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Oregon reports record 9 new COVID-19 deaths; 2 at Bend’s Mt. Bachelor Memory Care

(Update: Adding video, county and hospital comments)

Warm Springs also reports first death; OHA reports 396 new cases, 39 in Central Oregon; Mt. Bachelor Memory care reports 2 deaths, more cases

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- COVID-19 has claimed nine more lives in Oregon -- the highest daily count since the pandemic began -- including two at Bend's Mt. Bachelor Memory Care, raising the death toll to 282, the Oregon Health Authority and local officials reported Friday.

OHA also reported 396 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Friday, bringing the state's total to 16,104 cases, along with 350,463 negative test results.

The OHA's reported death toll so far has not include the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs report late Thursday of its first COVID-19 death. Warm Springs' COVID-19 cases are included in the Jefferson County statistics.

Friday’s nine reported deaths, including two Deschutes County residents in their 90s, are the highest number of deaths reported in a single day in Oregon since the start of the pandemic.

Friday's new cases are in the following counties: Baker (1), Clackamas (25), Columbia (1), Crook (1), Curry (2), Deschutes (16), Douglas (6), Gilliam (1), Hood River (4), Jackson (5), Jefferson (22), Josephine (1), Klamath (2), Lane (16), Linn (7), Malheur (18), Marion (58), Multnomah (71), Polk (6), Umatilla (59), Wasco (1), Washington (54), and Yamhill (8).

Morgan Emerson of Deschutes County Health Services confirmed the two deaths in the county that OHA officials reported Friday were from Mt. Bachelor Memory Care, hit with an outbreak in recent weeks.

Emerson said recent test results have found that a total of 60 people -- 38 residents and 22 staff -- at the facility have tested positive for COVID-19, about double the initial count.

All residents and staff originally were tested, and more recently, those who originally tested negative were re-tested, Emerson said. The plan going forward is to test all staff and residents who tested negative each week, until there are two weeks with no new positive results.

"The key challenge when you look at long-term care facilities is when you have many people living and eating together," Emerson said. "Just like we see in our residents across the county, we see more cases that are associated with household contacts or close contacts."

Emerson said the facility has about 50-55 residents and 50 staff total. "Of those who have tested positive, the majority of staff have developed symptoms and the majority of residents have not developed symptoms," she added.

An official with Mt. Bachelor Memory Care in Bend confirmed Friday the deaths of two hospice care residents who tested positive for the virus and who had underlying health conditions.

Of late, 11 more staff and 13 more residents have tested positive for COVID-19, said Mallory DaCosta, regional vice president for Frontier Management.  The initial outbreak, reported earlier this month, found more than 30 staff and residents had tested positive for the virus.

"Based on our internal tracing, we have confirmed that these cases are associated with the initial outbreak that we reported earlier and not a new outbreak," DaCosta said.

"It is expected that these numbers will continue to fluctuate as we frequently test," she wrote, "and it is important to note that recoveries will not be reported until 60 days has passed.

"We have been prepared for this and are following protocols from the CDC, state and local health agencies. We have activated all proper quarantine procedures for staff members and residents. And we continue to aggressively implement disinfection, mask use, self-distancing and hygiene," DaCosta said.

Crook County has now had 30 cases, one death and 1,408 negative test results. Deschutes County has had 419 cases, three deaths and 15,048 negative test results. Jefferson County has had 244 cases, no deaths and 2,735 negative test results.

For the second straight day, St. Charles Health System reported 16 COVID-19 patients on Friday, the highest count since the pandemic began. Three patients were in the ICU and on ventilators, officials said.

A hospital official said Friday they feel confident they still have enough space, should the numbers spike.

"The virus that causes COVID-19 disease can affect people in very serious ways, and much of this is in our hands at this point in time," said Dr. Jeffrey Absalon, chief physician executive for St. Charles Health System.

"Although we have been in this pandemic for a number of months now, and it can become tiring to adhere to these restrictions, (but) it really does make a difference."

