democrats realized they lacked votes to independently pass the measure.

The draft bill would force big greenhouse gas emitters to obtain credits for each ton of gas they emit, and create an overall cap for emissions allowed in the state. 

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  1. This meaningless virtue signalling is reminiscent of Mary Antoinette’s “Let them Eat Cake”.

    A lot of well intentioned uniformed people think they are doing something positive while there efforts and energy are dissipated in these meaningless gestures.

    Pacific Rim countries (Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia,Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, North and South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.) continue to send their garbage out on barges to the open seas to be dumped, continue to build coal fired power plants, and dump raw sewage into the oceans.

    They might as well include language that forbids air polluted from these countries from passing over the state.

  2. One thing you gotta give the progressives is they never stop. Anyone who thinks this is about saving the planet is a fool. The democrats are rubbing their hands in glee waiting to get their hands on that pile of money. They can’t get a sales tax so why not tax EVERYTHING with the guise of “saving the planet?” Salem needs money. Salem will get money one way or another. And get your story straight AP. Havn’t you heard it’s “climate emergency” “climate meltdown” “climate apartheid” “climate chaos” or any other scary sounding terms. “Global warming” is so 2000s.

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