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Judge orders Oregon clean energy ballot measures to proceed


Says Secretary of State Clarno was wrong in claim they failed single-subject test

SALEM, Ore. (AP) -- A Marion County judge on Thursday ordered Secretary of State Bev Clarno to process two clean energy ballot initiatives that environmentalists want to bring before voters in November, after the state official had rejected them.

Clarno, a Republican, had earlier said the ballot initiatives violated a state requirement that legislative measures stick to one subject. But Judge David Leith said she was wrong.

“Under the current precedents, I’m satisfied that IP 48 and 49 do satisfy the single subject requirement,” Leith said.

Backers of the initiatives said they will move full steam ahead with gathering signatures for the proposed measures after they undergo a required step with the attorney general.

The judge’s permanent injunction means the process of earning a final ballot title from the attorney general will resume. Notably, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, a Democrat, refused to defend Clarno in the litigation and had challenged her legal basis for tossing the two proposals and a third one. Rosenblum authorized Clarno to find a private lawyer.

IP’s 48 and 49 would require Oregon to produce all of its electricity using renewable energy and carbon-free sources by Jan. 1, 2045. They also require standards for labor practices to ensure that jobs created during construction and other projects resulting from the petitions are high-quality jobs.

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        1. don’t know where you are going with that, but shouldn’t the will of the majority prevail? even if you don’t agree with it? The Constitution you refer to says that the people should be in charge, doesn’t it?

      1. At least you admit it and enjoy it. Will be fun to read your melt downs when the term “Trump appointed judge throws out…(insert progressive rule here)”

      2. Regressives fear democracy, voter participation, the will of the people and majority rule. that’s why they love emporer bone spurs. Winning!!! Oh, and lying and golfing!!!

    1. why would you actively subvert the will of the people? This is America and coddling of special interests to the detriment of the majority is un American. You are twisting yourself in a knot trying to promote a insincere and contradictory dogma, and it is taking a toll on you Joe – maybe a long walk out side will help to clear your head

      1. Special interests like the wind mill and solar generator politically connected manufacturers making billions of dollars from mandated “green” energy? Like the holy Goreacle who is nearly a billionaire with his carbon indulgences schemes? Like Warren Buffet making billions from blocking pipelines and receiving huge subsidies for Berkeshire Hathaway? Like electric car tax subsidies? Those special interests? Make Solyndra Great Again.

      1. In Oregon, when a ballot measure is voted down by the people, all they have to do is take their cause to another corrupt Judge, and alakazam, the will of the people is stomped again. The Queen and her court, know what is best for you. RIGHT?

  1. The hypocrisy of it all,unreal.
    How about all the supporters of the bill PAY for all it stands to change,fees and sacrifices.
    “carbon free”,,but no damns,or windmills (where they can be seen or in “critical habitat” or “not enough or too much wind”,,or waste burner generating plants,or god forbid nuclear–where is power for all the EV cars and I-phones going to come from as the population explodes every other year from births and people moving here?.

    All I see is higher bills to pay for anything from fuel to power and every day items which need shipping to stores.

    This is an unrealistic bill pushed by the same people,,give it up please and listen to the general public,not just the minority from one or two big cities trying to push a personal agenda on the rest of the state.

    1. when you write “hypocrisy” it is assumed that you mean poser flag wavers attempting to subvert the will of the people for their own mercenary aspirations

      1. I wish I was as colorful with words as you.
        Protesters and bill pushers flying all over the US burning jet fuel and gasoline wearing petroleum based clothing and petroleum based food delivery,crying and stomping when the power or internet goes out,which takes more energy consuming things to go out and repair-where is the image of the nuclear power plant cooling tower belching water condensation?
        I just see “100% carbon free” or 1990 levels of carbon unrealistic when the “monster” (human population) grows and grows and needs more and more cost effective energy and food,this is not a good time to talk of going back to horse and buggy days even though in a hundred or more years “we” may be forced to.

  2. Is Clarno allowing her personal biases, such as climate denial, to cloud her decisions about what should and should not be given the opportunity to be presented to Oregon voters to decide? If so, she has no business wielding such authority.

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