Oregon’s 274th COVID-19 death is a 61-year-old woman in Multnomah County who died July 18 in her residence. The death certificate listed COVID-19 disease, or SARS-CoV-2, as a cause of death, or as a significant condition that contributed to her death. No confirmatory testing for COVID-19 was performed, but this aligns with the CSTE probable case definition for a presumptive case, which OHA follows.

Oregon’s 275th COVID-19 death is a 68-year-old woman in Clackamas County who tested positive June 5 and died July 16, at Providence Portland Medical Center. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 276th COVID-19 death is a 92-year-old man in Deschutes County who tested positive July 12 and died July 18. His place of death is being confirmed. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 277th COVID-19 death is a 96-year-old man in Deschutes County who tested positive July 12 and died July 23, in his residence. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 278th COVID-19 death is a 90-year-old woman in Malheur County who tested positive July 9 and died July 23, in her residence. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 279th COVID-19 death is a 74-year-old man in Marion County who tested positive July 3 and died July 22, at Salem Hospital. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 280th COVID-19 death is a 62-year-old woman in Multnomah County who tested positive July 18 and died July 18. More information is being confirmed.

Oregon’s 281st COVID-19 death is an 87-year-old woman in Umatilla County who tested positive July 10 and died July 22. She had underlying conditions. Her place of death is being confirmed.

Oregon’s 282nd COVID-19 death is a 69-year-old man in Umatilla County who tested positive July 8 and died July 21, in his residence. He had underlying conditions.

Outbreak reported at Norris Blueberry Farm

An outbreak of 22 cases of COVID-19 has been reported at Norris Blueberry Farm in Douglas County. The case count includes all persons linked to the outbreak, which may include household members and other close contacts to an employee.

The investigation started June 25, but the initial case count was below the threshold for public disclosure.

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Office of Emergency Management lead the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

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  1. Can you clarify if the two Mt. Bachelor memory care residents are also the 2 Deschutes Co deaths? This isn’t clear to me in the reporting, but I’m not sure if it was clear in the info you received. Thanks.

      1. Off-topic….on some posts, I see a reply option, and some not. It looks like after x amount of replies, that option stops. My Wp has been jacked as of late tho, so just checking…not angrily

      2. well, a random act of Journalism is way to much to ask for these days, let’s just ‘run with what we have’…………way keep the panic-demic going Barney!

          1. We can’t demand what some here would ask, in terms of breaking HIPPA federal law. Have you seen any reputable journalist anywhere in the country provide the info you’re asking? We go beyond releases all the time, but there are limits, even to the public’s “right to know.”

            1. Your site helped libel the names of juvenile minors in the Nicholas Sandman Covington High Case- and that was in direct violation of your own stated policies not to mention names of minors unless the police filed an arrest… Both CNN and Wapo have since settled their multi million dollar law suits with the teen- so there is a precedence of Z21 bending the rules to fit their narrative… so why not now ?

                1. Really ? Because it makes sense to settle when yer innocent- and have the video tape and news stories to prove it ? CNN and WaPo woulda got taken to the cleaners- they clearly made the kid a millionaire !

                  As for this… “1,000s of CNN affiliates around the world did not write or edit those stories.”

                  First- guilt by association ! Second- the argument that – “we don’t grow it- we just sell it” hardly holds up in court- see “Guilt by association” !

                  Sandman says he has four more to settle with or sue in court- are you guys on the list ? I find it shameful to hae to ask… that “guilt by association” thing again.

                2. You’re as ‘great’ a lawyer as you are a “journalist,” Mr. Know-it-all Troll. Suing 1,000s of any network’s affiliates for content they aired or shared? Good luck with that.

  2. Virtually all had “underlying conditions” which is probably the actual main cause of their deaths- so sad that this is being politicized- these people deserve better !

