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Rise in COVID-19 cases bring ‘yellow light’; downtown Bend sees crowds

(Update: Adding video, Deschutes County health official comments; downtown Bend busy, many not wearing masks)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and state health officials outlined Friday the data and reasoning behind a one-week pause in processing counties’ reopening plans, a “statewide yellow light” to assess what’s behind a recent rise in the number of cases and hospitalizations.

“I know how frustrating it is to move slowly,” she told reporters in a livestreamed news conference. “We all wish this reopening could move faster. … But my job is to make tough decisions, even when they are unpopular. And when it comes to the health and safety of Oregonians, the buck stops here.”

While Deschutes County has only reported three new cases in the last five days, Morgan Emerson with Deschutes County Health Services said there's still cause for concern, even though the state is keeping more relaxed Phase 2 guidelines in place for most Oregon counties, at least for now.

“While we haven’t seen (a major rise) here, it’s important for us to be paying attention to that, and not becoming complacent locally," Emerson said.

Bend's downtown was packed Friday afternoon. A couple of locals told NewsChannel 21's Jordan Williams they are expecting a spike in cases.

“I would expect some raise or a spike (in cases),” Bend resident john Cleveland said.

“If there’s more people out, the probability is there will be higher cases," Bend resident Jessica Klinger added.

Whatever the county’s phase, Brown said the recent rise in cases and hospitalizations serve as “a clear reminder we need to double down on the simple but effective precautions we all can take to slow the spread” of the virus, from face covering and physical distancing to avoiding large gatherings and hand-washing, covering coughs and “please, please, please: Stay home if you’re sick.”

Oregon Health Authority Director Pat Allen said, “We’re seeing enough signs of concern, we need to slow down,” with a 75 percent rise in cases last week and Thursday’s record of 178 cases.

More testing is a key factor in the rise in case numbers, Allen noted. But while Oregon’s infection rate remains low, it jumped last week from 1.9 to 3 percent – still well below the national level, but not the flat or declining rates they’d hoped to see.

On the positive side, Emergency Department visits related to COVID-19 symptoms are still below 1 percent, where they’ve been for several weeks, and 95 percent of cases result in contact tracing within 24 hours. “Most cases are being linked to a known source,” Allen said, with 22 percent that can’t be traced to a prior source.

Major outbreaks, like last week’s at Pacific Seafoods in Newport, have been a factor as well.

“It’s still not clear if large protests have spread coronavirus,” Allen said, adding that more information is expected in coming days as contact tracers follow up on recent cases.

“Today’s pause is a reminder, not a rollback,” Allen said.

His biggest fear, he said, is that people will go back to doing activities as they did before the pandemic began, without continuing the public health safety precautions.

“We can do normal, things, but not the way we did them before,” he said. “These are not just a good idea – theye are what we have to do.”

Dr. Dean Sidelinger, state epidemiologist, said several counties have had “warning signs,” such as more hospitalizations and a higher positive test percentage. In Multnomah County, he said, 40 percent of last week’s cases could not be traced to a known source.

Various projections, from optimistic to pessimistic, have been developed, Sidelinger said, with the worst-case scenario leading to “hundreds and hundreds more (cases) each and every day. We don’t see evidence of that emerging, but we want to prevent that.”

Asked by a reporter if there have been any cases to this point tied to the large protests in recent weeks, Sidelinger said they are working with local public health officials and are aware “some people may be reluctant to share that with investigators. But to this date, we don’t have any evidence that anyone tested positive” who attended the protests.

As of Thursday, St. Charles Bend had two COVID-19 patients, a spokeswoman said. Earlier in the week, they had four, which St. Charles Health System President and CEO Joe Sluka said was the highest count since mid-April.

After a record 178 COVID-19 cases were reported in Oregon on Thursday and nearly 800 in the past week, Gov. Kate Brown announced late Thursday a one-week statewide pause in pending county reopening requests.

Here's the full news release issued by Brown:

Governor Kate Brown Announces One-Week Statewide Pause on Pending County Applications for Reopening

Cites increase in COVID-19 cases in both rural and urban communities

(Salem, OR) — Governor Kate Brown issued the following statement today on the reopening process in Oregon:

“When we began reopening nearly a month ago, I was clear that COVID-19 case counts would rise. We now see that happening in several parts of the state, both urban areas and rural communities.

“As I have said before, reopening comes with real risk. As we navigate the reopening, we are carefully monitoring the capacity of our public health system to respond to COVID-19 cases without becoming overwhelmed.

“The noticeable increase in COVID-19 infections in Oregon over the past week is cause for concern.

“In order to ensure that the virus is not spreading too quickly, I am putting all county applications for further reopening on hold for seven days. This is essentially a statewide 'yellow light.' It is time to press pause for one week before any further reopening.

