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Bend bus driver returns ‘rowdy’ students to school, some parents angry

(Update: Adding video, comments, letter sent to Pine Ridge families)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A letter was sent home to parents of students at Pine Ridge Elementary School about a school bus incident Monday as some voiced their frustrations about what took place.

A video was posted Monday night on the NextDoor app, showing the driver stepping out of the school bus. The video showed the students crying as they got off the bus, and a school employee trying to guide the children back into the school.

The description for the video says the school bus stopped after the Murphy Road and Brookswood Boulevard roundabout and sat idle for about seven minutes before the driver turned around and headed back to the school.

“All I wanted was for someone to come and calm them down,” the bus driver said in the video to a school employee. “This is ridiculous.”

Comments on the NextDoor video post included mixed reactions, saying the situation was stressful for both the children and the bus driver.

“Bus drivers should have aides to help control the kids," one commenter said.

“We have had several issues with kids being disrespectful," another person said. "I feel there should be a monitor on the bus."

NewsChannel 21 received a copy of the following letter sent home Monday evening to families of Pine Ridge Elementary students:

"Pine Ridge Families,

"This afternoon, your students' bus was significantly delayed as a result of students' rowdy behavior on board.  Your driver, in an effort to ensure the safety of all students, returned the bus back to school where students were unloaded by staff and law enforcement.  With order reestablished, students were re-boarded and continued their route home.  In all, riders were delayed about one hour this afternoon.

"The safety of our students is a high priority for all of us at Pine Ridge Elementary School and in our transportation department.  It is my hope that by working together, we can help to reinforce to our student the importance of helping to keep a calm, orderly environment while on their bus ride to and from home and school.

"I want to use this situation as an opportunity for a teachable moment and to share with you our bus code of conduct and student code of conduct.  

"Please take some time tonight to chat with your students(s) about appropriate behavior on our buses and in the classroom and the potential consequences of violating these policies.

"Thank you, everyone, for your patience and understanding.  We are continuing to work with Transportation to fully investigate this incident and make improvements."

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Rhea Panela

Rhea Panela is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Rhea here.



    1. take a deep breath – don’t know how long you have been on this planet, but kids do all kinds of squirrely stuff, and misbehave all over the place – always have and always will – part of growing up – it appears that the driver and others involved took good care of the situation – if you are old enough to belly up to the keyboard you are old enough to know not to bring your baggage and spew it all over the place – just relax a little, ok?

  1. Good Job Bus Driver! You did the absolute correct thing. Parents….Teach your kids some manners or take the time to ride the bus with them. No one can drive safely if there are 30 kids on a bus going nuts. I’m glad the driver did the right thing and not risk everyone’s lives.

    Not sure why parents are mad. Would you rather the driver risk your kids safety Just so you don’t have to pick them up later? Get over it. It is for the greater good and the kids that were going nuts should be suspended from riding the bus for 5 days, that would get the parents attention!

  2. So what exactly constitutes “rowdy behavior” ?

    I would suggest the school set up a couple of cameras and give the public a first hand look at what these drivers are complaining about. If not the school- then drivers should grab a Cop Cam from Freddies for $45 bucks and do it yourself !

    1. I believe that it would be illegal or against some kind of rule for the driver to record children without consent. It just sounds kinda creepy, no? I used to ride BLS buses a long time ago, and there were cameras on them even then. I’m not sure who has access to the cameras, but most (if not all) buses have them.

      1. Its not illegal. It is clearly posted on each bus about the camera. If the parent has a problem with it they have the option of not having their kid ride the bus. CCTV is not illegal anywhere as long as it is clearly posted.

    2. Good for the driver, and good for the school for backing the driver. Rowdy kids on a bus represent a distraction for the driver and could put safety at risk. Only thing better would have been for him to film those kids out of control for everyone to see

  3. I think the driver did the right thing These Parent’s these days don’t teach there brats to behave I hope the school District don’t punish him If more school bus driver’s did it maybe just maybe these dim whited parents would wake up Teach your brats manner’s & respect

  4. I remember as a grade school age kid my school bus driver couldn’t get a middle school girl to calm down so he pulled over and kicked her out in a wide spot along the highway – may have had a bit of an effect on the fact I never got into trouble on the bus.

    If the parents do not want their precious little bundle left at school teach them how to behave in public. The bus driver is responsible for all the kids on the bus as well as everyone the driver has to pay attention to around him/her on the roads.

  5. Parents no longer teach their children to respect adults. The School transportation system allows bad behavior to continue too. No consequences is part of the problem. This bus driver did the right thing. Good for him. We shouldn’t need monitors to do the job the parents should be doing either. DO YOUR JOB PARENTS!!! It’s sickening to see what you allow your little angels to get away with. You should be helping them to be a decent human beings. No wonder our youth is so messed up! Anything goes.

  6. I support this drivers decision. My students do not ride the bus anymore because kids are rude and disrespectful. I feel for the kids who were not misbehaving. How stressful for them and the driver. I am sure there is a small group of kids that is responsible. Those kids should be invited to not ride the bus anymore. Make them their parents problem so that the driver and the remaining students can get home safely.

  7. The reason kids now days are disrespectful to adults is because the adult’s hands are tied. Due to Deschutes County’s zero tolerance rule. When I was a child, if I smart mouthed an adult, I got my mouth slapped or my butt swatted. If a parent does that now days, all the kid has to do is tell someone or call the Cops and the parents are in trouble. And, unfortunately, the brats use that to their advantage. Telling the parents that if they hit them they are going to call the Cops. I was in the grocery store check out line one time and this boy in front of me was just being a terror. The mother told him that if he didn’t knock it off he was doing to get it. The boy shot back “You do and I’ll tell the Cops!” that was my breaking point. I turned to him and said “I’m sure it would be worth the trip to jail just so she can stop you acting like a -hit a–” That stopped him dead in his tracks and the mother was having a hard time keeping a straight face. LOL

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