      1. Poor Comrade Owen BGHW, no matter how many times or different ways you try to explain the simplest of concepts to them, some people are just too dense to get it. Maybe it has something to do with Russian being their first language.

      1. You mean they cause of death isn’t listed as “blunt trauma- internal bleeding-or shock” ? It’s “killed by drunk driver”- Not even “manslaughter ? Murder ?? Negligence resulting in death” ??? Nope- it’s “killed by drunk driver” !

        I actually believe that that would be the police report- not the medical examiner’s. I dunno- I’ve never killed anyone- with a car- while drunk !

        Sorry- I’m no help !

    1. Would they be dead right now if if they had NOT caught COVID? If the answer is no – then COVID is why they are dead. They caught a virus that attacks every organ in the body, the circulatory system, blood sugar levels and nervous system. A body with underlying medical conditions can’t fight all the battles successfully sometimes. They are the ones most at risk.

      1. Your argument goes many different ways- “would they be dead right now if they hadn’t had a stroke- a heart attack- diabetes ?

        The science from the CDC says that the virus is nothing more than a mild irritant for damn near everyone- “that” is evidence enough to strongly-strongly suggest that there are very few people passing “as a result” of having this virus in their system.

        But none of that addresses the medical hocus pocus drive for cash we are seeing- that’s pure fraud !

  3. hospitalization as of July 24
    non-ICU beds available:………..701
    non-ICU beds with Covid patients:. 120
    ICU beds available……………142
    ICU beds with Covid patients:…..48

  4. The people who are spreading lies like “it’s a hoax” or “it’s just a flu” should be held liable during a global PANDEMIC. Legally & civilly. Consider ur mask a seatbelt of sorts. No guarantee, but the odds are in your favor to survive if u do get in an accident. God bless everyone and contact your doctor for the facts on Covid19 and don’t rely on public forums like Facebook, Instagram or here. ✌🏽

      1. “The paradox of tolerance states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant.”
        I say we stop tolerating intolerant goons like you. You actively spread misinformation with the intent to harm, that much is clear. Your Constitutional right does not mean it should cost someone else their health, or life.

          1. Totally confused. Why is that not surprising!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! You and big fat failing donnie couldn’t find your way out of a whore house!!!
            Golf and a whore anyone!!!trump / putin 2020!!! LYING-DENYING and DYING!!
            HELSINKI PROUD!!

            1. Fine-great-outstanding… But the President has nothing to do with the failed state response being driven by Kate Brown… how is it you still don’t understand how this works- some of you- after 7 months of living under house arrest- jobless-being told what to wear- where to go-who to see- still don’t get who signed those Executive Orders ruining your lives and destroying the state’s one-time booming economy… why is that ?

    1. .26% fatality rate vs flu .1% fatality rate. For those under 65 covid is less fatal than the flu. This is from the CDC’s best estimates. Maybe you should go educate yourself first.

      1. YES! I was just about to post this…this is THE stat that matters most wrt to what policy decisions should be made. However you need to spell out the math when pointing out the IFR and also explain what it means. See my post and thank you keep this info coming to ‘paper’ just can’t bring themselves to tell the folks.

      2. So using your numbers, a person is almost 3x more likely to die from Covid than the flu. Better than the original estimate of 10x but still. Add in the fact that it is more contagious than the flu and is showing more long-term illness in younger patients with mild symptoms, maybe there are other associated serious issues you should educate yourself about first?

        1. yes Father but only 3 in 1000 die and those are almost always elderly or sick. The context is that those stats absolutely do not justify the cost to society as a whole.

    2. “The people who are spreading lies like “it’s a hoax” or “it’s just a flu””’

      The OHA has identified the virus as a flu-like illness. Feel free to call them and rant on like an imbecile the way you do here.

      For it is you that is spreading the lies and wiser adults would be best to ignore your unhinged cancel culture tirades !