“This one-week pause will give public health experts time to assess what factors are driving the spread of the virus and determine if we need to adjust our approach to reopening. I will work with doctors and public health experts to determine whether to lift this pause or extend it or make other adjustments.

“I want to remind the public that there are very simple precautions each of us should take to reduce the spread of the disease: Avoid large gatherings. Wear a face covering. Stay six feet apart. Wash your hands, cover your cough and stay home when you are sick.”

The Governor’s Office this week received four county applications for reopening. Multnomah County’s application to enter Phase 1 has been put on hold for one week. Applications from Hood River, Marion and Polk counties to enter Phase 2 have been put on hold for one week.

In analyzing COVID-19 case data across the state, public health experts at the Oregon Health Authority highlighted several areas of concern, including increased COVID-19 case numbers in both urban and rural communities.

  • Cases of COVID-19 are increasing across Oregon, affecting both urban and rural areas. Hospitalizations are also beginning to increase in Oregon.
  • Multnomah County has seen an increase in residents admitted to the hospital over the last two weeks. The percent of tests that are positive is going up, in the face of increased testing. Over 40% of the new cases in the last week have not been traced to a source.
  • Hood River County has seen an increase in new cases over the last week and is managing several simultaneous workplace outbreaks.
  • Marion County has seen an almost 40% increase in cases over the last week, and new hospital admissions COVID-19 for county residents has increased over the last two weeks.
  • Polk County has seen an increase in cases over the last week and is managing a work site outbreak.

Current status of reopening and all guidelines are available at Currently there are:

  • Twenty-nine counties in Phase 2.
  • Three counties in Phase 1 that have applied for Phase 2 (Hood River, Marion and Polk); these applications are being put on hold for one week.
  • Three counties in Phase 1 that have not yet applied for Phase 2 (Clackamas, Lincoln, and Washington)
  • Multnomah County is in baseline status. County leaders have applied for Phase 1, application is being put on hold

Governor Brown will hold a press availability tomorrow, Friday, at 9 a.m. to discuss the statewide pause on reopening. She will be joined by representatives from the Oregon Health Authority.

A live stream will be available for the public that will be posted to the Governor's social media pages.

Earlier story:

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) — COVID-19 has claimed two more lives in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll to 171, along with 178 new cases, a record for a single day since the pandemic began, the Oregon Health Authority reported Thursday.

OHA reported 178 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Thursday, bringing the state total to 5,237, along with 156,567 negative test results.

The new cases are in the following counties: Clackamas (47), Clatsop (1), Crook (2), Deschutes (1), Hood River (1), Jefferson (3), Lake (2), Lane (3), Lincoln (9), Marion (34), Multnomah (43), Polk (4), Umatilla (4), Union (1), Wallowa (1), Wasco (1), Washington (15), Yamhill (6).

Deschutes County now has had 135 COVID-19 cases and 6,931 negative test results. Crook County has had eight cases and 721 negative test results. Jefferson County has had 67 cases and 1,299 negative test results.

That includes the 50 cases reported on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. This week's COVID-19 weekly report listed High Lookee Lodge, an assisted living facility in Warm Springs as having reported an outbreak on May 26 that has resulted in 15 positive cases.

Oregon’s 170th COVID-19 death is an 84-year-old woman in Clackamas County who tested positive on June 6 and died on June 9. The location of her death is unknown at this time. She had underlying medical conditions.

Oregon’s 171st COVID-19 death is a 66-year-old man in Yamhill County who tested positive on June 3 and died on June 10 at Willamette Valley Medical Center. He had underlying medical conditions.

Thursday’s COVID-19 case count marked the highest daily count since the onset of the pandemic in Oregon. There have been 770 new cases reported in the past week.

"The reasons for the higher numbers are tied to several factors, including widespread availability of testing, increased contact tracing and active monitoring of close contacts of cases," OHA said. "Workplace outbreaks are another source of the high number."

The agency added, "Higher case counts serve as a reminder that Oregonians need to continue to maintain physical distancing, wear face coverings where physical distancing cannot be maintained and follow good hand hygiene.

Note: One case previously reported in Jackson County was determined not to be an Oregon resident; the county case count has been appropriately adjusted.

OHA Announces Funding Opportunity for Community Based Organizations

OHA has announced funding opportunities for Community Based Organizations (CBOs) throughout the State of Oregon to support three areas of work as part of the COVID-19 response.

CBOs are central to the success of this work to integrate methods, tactics and strategies that are most responsive to the needs of people of color, people with disabilities, immigrant and refugee communities, Tribes, Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers and LGBTQIA+ communities.

The specific work areas include community engagement, education, and outreach; contact tracing; and social services and wraparound supports.

OHA is committed to engaging with CBOs and the communities they serve to ensure all members of our community receive information, services and resources in the most responsive way.

To learn more, or get details on information sessions in English and Spanish, please visit

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority leads the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

KTVZ news sources

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Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jordan here.



