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Portland protesters pull down George Washington statue

George Washington statue toppled KGW
Eric Patterson/KGW
Statue of George Washington was toppled on Sandy Blvd. in Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Protesters who took to the streets in Portland for the 22nd consecutive night tore down a statue of George Washington that was erected in the 1920s.

The demonstrators placed a sticker on the head of the statue that read “You are on Native land" and also spray-painted the statue's pedestal.

The Portland Police Bureau said a smaller group split from several hundred peaceful protesters and threw hot dogs at police and cut a fence surrounding the Justice Center.

Another group set a fire around the Washington statue before tearing it down. No one was arrested.

Last Saturday, protesters at the University of Oregon in Eugene vandalized two statues representing white pioneers.

Sunday night, protesters tore down the statue of Thomas Jefferson from a pedestal in front of Jefferson High School in North Portland.

Portland Police Bureau news release:

Multiple demonstrations occurred in Portland during the evening hours of June 18 through the early morning hours of June 19, 2020.

One group of several hundred demonstrators assembled at Jefferson High School. For over an hour, the group peacefully rallied, then dispersed around 9:30 p.m.

A second group gathered downtown near the Justice Center on Southwest 3rd Avenue between Southwest Main and Southwest Madison Street. The group blocked the street for several hours, throwing projectiles such as hotdogs, at the Justice Center doors. Several members of the group shook and cut the fence outside the Justice Center. Meanwhile, a third group gathered on the 5700 block of Northeast Sandy Boulevard and set fire to the George Washington statue.

Around 11 p.m., the group on the 5700 block of Northeast Sandy Boulevard tore down and vandalized the George Washington statue. Group members associated with this incident dispersed by running off into surrounding neighborhoods.

At 11:30 p.m., the group gathered at the Justice Center began to march in a northeasterly direction. The group stopped for a period of time outside a business on the 400 block of Southwest Yamhill Street. The group began dispersing at approximately 12 a.m.

No arrests were made during these demonstrations.

Anyone with information about individuals who committed criminal activity at any event is asked to share that information with the Portland Police Bureau. Information can be sent via email to

The Associated Press



    1. This is the Degenerate party version of a Trump, the best and brightest from George Soros all the way down to Kate Brown and sinking yet lower to the sniveling, pampered white girls and boys crapping in their own sandbox. By their fruit you will know them.

    2. “Not a smooth move, I’m afraid”

      Agreed ! These dopes created more animosity- more anger- more resistance against their cause with this foolish move… Now if they had emptied their pockets of their Washington’s-Jefferson’s- and Benjamin’s… people might be down with the cause- otherwise- they’re just a buncha violent hypocrites with too much free time under Kate brown’s stay unemployed orders.

    1. A country built on land stolen from indigenous peoples. A country built by slaves to benefit and propagate white men. The equality ALL people deserve was not a priority of our country’s founders and this is only becoming mainstream hundreds of years after the fact. Our country has done great things, but we can do so much better.

      1. The “This land was stolen” phrase is worn out. Every country that exists today was stolen from somebody at some point in time. Every tribe that existed prior to white man coming to this country had land that was stolen from another tribe. Wars were fought long before white people showed up over territory and food. You cant erase history, good or bad. The only thing being accomplished by these destructive protest is creating a greater divide and gives the racist even more ammunition to base their views on. If you want to erase racism, quit making everything about race. Everything bad that happens to a person of color is not because of color no matter what the media try’s to tell you. It is not the fault of our ancestors or us. Many people of color have lived in the streets, grew up poor and made a better life than most of us could ever dream about. We are responsible for our own actions. These protest have become an excuse for people to blame history on why there lives haven’t turned out the way they want instead of taking responsibility for themselves

        1. Regardless of what phrases may or may not be “worn out”, they remain true. Confronting racism in our country is within our grasp, and we have to face the actions taken by our ancestors, good and bad. Saying that we are responsible for our own actions without considering that Black people are disproportionately worse off than white people is implying that Black people are worth less, and is therefore a racist sentiment.

          1. Yeah, that’s hilarious. You’re not even close to being smart enough to understand the irony of you people carrying on like a leppy calf about racism, all the while hating Whitey

              1. You are so irrelevant. Do you even think for one iota of a second that if the colonists didn’t the Nazi’s would have wiped them all out and concurred the world. But then you are a socialist as well, right. SO that is exactly what you would have wanted. You align yourself with socialist. You yourself are a Nazi. Nazionalsocialismus is the term the brought about the name Nazi. Translated- National socialism. YOu are more irrelevant than you thought.

                1. Oh boy. Here we go again. Nazi stands for National Socialists German Workers Party. It is a name not a description. Their ideology was a form of fascism. Hitler was an authoritarian dictator. It incorporated fervent antisemitism, anti-communism, scientific racism, and the use of eugenics into its creed. Good grief, they were not even close to being socialists!

          1. Benefited? Like when I was passed up for a promotion so the company could have there first minority manager? Like when I spent the next 6 months training him on how to do his job. Or how I spent the next 2 years after that doing half of his job for him until it got him promoted to an executive position in the company. Ya, being white really benefited me.