    3. Here are some interesting facts:

      1. As of 7/24/20 Deschutes County is reporting 419 known COVID-19 cases and 3 COVID-19 deaths, which is a Fatality Ratio of 0.0072 – Link:

      2. As of 7/10/20 the CDC estimates the COVID-19 overall Infection Fatality Ratio (IFR) to be between 0.005-0.008 – the “new” Infection Fatality Ratio takes into account both symptomatic and asymptomatic cases. Link:

      3. On 7/21/20 the CDC published a report that says, “true COVID-19 infections rates are more than 10 times higher than reported cases in some U.S. regions” (if infections are more than 10 times higher then the Fatality Rate will be at least 10 times lower). Link:

      Personally, I think this is a harmful virus for people with underlying health issues and I’m going to continue to wear a mask as long as recommended because I don’t want to give or get it. However, there is a lot of scientific evidence that shows the Fatality Rate is much lower (more than 10 times lower) than previously reported.

      1. John Hopkins is currently reporting the US fatality rate at 3.6%. Worldmeters is reporting an additional 78,009 cases and 1,141 deaths in the US today. This is NOT the flu and is coming from sources more highly educated than the z21 “experts.”

        1. According to the CDC data-

          “An average of 7,708 deaths occur each day in the USA. January, February, and December were the months with the highest average daily number of deaths (8,478, 8,351, and 8,344, respectively). June, July, and August were the months with the lowest average daily number of deaths (7,298, 7,157, and 7,158, respectively).

          New York-New Jersey-and Massachusetts continue to drive US fatality rates as these Democrat run states continue to argue about their flawed strategies ! Just this morning from a CNN article that was quickly removed-

          The ugly and unfortunate details-

          As of today- (7-24-2020)

          Hong Kong number of deaths per 1 million population- (2)
          Singapore ” ” (5)
          Japan- ” ” (8)
          South Korea ” ” (6)
          Australia ” ” (5)

          New York number of deaths per 1 million population- (1769)
          New Jersey ” ” (1780)
          Massachusets ” ” (1229)
          Connecticut ” ” (1237)

          How dare America’s CNN criticize any other nation’s response to this fake pandemic. America is a disgrace with their heavy handed violation of our personal rights while other countries have complete control- will the Democrat arrogance never end- I guess not !

        2. Martha, the information I provided regarding the current COVID-19 Infection Fatality Ratio comes directly from the CDC website and I provided the link so you can read it yourself. Please don’t shoot the messenger just because you don’t like the message I provided from the CDC.
          Also, the Johns Hopkins case fatality rate (that you provided) does not account for asymptomatic cases (as explained on the CDC web page). However, if you want to continue to ignore asymptomatic cases then we can still focus on some of the Johns Hopkins data for today (7/25/20) from Johns Hopkins at
          Johns Hopkins Case-Fatality Rates as of July 25, 2020:
          United Kingdom 15.3%
          Belgium 15.1%
          Italy 14.3%
          France 13.9%
          Hungary 13.6%
          Netherlands 11.7%
          Mexico 11.3%
          Spain 10.4%
          Canada 7.8%
          Sweden 7.2%
          Ecuador 6.9%
          Ireland 6.8%
          Switzerland 5.8%
          China 5.4%
          Denmark 4.5%
          Finland 4.5%
          Germany 4.4%
          Poland 3.9%
          Brazil 3.7%
          Bolivia 3.7%
          US 3.5%
          So, according to Johns Hopkins, the fatality rate for the US is about 4 times lower than the United Kingdom and about half as much as Canada. This information (from your expert source) also shows the US is doing better (has a lower fatality rate) than every country above it in that list. If you stop cherry picking information from Johns Hopkins and look at ALL the information available from Johns Hopkins and additional sources like the CDC then you might begin to see/understand the big picture. The fear mongering seems to be disproportionate.

    1. You’ll be old, too. Do you want people to say good riddance the same way you do when a preventable illness befalls you?
      “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”.