  1. Can’t find where someone asked what the underlying conditions are, but I found this footnote in a chart in the weekly OHA report linked in this story:
    ***Underlying medical conditions include cardiovascular disease, chronic liver disease, chronic lung disease, chronic renal disease, current or former smoker, diabetes mellitus, immunocompromised condition, neurologic and neurodevelopmental conditions, obesity, or other chronic diseases.

    1. It seems to me that they actually died of “Underlying medical conditions include cardiovascular disease, chronic liver disease, chronic lung disease, chronic renal disease, current or former smoker, diabetes mellitus, immunocompromised condition, neurologic and neurodevelopmental conditions, obesity, or other chronic diseases.” rather than Covid-19. Covid-19 just exasperated there condition. They died with Covid-19, not of Covid-19.

          1. Of course not, but who cares, if your a regressive trumpanzee you obviously aren’t interested in facts or evidence or a president that can go one day without lying.

              1. “I know how frustrating it is to move slowly,” she told reporters in a livestreamed news conference. “We all wish this reopening could move faster. … But my job is to make tough decisions, even when they are unpopular, and when it comes to the health and safety of Oregonians, the buck stops here.”

                Big fat lyin donnie the orange would never, ever in a million years say this. On the contrary he said “I take no responibility at all for this”

                Like his base he prefers to lie about his total failure at governing.

                Golf and a whore anyone!!! trump / putin 2020!!!


                1. And again you prove yourselves a fool. I gave a clear link to what you said was false, and it wasn’t. All you can do is resort to your usual childish tantrum.

              2. What Govenor Brown fails to understand is that according to big fat lyin donnie the White House response to the virus has been “spectacular “!!!! The virus is “way down” just as the orange snow flake predicted with only ONE THOUSAND Americans are dying from it each day. 130,000 predicted dead by the 4th of July. SPECTACULAR!!!! Regressives will celebrate bunker boy’s amazing success in keeping the death rate to a mere ONE THOUSAND per day.

                Golf and a whore Anyone!!! trump/Putin 2020!!!! HELSINKI PROUD!!!!

                1. Cmon Fester ! Nobody was responding to your constant hateful posts for a reason- just changing your handle and proceeding with the same message will result in the same… why don’t you try a little less “fat lyin’ Donnie-Golf and a Whore” and a few more opinions on the Oregon topics being presented !

                  We all know you love a good hoax- fake news- false accusations… well this covid19 farce thing is right down your alley- have at it !

            1. I doubt you’ll listen to the lecture from Dr. Katie Hutchinson admitting EXACTLY that. I won’t expect an apology or retraction.

              1. “The problem is you got some people out there who are fanning these conspiracy claims from the planet Pluto. And it’s just disgusting what they’re trying to say of all these crazy deep-state malarkey. Who are kinda suggests that this not a problem in our state. I find that hard to accept with the number of dead in our state. So, that’s a problem. And I hope it gets resolved,” Inslee added.

                1. No Martian ! The problem is- is that Kate Brown allowed thousands of infected people to run amok through the streets of Portland-Salem-and Bend… spreading the virus in direct violation to her Executive Orders.

                  Let’s be clear- the virus is not a hoax- the Demokkkrat response is ! The virus remains more of an annoyance- the same as the cold or the flu- neither of which have resulted in the complete shut-down- lock-down- melt-down of our economy or the States’ citizens !

                  Do try to get yer act straight- Inslee is part of the problem- an alarmist who has seen his pandemic peter out- his curves flatten faster than Granny coming out of her girdle- and now his streets full of Antifa- a terrorist group by American standards !

                1. I only stated that a gunshot victim had been counted as a Covid death and provided the article.

                1. “the virus is way down and will be gone soon” DJT 3/10 Soooooooo much winning!!

                  Golf and a whore anyone!!! trump / putin 2020!!! REMEMBER HELSINKI!!!

          2. (This should have been BIG front page news nationwide.)

            I don’t know about the “gunshot”, but the above report indicates that many deaths are reported as Covid-19 when on the death certificate the Immediate Cause of Death (ICD) is not the virus but something else not exacerbated by the presence of Covid-19.
            My amateur research leads me to conclude that between 15 and 25 percent of the “death toll” attributed to Covid-19 are people who were not actually victims of the virus.
            This estimate would still leave a significant death toll and does not diminish the significance of this new infectious disease, only an adjustment of figures.

          3. Playing devils advocate on this one Barney. i actually did read about that in the news last month sometime. That is one of the catalysts that prompted recent searches into how accurate the case reports have been. It was also mentioned in the news that Floyed tested positive for the virus too and that they needed to put his death down as partially due to COVID.

            1. . DOH includes deaths of all persons who tested positive for COVID-19 in its totals, even if the victims died from other causes, such as gunshot wounds.

          1. So you criticize Trump for being my wrong early on when that’s what the experts told him. So really you are criticizing the experts moron.

