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Senate impeachment trial of President Trump




  1. In essence, this impeachment hoax is about one thing: it’s a statement by Democrat Socialists that their infinitesimal control of 51% of the lower House of Congress somehow equates to absolute control of all three branches of government. Socialists seem to think that their microscopic sliver of power overrides executive privilege, separation of powers, the Senate, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial branch. This quixotic move by Pelosi, Schiff, and their ilk shows the true Lilliputian nature of the 21st century Democrat Socialist Party; it spells an end to the minuscule amount of power they do possess.

    Trump/Pence 2020!!!

  2. So the House Democrats are now filing amendment after amendment to allow themselves an hour of grandstanding for each member of their impeachment team to try to make headlines and fundraise. If you needed anymore of an idea about how much of a sham this all is.

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