      1. Aren’t all illnesses preventable? In a way? If you lived in a bubble would you ever get sick? Is that really living? If Charles Manson gave you a glass of Kool aid would you drink it? My bet is yes!

    2. I admire your consistency of message- it’s a shame that KTVZ refuse to challenge the local medical professionals to either admit or refute your charges- because fraud is a felony and everyone posting here needs to know the absolute truth in these unprecedented times- which is virtually impossible here- Both Bertie and I have produced the ICU available bed data right off the OHA website- yet the Z21 representative manning this site refuses the data in both a belligerent and threatening manner… how do we get by these blatant attempts to hijack the truth ?

      1. We link to ALL OHA data, and post their news releases in full. You are the cherry-picking data person who wants to dump on the folks who responsibly supply their full daily news releases and links to all the data you could ever want. But feel free to have your own mutual admiration society while you dump on anyone who dares disagree with you in nasty, rude fashion.

        1. Speaking of cherry picking- you pulled yer ladder right by the main point and deflected a hornets nest of questions onto yer neighbors porch… Again-

          “KTVZ refuse to challenge the local medical professionals to either admit or refute your charges”

          Then below we get this little bit of insider information from klcan-

          “My mom is at Mt Bachelor, let me be clear the deaths are being reported at COVID19 but and I repeat But these residents that were already in Hospice end of life care, they are not COVID19 related.”

          Those are some pretty claims to make un-challenged- why not follow up- clarify what’s really going on- bring your doctor friend in who contradicted the OHA data on ICU beds- how about a name and title for the mystery medic ?

          It’s pretty clear- the confusion around here seems to be intentional- it really only takes a single on camera interview to all this to rest.

  5. Had to go to Redmond today. Everyone was casually and stylishly wearing masks. It was very cool. I’m used to Bend people wearing theirs without any drama, but was expecting the worst in Redmond. Pleasantly surprised! Good job, people.

    1. I’ve been wearing a mask into the stores pretty much since April and somehow I don’t feel my life or freedoms or oxygen has been diminished by it. We’re in this together.

      1. “We’re in this together” ???

        I know it’s a happy-feely bit of propaganda- but the reality is- NO- we are not in this together !
        I had to chastise the moderator here earlier in the day for those out there that flaunt their good fortune at the expense of those hundreds of thousands of Oregonians who are suffering financially- banned from work (non essential- imagine that horse hockey in America)- struggling with school education as children fall further and further behind- the mental stress- the exhaustion caused by the worry… If you have not walked in these shoes- then spare us all your fake empathy- this is a serious crisis and the Governor- the Mayor- the various Democrat city councils are making this worse with their threats- their confusing messages- and their overall levels of incompetence that is killing the state and the citizens of Oregon !

        We are not in this together- the state is divided straight down political lines- we are creeping closer and closer to armed conflict within the state and region- and the Governor has no money for assistance- no winning strategy- no idea what the hell she is doing !

        We either admit this and fight back- or sink in the quagmire of the Kate Brown administration- and that is the only reality that we all share ! The floor is yours !

        1. In that case, could you please ask Trump to give us all some Federal leadership? If confusing messaging is the problem, then maybe a Federal mask mandate. Since Trump’s son can’t go to school, maybe make that nation wide. If we’re all suffering financially, maybe extend financial assistance to people and small businesses, and ask your republican friends to co-operate with the distancing and mask guidelines so businesses can stay open and so people don’t die. If you can’t get any Federal leadership though, you’re left with Kate, because Trump punted all responsibility to the states.

          1. “a Federal mask mandate” ???

            There is no federal mask mandate- The USA is a Federal Republic- not a dictatorship.

            What you are asking for must come from the State level- The President can not over-ride failed Governor Brown’s Executive Orders.

            You really do not understand how state declared emergencies are handled do you !

            Oh My- How awkward of you !