            I think you need to look up the definition of Racism. Assuming something about be based on me being “White” is 100% Racism. You want to help fix the racism issues in this country, take a look in the mirror. Equality applies to all. White, black, brown, purple, green, whatever color someone is.

            Now if you really want to know what being white got me. I grew up in a family living on welfare. Our family lost our home my junior year of Highschool. I spent the next 2 years living on friends couches working any job I could find. I graduated, got a job and raised 5 kids in a 900 sq ft house. I busted my ass so I would never need to use welfare to raise them. Ya being white got me a lot. Im a proud of who I am and what I have accomplished in my life on my own. I am proud of the kids I raised and how they turned out. No one handed me a thing. I didn’t get free school, I didn’t get government assistance. I was responsible for how I turned out

            1. Did you ever get arrested for loitering? Do cops ever say “GUN!” when you are clearly holding your cellphone in your hand? Have you ever been considered 3/5ths of a human?
              Life isn’t exactly easy for all of us, no. But there is obvious inequality in our country. It has gone ignored for too long, and that’s why this civil rights movement has to keep going on.

                1. When football players protested peacefully against police brutality, they were called un-American. When Black Lives Matter protests move through cities peacefully, they get a day or two of recognition, but nothing systematically changes.
                  The fella in your linked video asks “what have you accomplished” a lot. Here’s a small list:
                  This isn’t about one man getting murdered by police. It’s about equality and civil rights that have been ignored for too long in our country.

              1. The inequality you speak of is the black people killing black people?
                Perhaps it is the majority of violent crimes committed by black people based on per capita bases?

                Is it the fact that BLM fails to educate the black community to not resist arrest or use its revenue to help the black community?

                As a person of color I fail to see what vague meanings you have for this so called “inequality”. I dont see any justification for destroying USA history. This sounds and looks like Maos cultural revolution. BTW you cannot help the black community if you only live in the past and blame cops. you will only have more black on black crime. TBH White people are disproportionately worse off than black people regarding poverty, not just that but white women also suffer from most amount of rape cases. To treat the black community as some kind of super victim is the only racist thing because you will always think of them as the inferior beings that need help. to not let go of past hate would equal that these people have a mental illness … as seen from the statues vandalized.

          1. Wonder why the democrats want to erase our history? Think about it for a minute…Maybe because it looks bad for them?? They are the ones that fought tooth & nail against any and all attempts of Lincoln & GOP to free slaves & every and all attempts of the Lincoln & GOP to give them the rights they deserve??? A great reason to want our history GONE no one can find out that democrats were the ones that tried to keep slaves IN CHAINS FOREVER!!

            1. thats exactly whats going on! they want to erase history so its easier to repeat it. except for this time ththey want us all equal, equally enslaved

      2. We’ve seen your antifa and BLM version of “so much better.” Burned out filthy cities. Riots, looting, vandalism, violence, homelessness. Your ridiculous CHAZ is filled with filthy drug addled losers crapping on the streets of Seattle. We’ve seen your version of “so much better” in Venezuela and the Soviet Union. We have seen the degeneracy of your “so much better” and want no part of it. You and your black clad rioting goons can enjoy your CHAZ and the one you’re trying to make in Portland and show us how to really organize a society. By the way. Africa still has open slave markets. Where’s the outrage?

        1. Project all you want, because conservatives are only concerned with conserving the ideology that some people are worth less based on the color of their skin, or their reproductive organs.
          Yes, other countries also do atrocious things, but we must first get a grasp on our own policies before getting back to policing the globe.

        2. This is aligned with every so called Occupy movement. Occupy Wall Street, Occupy ICE, Now Occupy Seattle. The disgusting mess they leave behind shows their true nature. They yell out loud how they want to conserve the earth but their actions show that they would actually prefer to destroy it and everyone living on it. They care little to nothing about our environment. Just follow their lead lemming in to the crapper!

          1. A lot of attitude out there…Amazing how many people are dying to get into this country…must be doing something right…How many folks from every continent in the world are trying to get here to this wonderful nation…not too many interested in leaving, mmmm!

      3. First off, all countries are built on lands from the people before, all of them going back 10s of thousands of years.
        We are all equal, even the Constitution that many seek to dissolve.
        Third, cancelling our history is stupid. We are the greatest, freest nation in the history of man an revisionist history can’t change that one bit.
        If this keeps up to much longer we will have a war, mark my words.

        1. You’re right about most modern societies having displaced some indigenous people at some point in time.
          As far as our country is concerned, our Constitution states all men are created equal, but history has shown that Black people have not been treated as equals until recently. I suggest you read a little more history to educate yourself on why we need to change things sooner rather than later.

          1. How far do you want to go back? Slavery and racism is not just a characteristic of modern societies and that’s why the destruction of material history is so alarming. We learn from history and not just from books because they seem to be frequently burnt. Show me a founding father or a politician going forward or any man that helped create our country that was a saint. The fact that men had faults, that we don’t agree with the society as it was, means that we are now going to tear down and destroy everything associated with them? By today’s standards, Lincoln was racist, are we going to destroy his memorial in DC?