          2. “That’s what we’re trying to do today is to say everything is fine here,”

            “Come because precautions have been taken. The city is on top of the situation.”

            Nancy Pelosi-Chinatown San Francisco- February of 2020- as the Corona Virus was raging across the Pacific !

            Golf and a Dingbat- Sleepy Joe and Where’s Hunter 2020 !!!!

            1. Your ignorance about the impacts of COVID 19, ranging from blood clotting to extreme fever to respiratory problems and further, is showing. I’d venture to say that the medical community has a better grip on cause of death than you do.

      1. One of these on the death certificate will bring in extra cash to the hospital or state, can you guess which one.
        Cardiovascular disease, chronic liver disease, chronic lung disease, chronic renal disease, current or former smoker, diabetes mellitus, immunocompromised condition, neurologic and neurodevelopmental conditions, obesity, or other chronic diseases.” COVID 19.

        1. “Its just one person coming in from China, we have it totally under control, evrything is going to be just fine” DJT 2/10

          110,000 dead Americans. This is what regressive “patriots” call a “spectacular” white house response.

          Golf and a whore anyone!!!! trump / putin 2020!!! MAKE CHINA GREAT AGAIN!!!!

        2. What’s “extra cash” defined as (like, above and beyond the cost of providing the service) and who signed it into law (like, The Chosen One as well as whoever you believe is to blame because their political beliefs differ from yours)?

            1. And, like I asked, is that over and above the cost of providing the service? Please provide evidence (a four letter word for it that you might understand is “fact.”

      2. So by that rationale, someone with high blood pressure, diabetes, bipolar disorder and is a smoker dies in a car wreck, it was the underlying conditions that killed them, and they died *with* a car wreck?

        1. If some has been infected with covid but dies of a coronary. Did they die of a covid or did they die with covid. Because if they died of a coronary they just died with covid not of covid. Because not everyone infected with covid dies of covid. It’s obvious to me exactly why the Democrats use a jackass as their symbol. And why Republicans use an elephant. Cna you figure it out?

          1. By your example, a coronary would result after years of buildup in the arteries. If someone with this condition became infected with COVID-19, that new disease would be the cause of death. It would take an already compromised system, and overwork it, resulting in death. Now if the same person did not have COVID-19, their condition is treatable, or if they didn’t treat it and died, then it would be related to heart disease.
            You’re probably a car guy, right? If an engine is running tip-top, it’s easy to push it to the limit more frequently without issue. However, if you’ve got bad fuel, misfires, oil leaks, et cetera, you can’t expect the same performance, and it will likely die on the side of the road.

      3. BINGO. But OHA or whoever it is refuses to make this distinction. This is especially evident in the “covid” deaths where the positive test was 1.5 months prior! I suspect all states are like this as well.

      4. ‘Exasperated there condition.’ Thank you Trump for what you have set in motion. We obviously don’t need trained medical experts anymore because we have you and your educated and knowledgeable base who are the experts on everything.

      5. Not really, and you should know that. An overweight person that dies of a heart attack doesn’t die of obesity. The same is true of the coronavirus. Take a little basic biology and you might just learn something.

      6. well that settles it – up local fed, a well known expert in everything says that it seems to him that no one actually dies from covid 19 – he is running some weird agenda, but he is actually right – most people drown in their own fluids… pneumonia they got as a result of covid 19 infection – so no one ever dies of covid 19, they die from lack of oxygen…

      7. Fed up, I think you meant to say “…Covid-19 just exacerbated their condition.” ?
        ( Exasperate and exacerbate mean two different things do “there” and “their”) .

      8. If COVID-19 brings at-risk people into hospitals at a rate the hospitals can’t handle, we have a serious problem.

        And at that point, no one cares if you think if they’re sick because of the COVID-19 they have, or if they’re sick because they used to smoke.

      9. The true exact cause of death is not always known, so the relevant factors are listed. It is not practical to apportion the death to the virus versus the chronic conditions. One thing leads to another, so the infection was worsened in some way by the underlying conditions and very well may have aggravated those conditions. It is important to list all contributing conditions, so I don’t personally perceive there is a political purpose to hyping the numbers. That said, the numbers are just an estimate. There are likely people who died primarily to being infected and the diagnosis was missed. I would speculate that people died at home secondarily to the virus, but directly due to stroke, blood clots and heart attacks, and were never diagnosed with C19.

        1. “I would speculate that people died at home secondarily to the virus, but directly due to stroke, blood clots and heart attacks, and were never diagnosed with C19.”

          But there has never been any “reward money” for hospitals or governments with stroke-heart attack-or blood clot victims… To deny any probability that this “mild” virus is not being politicized for financial gain is somewhat disingenuous.

          What is not panning out for Kate Brown- is all the hysterics- the destruction of the Oregon economy- the social fallout has clearly turned out to be worse than the virus itself… which has yet to be termed “epidemic” levels here in Oregon… and science may have the answer as to why… could it be as easily as something in the Oregon-PNW “air” ??? Time will tell.