            1. A federal mask mandate would not be permanent, of course. It could last until a certain date, or until cases go down, or until there is a vaccine. Are federal laws prohibiting flying with a loaded pistol in your pocket there to keep us all safe, or a sign that we’re a dictatorship? So if kate signs an executive order to eject federal paramilitary rioters from portland because they’re causing a state emergency then Trump can’t over-ride her? Huh… good idea, I like it.

              1. Save your “federal mandates-laws-regulations” speech for the marijauna tokin’ crowd- they set the standard for how federal laws are enforced at the state level.

  6. My mom is at Mt Bachelor, let me be clear the deaths are being reported at COVID19 but and I repeat But these residents that were already in Hospice end of life care, they are not COVID19 related. This is how CDC reports deaths in a place where yes there are positive patients but so far, thank God, not COVID19 related. Mt Bachelor is doing so well with their communications and compassion in this tough times. Please remember someone’s loved one is affected so stay positive not spreading negative.

    1. Boom! This has exactly what I’ve been saying and what has been reported in smaller media outlets with doctors confirming it but not reported in mainstream media. Doctors are forced to put covid on the death certificate if the person tested positive even if covid had nothing to do with the death. Doctors have been quoted saying this.

      The lefties here refuse to believe it.

  7. For the comments regarding they were “old”. May you be lucky enough to get to “old’. So much rudeness and lack of compassion.

    1. “lack of compassion” ?

      As Oregonians suffer financial ruin- mental health issues- declining physical health as hospitals shut down preventive medicine- as do dental clinics- businesses destroyed- life time dreams shattered- children banned from school- citizens told how to live- where to eat- what to wear… but we lack compassion cause a 90 year citizen passes at a nursing home ?

      Are you for real ?

  8. So klcan64 said that these were NOT Covid-19 deaths and that is correct. So is it Mt. Bachelor Memory Care that is lying or some city or county official that is lying by calling these Covid-19 deaths? Maybe you should investigate Barney.

    1. How can you or anyone prove they were NOT, as stated, COVID-19-caused deaths, despite the underlying conditions? Have you seen anywhere any “investigation” that proves such claims? Or is this the old circular argument, how can we prove OHA is telling the truth and not part of some grand conspiracy happening across the nation/world? Some local folks have died, yes they were in their 90s, but they have friends and loved ones who may see these comments, even if we don’t know their names. So we cannot let the political debate go on too long or too far, if we’re going to try to be consistent in raising the bar of sensitivity in local stories, by deletions if need be.

      1. “how can we prove OHA is telling the truth and not part of some grand conspiracy happening across the nation/world?”

        Easy ! Read Brown’s OHA 2344 Document- “Parameters for Re-Opening”. Go to page 1 number 1 and look at what is written

        Then go to the OHA page on Emergency Room visits for CLI- and do the math !!/vizhome/OregonCOVID-19PublicHealthIndicators/COVID-19Burden

        Toss in the recent study by OSPIRG that found 28 counties meeting Brown’s guidelines… and ask the Governor for an interview where she responds to this data.

        There is no circular argument here- the data is clear- Oregon flat-lined months ago- 2 dozen counties are compliant- the CDC now recommends schools open asap !

        So what’s the problem with Brown ??? Why the never-ending confusion- mixed messaging- and hard line… families are suffering !

        1. A lot has changed since early May. We did ask the governor’s office for comment on the OSPIRG study, they didn’t comment (and by the way it had major data errors and had to be revised). It’s a very complex, evolving situation, too bad you can’t evolve with it.

          1. “It’s a very complex, evolving situation, too bad you can’t evolve with it.”

            Yeh- not every monkey learns to juggle I guess !

      2. Gee is KTVZ not a local news organization? Maybe KTVZ should investigate about the rumors that these people did not die from covid but only had covid…. especially when you know that doctors in other places have been quoted saying they are forced to put covid on the death cert even if covid had nothing to do with the death… The absurdity of your post is astounding.

        And yes, there has been investigations by other local media outlets about certain deaths being listed as a covid death when they didn’t die from covid that I have previously linked on this website before.