            1. Not everyone is a saint, true enough. But we can strive to do better. Teach our children about the atrocities that Columbus brought to his “new world”. Lincoln is remembered for freeing the slaves because that was quite an achievement for that time in history. The stagnation of progress towards equality of all genders, colors and creeds is embarrassing. Because it would inconvenience those in power and likely jeopardize their chance for reelection, it’s been tolerated. Stop tolerating and make a change.

              1. I think that’s what we’re attempting to do but there needs to be some restraint on both sides. The destruction of our country will not benefit anyone.

  1. What happens to law and order people has the right to demonstrate but not to destroy private property or national landmarks the police commissioner the governor and the mayor of Portland forgot all about that they suppose to protect all the Oregon citizens but instead they are protecting the demonstrators destroy private property and attack innocent bystanders

        1. Because institutionalized racism IS wrong. If you aren’t fighting to end it, you’re part of the problem. You don’t choose to educate yourself, so fools like myself continue to try and convey why ignoring racism is bad, and how you can help combat it. It’s exhausting, though.

  2. Great message to send out to garner supporters to the cause. This is Antifa. This is BLM. This is the democrats. All Marxist agitators looking to destroy the nation as founded. Hopefully they were obeying Kate Browns social distancing and mask orders.

    1. Peaceful protests don’t get covered by the news, it seems. If it keeps people talking about the institutionalized racism in our country and garners real change (a few hundred years too late), I say go right ahead.

      1. Wow. Two of them out of the closet supporting violence, riots, looting, and murder.
        Justice for David adorn
        Justice for Italia Kelly

  3. IT started with the first act of jealousy, by the father of lies, and you can see that he is very angry for he know his time is short. The demons have been unleashed, and are, as you can see taking over the wills, and earthly minds of the weak.
    . A weak mind criticizes others and speaks ill of them. A strong mind does not criticize, but rather seeks the reasons for another person’s weaknesses and grants strength. … A weak mind resists others and blames them for resisting him/her. A strong mind meets no resistance, and his/her paths are made easy by others.

  4. I guess we need to tell the Queen of England to forget about that whole Declaration of Independence thing. We don’t deserve it and want to become English subjects again. Taxes are gonna be high but at least we all get free health care.

      1. LOOK Irrelevant****** I to can get facts off the internet:

        The Democratic Party has changed significantly during its more than two centuries of existence. During the 19th century the party supported or tolerated slavery, and it opposed civil rights reforms after the American Civil War in order to retain the support of Southerners.

        Look it up!

  5. These statues are public property. I remember when the same sort of people that are on this thread cried like babies over what we were doing out at The Refuge while claiming that was public property…. now suddenly they’re same kind that are killing cops and tearing up cities, claiming private property as their own, defacing public property statues buildings streets, and doing so armed in many cases

    God i can’t wait for the Day of Reckoning to get here

    1. I believe some of these folks are trying to bring this nation down to their level so they feel more at home..some self analyzation is in order here..Does anyone really want to go back two or three hundred years and do it over again..

  6. Are they planning on charging these people with vandalism? Or destruction of public property?
    They might as well be called the Taliban when they destroy historical items.

    1. Sorry to say, some people have no better way to communicate other than violence, hope they sleep well at night..true self’s showing…

  7. We better eliminate all these people from the history books taught in school too because we don’t want to be teaching kids about the racist descendents of the country. Lefts call the right fascist, when really it is the left that is fascist for wanting to eliminate sections of history from being taught and suppressing others who don’t agree with their idealogy.

      1. Ah, but there is the problem, they agree with Trump wanting time be an authoritarian figure and encourage it, not comprehendIng what is fascism.

        1. Martha- yer such a hypocrite ! “Trump-Trump-Trump… Blah-Blah-Blah” !

          How exactly would you describe the person sitting in the chair of the highest office in the State- signing an Executive Order to essentially put you into house arrest- deny you the ability to feed your family through employment- force you into unemployment- eliminate the education of your children- threaten legal action against you or your establishment for violating these orders… all under the guise of a viral epidemic that never materialized !

          The story is about “Portlander’s” destroying public property- an issue for the Governor- not the President !

          You seem oblivious (stupid) as to how our nations politics really work- and subsequently- you should not be allowed to engage the voting process next November- yer too damn dumb to understand the process !

  8. A lot of attitude out there…Amazing how many people are dying to get into this country…must be doing something right…How many folks from every continent in the world are trying to get here to this wonderful nation…not too many interested in leaving, mmmm!

    1. Why do you think it is the democrat Marxist progressives are so hung ho to eliminate the second amendment and strip our rights of self defense?

  9. If black lives matter so much then why hasn’t anything been done about the black on black homicide rates in places like Chicago?

    Why do they still call each other the N word?

    All LIFE matters.

  10. It would be time for the police or army to finally restore law and order and not let a small insignificant group of Soros minion terrorize the rest of the population.

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