    2. Another question… why is the OHA reporting Wuhan Corona Covid19 deaths (underlying conditions and all) but outside of infant mortality they have steadfastly refused to provide the number of adult deaths associated with the seasonal flu viruses A and B ?

      This clear lack of transparency only fuels the “hoax” claims by many concerned Oregonians.

      1. Thank you for the story suggestion. Feel free to email it to the newsroom at or contact the people involved directly.
        Sounds like it’s not required by the CDC, whose estimates are very… broad, and that goes back well before COVID-19.

        1. But they are now breaking that standard by associating the corona virus with underlying conditions- is that to now create artificial “excess death” numbers ?

          At the end of the day- we are talking about Influenza Like Illnesses (ILI)- you can’t argue otherwise- because ILI is now being lumped into “Covid Like Illness” (CLI) proving that the OHA is fudging the data- for what purpose we don’t know- many of you suggest it is for federal Money- others believe it is part of Kate Brown’s hoax to punish all Oregonians for her failed policies.

          Either way- the whole Wuhan Corona Virus from China is making some people rich !

      2. This is all part of the “flattening of the curve” You predicted would happen months ago!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! Its OK sweetie thats what the big fat lying snow flake told you!!!! And of course being a woman of little or no education and an afinity for liars you believed him and even more funny you still idolize bunker boy!!!!! Cannot stop laughing!!! I love a woman who rates a man by his lies and aility to do his own make up!!!!!

        Golf and a whore anyone!!! trump / kim 2020!!!! TRUE LOVE!!!!

    3. Barney- this story has been updated- so why are all these old comments carrying over ? We don’t see this on the daily covid19 updates- so why now on this story- I would suggest a fresh page so people can speak directly to Brown’s ridiculous pressy this morning.

      1. I try not to have 3-4 separate stories on the same issue within 24 hours. That can break related comment threads. It also can let me get the news up quicker and on to the next thing. It’s all judgment calls and tradeoffs, and the gov’s news conference is closely tied to last night’s announcement and yesterday’s case count rise.

    1. Totally wrong. Big fat lyin donnie assured us months ago that “anyone who wants a test can get a test” !!!! And I think all of you poorly educated failing hillbillies know that the big fat orange snow flake never lies!!! AND amazingly according to whitehouse spokesliar keighly Mcniny “he does his own hair and makeup!!! Soooo much winning!!!

      trump / kim 2020!!!! TRUE LOVE!!!

      1. A lot more people are rioting- violating Brown’s Executive Orders… Oh the irony here… Kate Demands legitimate businesses remain closed while protesters-rioters-and looters are given free rein of Oregon streets !

        Failed Demokkkrat leadership in plain view.

          1. Have any of those protesters-looters-rioters-marchers been arrested for violating Kate Brown’s Executive Orders banning large group “gatherings” ?

            Why is Brown treating these thugs differently from the way she treated a Hair Salon operator in Salem- to the tune of $14,000 in fines ?

            As for your “peaceful protesters”… the headlines scream a different tune…

            “Protests and Riots Fill the Streets of Portland. Four Black Leaders Are Trying to Bring Meaning to the Anguish. What makes this moment so perilous and important is, we simply don’t know how long it will last or what it will mean. So we asked four black leaders at the center of the struggle.”


            I’m not interested in your personal time-lines… Portland is a powder keg ready to explode- and neither the Mayor or the Governor have demonstrated the leadership skills to prevent any of this from happening again and again !

        1. What about all the RePUKElican Governors with their State protests? Failed RePUKElican leadership in plain site. Remember Red States suck on the tits of the G. Most Blue States put in more than they take. ie/CA or NY.

          1. “Most Blue States put in more than they take. ie/CA or NY.”

            You left out new Jersey- Illinois- Massachusetts… the states that round out the top five for deaths in the US due to covid19 !

            Maybe these states just stop “putting in more” and protect their citizens at the local level.

      1. What you’re saying is not true. It’s not ‘all cases.’ It’s based on the CARE which adds 20% to the reimbursement to Covid patients on Medicare to help with the increased costs to hospitals. Maybe you should be looking at all the Federal money Trump’s buddies made off the federal assistance that was suppose to go to small businesses.

      2. If you stated the numbers are inaccurate, listed all the reasons why and then could rationally show that the list of reasons did not adequately explain the numbers, could begin to suggest politics. But to politicize this without doing the above suggests a blind spot. Brown is Governor. The majority of people in Oregon voted for her and she is managing this situation consistent with her politics and related values. The only thing to do is get like minded people to vote her out.

        1. “the numbers are inaccurate”… I would say the numbers do not reflect the terminology !


