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President Trump speaks after impeachment acquittal




    1. But let’s not confuse arrogance with confidence- like many of you do. The previous President wallowed in self arrogance while out making promises he had no intention of keeping- he was finally called out- in Syria- and his lack of confidence changed the landscape of the Middle East to this very day.

      President Trump is fulfilling his promises even within a hostile environment- the guy hasn’t flinched once in the face of false accusations- a hateful press corps- and illegal acts against his administration that include spying- collusion- falsification of documents- and corruption.

      Despite all this- he has a higher approval rating than Obama- a better economy- more success fighting terrorism- and a new poll from Gallup that states that 90% of Americans today are satisfied with their personal lives- a new record high ! Minorities- especially black Americans love the guy- wages continue to surge at all lower incomes- and for once our nation is not being rocked by one race war after another.

      Give this President his due- his daily battles with the news agencies is obviously keeping them busy- too busy to spread their hate nationally or internationally… these are without a doubt the best of times ! Thanks to President Trump.

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