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Deschutes County sheriff announces relief fund for first responders

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson announced Monday the launch of the “Deschutes First Response Fund,” a relief fund to support first responders working the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The relief fund, set up in the form of a GoFundMe page, is a vehicle for organizations and community members to donate to Deschutes County first responders to assist in the purchase of meals, lodging, services and equipment needed by first responders, in order to keep community members — and themselves — safe during this unprecedented time.

A simple inquiry form, found at, will give an avenue for members of the law enforcement and fire/EMS community in Deschutes County to submit requests for support for a wide variety of needs.

A committee made up of Sheriff Nelson, District Attorney John Hummel and Redmond Fire Chief Ken Kehmna will review the inquiries and oversee allocation of the fund.

“Every day, first responders are putting our community first by continuing to show up on the front lines and respond to emergency calls,” Nelson said.

“We also know that the worst is yet to come, and we have a chance now to address the needs of first responders. From adequate medical equipment to childcare to mental wellness — this fund will make sure resources are in place and fully funded, so first responders can focus on keeping the community safe when they go to work.”

In recent days, other funds in Central Oregon have been created to support health care workers and those financially impacted by the pandemic, so to fill the gap for relief supporting first responders, Nelson pledged donations from his political action committee to launch the Deschutes First Response Fund. Other community leaders also recognize the need and have come together to support those on the front lines.

“First responders face unique challenges as they keep our community safe,” Hummel said. “Like all of us, these people have families at home, they’re experiencing the same stresses all of us have as individuals -- and still they are committed to serving their community and seeing our incredible county through this pandemic. Let’s come together to support them.”

Go to to learn more and donate.

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  1. Doesnt dcso already have some of the highest funding levels by population in the whole state? Probably time for nelson to postpone his vanity projects, like making new rules about the deputies’ outfits and car colors every few months- instead get to work putting the first responders ahead of his ego for once? Our community is already reeling and seeing well-funded agencies going begging instead of doing their jobs, is a little depressing especially when coming from supposed small-.government trump comrades like this guy

    1. What a sad, tragic, irrelevant little ankle biter you are.

      Kudos to all those who are pulling together and supporting our First Responders.

  2. I applaud the job they are doing, but….unlike most/all small business owners and self employed people in Central Oregon, I believe they are still getting their regular paychecks.

    How about 1st responder access to child care while their children cannot go to school? Organized at a LOCAL level…NOW. Don’t wait for some large government entity, do it local and do it now!

    1. And they are daily taking health risks the rest of us can minimize.

      My spouse is on the front lines in the medical profession. We daily concern ourselves with possible exposure as she cares for her patients. Of course she continues to “receive” a regular check, as she and all others who live and work selflessly under the current circumstances should.

      GoFundMe is voluntary donation. Good on those who give back to let our First Responders know “we get it”.

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