        1. “Maybe KTVZ should investigate about the rumors that these people did not die from covid but only had covid”

          What kinda crazy talk is that ??? We all been promised a catastrophic pandemic and by Gawd the Z plans on delivering !

          All sarcasm aside- there is no benefit for small media outlets like Z21 to position themselves against their key suppliers like CNN. That whole biting the hand thing. But what is odd for KTVZ- is that they are also a FOX associate- a brand they snub like the red-headed step child. There truly seems to be some disconnect between the regions demographics and the news strategy directors at the home office- and you can see the friction between the different political parties play out here daily. Covid has simply magnified those differences.

          1. FACT: We run Fox News items in our newscasts all the time, you should tune in at 4 and 10, especially. FACT: There is no Fox text wire for affiliates like CNN provides. Even KPTV in Portland, a much bigger market, uses a mix of CNN and AP content. As for the idea that data kept private under federal law would be released if we just “investigate” is ludicrous. If that were the case, where are all the broad-based reports by larger-market stations? Yes, the critics here post sporadic one-off cases where someone speaks out. But as far as I can tell, that’s about it. I guess they’re all “in on it” too. Not.

              1. Perish the thought. (We do take tips and suggestions from the Share tab at KTVZ.COM – they often do lead to stories. But the kind of things you demand of me? No.) Say, everyone can be a journalist these days. Go ahead, get out there, start a blog/site, ask those tough questions, see how far you get – especially if they are in the accusatory tenor you “ask” me.

                1. It ain’t just me. There tens of thousands out there that would like to see someone down there go out and ask questions. You guys hide behind waaaaaaay too many things under the guise of local news and hippa. And I’m getting tired of you accusing me of speaking in certain tones. You’ve been at the keyboard way too long if you think you can extrapolate tone from text

            1. The fact that Democrat strongholds are right at the top of the covid fatality chart is not a “one off” case- it is clear evidence of either sheer incompetence or a poltical party “in on it”.

              Asian nations have shown us the way forward- why the resistance to driving the death rate per 1 million population to single digits… because we are a superior nation ? Or is this politically driven with intent to maximize the pain and suffering ???

              You have immediate access to the Governor’s office- demand a G-danged answer- people are dying here !

            2. Barney, why is it you think you have to have their medical records to investigate this? Be smart. Interview people that work at memory care about the allegation they didn’t die from covid and interview the families. You keep using the argument about HIPAA for why KTVZ won’t investigate, but you don’t need their medical records.

              1. You’re making some mighty big assumptions about who’d be willing to talk on the record/on camera about such things. Not to mention if they don’t release the names, for reasons already described, how do we find/interview the families? Others would call that extremely intrusive and insensitive, as well. Maybe even some of the same critics. When we’re approached by people who want to share info/their stories, that’s a wholly different matter.

                1. “You’re making some mighty big assumptions about who’d be willing to talk on the record/on camera about such things.”

                  Yeh- it’s best to not even try I guess.

      3. So when people come on this comment section and tell the truth or ask you to investigate a false claim that you published then they might get that comment or request deleted? Sounds like someone is trying to protect a false narrative, and maybe their job?

        1. No. But when people accuse of us allowing people to spread false and dangerous misinformation, we may have to review it. Many folks here claim to “tell the truth” and post a passel of links, and we’ve allowed it by and large, as you know. In such divisive times, we have to be very careful, of course – but not for the reasons you allege.

          1. Yes- many folks like myself “claim to tell the truth” then post the data off the CDC- the OHA- from the Governor’s office… all of which clearly contradict the narrative being pushed by CNN and repeated here.

            Just who exactly is acting in a divisive manner ?

