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Many winter evictions banned in pricey Seattle

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SEATTLE (AP) -- Seattle has banned many residential evictions during the city's coldest and wettest months of December, January and February.

The Seattle City Council unanimously approved the ban Monday night but decided against enacting it for the months of November and March.

Supporters have said the ban is needed to combat homelessness and to prevent people who are down on their luck from being forced outside during bad weather in a city where rents are sky-high.

Critics argued the ban will hurt landlords and said the city should reduce evictions by connecting needy tenants with rent assistance.


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  1. Ya hoo, three months free rent in Seattle. Their next move, you cannot do background checks to see if the person who wants to rent from you, has skipped out on their rent in the past. All in the name of progressiveness. Oh and they are going to start giving away FREE adult diapers to the homeless, and offer free dipering centers. All in the name of progressiveness. PROGRESSIVENESS.

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