          *How many deaths in Oregon are due to the covid19 virus ? To date- I’ve seen one !
          *How many deaths in Oregon are due to a combination of “underlying conditions and covid19 ? The vast majority !
          *Which would you suppose has more damaging effect on the human body- a heart attack- a stroke- or a virus that has been scientifically termed “mild” for the more than 80% of people contracting it ?

          I can’t tell you how or what to think… but if I look at that data- that science… I clearly question the motives and actions taken against our State- the Citizens- the Nation.

      1. No, it’s a worldwide conspiracy orchestrated by Gov, Brown. She’s managed to get every country in the world to create the illusion of 425,000 and continually increasing deaths. Jeez, is she good or what.

        1. No actually- it’s been a world-wide assault by Chinese nationals who continue to deny- lie- and avoid responsibility for the virus they have unleashed on the planet.

          Get yer facts straight or get back in the kitchen !

    1. The term is Liberal secessionists. All they want is sedition. If you are watching what is going on in Seattle you will see them proving it.

  2. So true. Most of them are young and haven’t experienced life enough to know how the world really works. They lack being able to make connections in the world for when one thing affects another and that affects another thing and so on. They just think in simplistic terms…. Free education , free healthcare. Covid bad – lock everyone up – doesn’t even cross their minds about all the ramifications to policies.

      1. Lemme guess- when the President provides you with another stimulus check- you’ll gladly take it with one hand- while the other raises a fist in defiance of all things President Trump… So what has Kate Brown done for ya ?

        She shuts down legal businesses through suspect Executive Orders- then turns a blind eye to rioters and looters in the streets- who are clearly spreading the virus.

        Portlands first riot was more than two weeks ago- the surge in corona we’ve seen clearly fits that time line from exposure to symptoms… so why is Kate lying about needing more time to collect data ? Instead she wants to blame minority field workers in the state’s various agriculture and packing plants- So where’s the racial equality in that at ???

        1. Or maybe the surge we’re seeing represents the number of people who weren’t going to be denied their constitutional rights and not stay home any longer. We saw more than enough of them here in CO. The protester surge will probably start next week but then it’s all a hoax, isn’t it BSwish?

          1. “but then it’s all a hoax”

            Is the cold a hoax ? Is the Flu virus A a hoax ?? Is the Flu Virus B a hoax ???

            No.. they are all real medical problems… but have we ever destroyed our State economy- shut down our lives-been placed under house arrest- told by the Governor that she will decide when we can go back to work- feed our families- recreate again… Hell No Martha !

            There’s your Hoax- do try to learn the difference- you’ve been sounding like a flat earther for months now !

  3. Cross-reference the counties with a recent surge in COVID cases against locations where there have been large protest gatherings.

    Inquiring minds would like to know!

      1. Or Dumb-Bunny- Just go to the OHA Covid19 page… where we see a spike in corona virus cases on June 2nd- 5 days after the first Portland riots… and right in line with time frames for corona symptoms to appear.

        The state has seen a steady increase since that June 2nd jump.

        On the upside- Emergency Department visits remains below Brown’s threshold of 1.5%… has been that way for two months now… all of that on the heels of a March 23rd peak- the same as the seasonal flu…

        As for Brown’s press conference… a complete shambles !

        “I know how frustrating it is to move slowly,” she told reporters…”

        If failed Oregon Demokkkrat Governor Kate Brown had only “moved slowly” when before she decided to execute the state’s economy over a virus that was in 5% decline at the time !

          1. Maybe yes- maybe no… the science on the virus dictates that it can fly up to six feet on a good healthy sneeze or cough.

            Knowing that bit of science- why would distancing limits be placed “right at” six feet ? Shouldn’t there be a two foot safety gap- OSHA requires two additional feet for fall protection- so where did our Governor come up with this idea to place social distancing within the virus’ flight path ?

            GIGO !

              1. I see where you have chimed in- so let me post the exact point I am trying to make about the six foot recommendation- and here it is off the CDC website-

                Person-to-person spread

                The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person.

                *Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).
                *Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks.
                *These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs.

                Again… “within about 6 feet” ! The science here is undeniable- that you can become infected if you are standing within six feet of a carrier- the recommendation for social distancing should therefore be 7-8 feet- or “outside” the parameters for possible infection.

                Sorry if the logic there confuses the liberal agenda here- but I was right about wearing masks- getting grandpa out of the nursing home- the potential damage to life-liberty-and the pursuit of happiness as Kate Brown grabs control of the State…

                I’m right about this also.

        1. …and about the same time after you and your buddies could go down to the local bar. I’d like you to provide proof that those that have become infected were at the protests and not at the local watering hole, bible study group, or survivalist training center, or a food processing center.

          1. Last month he was arguing that the governor’s orders had no effect in limiting COVID cases, but now he’s arguing that failure to observe those same orders is behind a “spike” in cases. The absolute lack of principles, combined with total confidence in his ignorant views, would be comical if not for the fact that he probably gets to vote and is just one of many.