  9. I am so entertained by these folks who claim that Covid-19 is no more a problem than the flu or that the crisis is being heavily exaggerated by democrats. I’d love for any one of you to say that to the face of someone like th governor of NY. What, you gonna claim that he’s a liar and that the infections and deaths and overwhelmed ICU’s they reported are lies? How about in the other states where similar situations occurred? You gonna call those officials liars too? Yes, it’s true that Oregon doesn’t have the large numbers of infections that some other states do. But then, we also don’t have the population they do, either!

    I’m honestly sick of hearing folks say that being told to wear a mask is an infringement on their constitutional rights and that they will do as they please and folks who don’t like it can go pound sand. Since when do you have a constitutional right to take an action that could potentially harm or kill someone? It reminds me of the example of how free speech doesn’t give you a free pass to shout “Fire!” in a crowded movie theaters. Yes, we have rights, but those rights are NOT absolute. Grow up, people.

    1. My God, when will you lefties learn to stop using the “you could kill someone” line. IT IS NOT A VALID ARGUMENT. You better not drive your car “you could kill someone”. You better not give someone else the flu “you could kill someone”. You better not ride your bike “you could kill someone”. You better not remodel the electric wiring in your house “you could kill someone”. You better not make a camp fire “you could kill someone”. You better not go to a protest turned riot “you could kill someone”. You better not fly a plane “you could kill someone”.

      1. And, not nexpectedly, there’s someone like you who comes along and tries to marginalize the statements of those holding a differing view by using hyperbole to attempt to distract from what was actually said. Nice try.

        1. Everything I said is true about your argument for why people should wear masks. It is good to know that you have no argument against my point.

        2. The reply was accurate. Because we live in a free society the government is not empowered to take away our rights “because something might happen”.

    2. We may not have the numbers that other states do, but we are breaking our own records, and heading in the direction of out of control community spread. We know what to do, based on how other countries have managed this. It does not have to be this way, it could be pretty easy…

      1. You are right- and the CDC spells it out very clearly with this simple sentence on their reopening directives page-

        “The virus that causes COVID-19 can be killed if you use the right products.”

        It doesn’t say- “wear a mask- social distance- stay home go broke” ! So where is Kate getting her advice from ? Her landscaper ???

        This is government over-reach and incompetence at historic levels- sign the petition- throw her out- save lives !

        1. Keep your quotes in context if you don’t want to look like a fool. I could quote you, too, claiming you said “‘wear a mask- social distance’.”

        2. Keep your quotes in context if you don’t want to look like a fool. I could quote you, too, claiming you said “‘wear a mask- social distance’.” But I won’t.

    3. “I’d love for any one of you to say that to the face of someone like the governor of NY. What, you gonna claim that he’s a liar…”

      And a murderer for putting corona virus infected people into nursing homes- setting off some of the highest covid wuhan death rates world-wide !

      “Since when do you have a constitutional right to take an action that could potentially harm or kill someone?”

      Gee I dunno- Tobacco companies have made millions off a product that has scientifically been proven to harm-kill-destroy lives- alcohol also… feel free to look up the data any time… then take yer mis-understanding of the US constitution and stuff it.

    4. No Handsom, but I know that the Infection Fatality Rate of IFR for Covid-19 is such that fewer that 3 in 1000 who get it die. At least 2 of those are already very sick or old.

      YOU and others are WAY overreacting. More death and misery, actuarilly speaking, will come from this overreaction.

  10. The Infection Fatality Rate or IFR is the % of people who get a disease that die. The IFR for Covid-19, according to the CDC and backed up by Oxford University is between .1% and .26%. That means that less than 3 in 1000 people who get it die. And…at least 2 of those 3 have ‘underlying conditions’ or are very elderly or both meaning that there was a high likelihood they would die anyway.

    Absorb that. Less than 3 in 1000 die.

    We have swerved to avoid hitting the cat in the road right into oncoming traffic.

  11. Barney this is not a public comment necessarily and not about this topic…BUT is there another way to show comments and replies? This format, visually, is really hard to interpret. Not a major issue, just wondering.

    Thank YOU for managing the comments.

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