            1. “Case Pending”… Will probably go to the US Supreme Court as numerous blue state Governors seem to be tanking their economies in the hope that the Federal Government will bail them out.

              Gee EddyB- I never pictured you as one to “spike the ball” before getting into the end zone- guess you just can’t help yerself !

                1. “You” are a non-sequitur !

                  Do you really think “Barney’s Kids” here even understand what you are trying to say ? My advice to you- “know your audience” !

                  Cmon Eddy- I can’t keep doling out these “life-Lessons” for free !

                2. Obviously I think more of people’s ability to understand the law and facts than you do, so I talk about law and facts. You just scream about your own opinion, rant, bully and mislead with intentionally over-simplistic misportrayals, then move on to a different line when your ignorance, innumeracy, deceit and hypocrisy are revealed. Thanks for at least admitting to relying on stupidity to spread your vile message of hate.

              1. Pretty well impossible I’d say. Also easy to imagine among the thousands of contacts he had during that period that he’s not the only case.

    1. Except it’s going to be another week for that. Right now, it’s probably all the people that decided they had had enough and celebrated Memorial Day.

  4. All these so called experts need to shut up! I say do what Sweden did. Did Sweden close its economy down? Answer is NO! Have you heard about Sweden and all there infected and deaths? Answer is still NO! Google it!

      1. I always love the comparison to Sweden. Vote for the progressive Socialist Democrats running this November and we can be more like Sweden!!

      1. “Sweden’s… 481 deaths per million is one of highest.”

        Really ? No where near the US Blue States of New York (1,580) or New Jersey (1,419) !

  5. You all realize that this is a no win situation and part of her plan right? We were told that there would be a spike in cases right about now do to increased testing. Mix that with reopening adding a few and protesters adding more than a few and she has her spike she was waiting for

    If putting us on pause brings numbers down than she will say it worked and we will all wait for the next pause or red light. If the pause doesn’t work we are back to lockdown. Either way we are heading in her direction,

    We will be closed by the fall. Our economy is shot. Except it now

    Positive tests are up but deaths are not. It’s a virus with an extremely high recovery rate.

    1. The economy was doomed when we didn’t have widespread testing in place by February 1.

      If we hadn’t put restrictions in place, the infection rate would have been higher, people would self-quarantine, and businesses would die.

      As the Google data showed, and as I experienced anecdotally, customers had already dropped to unsustainable levels before Kate put the restrictions in place. It was done one way or the other.

      Next time: get those tests in place at the first sign of trouble. And if they turn out to be unnecessary, throw them away. It’s still way cheaper than the alternative.

  6. Comedy is a genre of fiction that refers to any discourse or work generally intended to be humorous or amusing by inducing laughter.
    Sooo many experts here, actually only a few, but with that said, it is interesting to say the least, that they are not running for some kind of political office, it is obvious that they have some the most intellectual minds, and are truly experts in everything. Comedy is a genre of fiction that refers to any discourse or work generally intended to be humorous or amusing by inducing laughter.
    If you want to know the real truth, just find an expert that agrees with your way of thinking, and look no farther.

    1. Forgive me if you’re being facetious, but your statement: “If you want to know the real truth, just find an expert that agrees with your way of thinking, and look no farther.” is a stark example of confirmation bias, which is no way to be productive in any facet of life.

    1. Well, as we’ve heard from our local experts before the Floyd protests began, she can’t constitutionally stop people from gathering to protest or just gathering. Now that the Floyd protests have started in seems our local experts want her to stop them. Interesting logic.

    2. Because Kate Brown needs this pandemic to eventually materialize ! Right now the data does not support the complete destruction of the Oregon economy and all the social-mental-financial-and physical ills that have come from it… Demokkkrat Governor Kate Brown has literally and single-handedly destroyed the State of Oregon as you know it- it’s gone !

      The citizens are now living under the umbrella of the State Government- dependent on them for basic survival goods… yeh- sure there are lots of Good Sams out there willing to give-give-give… but as we are seeing here in CO- eventually those resources run dry !

      Kate Brown has given the green light for protesters and rioters to run amoke- so I would suggest that business leaders state-wide open their shops-stores-businesses and stop listening to this loon !

      1. Typical over-the-top hyperbole. I’m still working, you’re still working, the folks building more new homes across the street from me are still working. We go to the grocery store, the doctor, order delivery – all changed, none destroyed. Bad hit to the system, for sure. Absolutely, we can argue why until the cows come home. But while the economy has taken a severe blow, it is not “destroyed” in the least. Even 20 percent unemployment – awful – means 80 percent are still working. You don’t try to have it both ways, you try to have it all ways in your odd assembly of “facts” that always have one goal: to prove you were “right all along,” blame the usual enemies and keep claiming everyone should join in your blame game. Fortunately, most know better.
        And I will try better to resist your inevitable return blasts of no proof whatsoever, Mr. Know It All… do you EVER resist posting? I do, many times.

        1. “Typical over-the-top hyperbole.” ???

          Posted yesterday by Damon Runberg State of Oregon Employment Department-

          June 11, 2020

          “One of the most visible and devastating impacts of the state’s stay-at-home order to protect us from the human health crisis presented by COVID-19 has been mass layoffs. Tens of millions of initial claims for unemployment insurance were filed across the nation in the first 12 weeks of the crisis. Here in Oregon about 450,000 initial claims for traditional unemployment insurance were received in the first 12 weeks, greater than 20 percent of the statewide labor force.”

          So is “devastating” hyperbole also ?

          Where’s the data for statewide bankruptcies- how many businesses have actually closed- where is the data on social issues- it seems we no longer get updates after we heard about the 800% increases to various hot-lines… suicides-alcoholism-drug abuse- domestic violence-divorce… where is the local perspective ? Why is Fortis and Facebook handing out welfare bags in Prineville- shouldn’t those F-book jobs be going to Prineville residents also ?

          I post the issues that you ignore- I bring the discussion to your doorstep because you avoid these inconvenient truths… still too busy providing web space for your anti-Trump campaign !

          1. What he said is NOT what you said. It’s really awful. But the economy isn’t “destroyed.” You always overstate and then “forget” what you actually SAID, claim the facts back you up. They don’t. Sort of like claiming we “ignore” issues we report on regularly, like unemployment rates etc. You post issues that are only issues to YOU. Besides, why aren’t you out knocking on doors and gathering recall signatures for your hated governor (she’s your governor too, just like our president) rather than wasting time here convincing no one of anything? OH I know, you’d rather have her IN office to rail against, that’s more fun than actual steps to put your shoe leather where your keyboard fingers are…

            1. “why aren’t you out knocking on doors and gathering recall signatures for your hated governor”

              If I provide you with a recall petition- will you sign it ?

              Oh this outta be good !!!

                1. Then I won’t bring it to your place of work- a home address please !

                  This outta be “really” good !!!

                2. Again, you talk without listening. You can’t FORCE someone to sign a petition (as if you really are going around with them.)
                  Trollbait ignored.

    1. Hysteria fuels failed Governor Kate Brown’s attempts to tank the State economy though. Without all the gloom and doom- repeated here at Z21- the state of Oregon would have been opened back up around Easter- months ago- and we’d all be back to our daily lives… we know who the “at risk” population is… hospitalizations have been down for months- flattened a long time ago- the corona virus remains hard to get- mild in nature… so the “hysterics” have political value- nothing more !

  7. Take your Yellow light and hide it where the sun doesn’t shine. We wont live under Government control. Dont want the Covid? Stay home because Covid is nothing more than the FLU plus 10%.. Thats it. How many from Bend died? How many children have died? Answer Zero and Zero.. This is a just an experiment to see how you sheep will obey. Silly fools driving along in your cars with a mask on eye shaming us free breathers. Ever notice the mask people are constantly touching their mask, face, nose and mouth? This is total stupidity and is zero common sense.. The leftist way as usual.

  8. I find it interesting that there are folks out there claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic is just an overreaction or a conspiracy. I’ve had acquaintances claim that it is no worse than the influenza that we deal with every year. One person told me that there were more automobile deaths in the U.S. last year than there have been deaths from COVID-19 (in the U.S.) In every case, these acquaintances are on the conservative/republican side of the political aisle. So I did a little digging. None of what those acquaintances claimed is backed up by facts. As of June 12 we were at 113,914 deaths in the U.S. from COVID-19 (CDC website). Influenza death estimates (in the U.S.) for the past couple of flu seasons are significantly LESS than the current COVID-19 death statistics–and even if you combine the past couple of flu seasons, those totals are still LESS than the current U.S. COVID-19 deaths. It is similar for automobile deaths in the U.S. for 2018/2019.

    It is also true that COVID-19 is doing things that the medical experts do not understand. It is not just affecting those who are elderly or with underlying medical conditions. It is also irrevocably changing the lives of younger people who apparently did not have underlying health issues–though that does seem to be more rare.

    Now isn’t the time to dust off grudges against those with political idealogies that are different from your own. Rather, now is the time to come together and help each other–like the guy in LaPine who used part of his stimulus check to buy groceries for others. It is in times like these that people tend to show the true colors of their heart. What are YOU doing to make things better?

    1. Indeed, it is better to not hold grudges against “the other side”. Generally speaking, Democrats and Republicans need each other to avoid the catastrophe caused by the extremists of the “the other side”. I do my best to realize to somebody, somewhere, I am “the other side”. We are all “the other side” at some point. At the extremes, Democrats would have us drive off the cliff of utopia while chanting Kumbaya and Republicans would either smother us with rules or shoot us all. Not sure at this point which poison I would pick if forced.

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