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Border Patrol agents pull 2 detainees off 2 ICE buses, ending 12-hour Bend protest

Border Patrol opens bus door Leah Henke Cora Ives 812
Leah Henke, Cora Ives
U.S. Border Patrol agents open an Immigration and Customs Enforcement bus in Bend late Wednesday night as they removed two detainees from a pair of buses
Border Patrol agents ICE bus protest 812
The arrival of U.S. Border Patrol agents at a Bend protest late Wednesday night brought jeers, chants

Pepper spray used to move some protesters away from buses

(Update: New video from scene; ICE says it cannot release detainee info due to lawsuit filed against agency)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Hundreds of protesters surrounded two unmarked white buses at the Crane Shed Commons parking lot for nearly 12 hours Wednesday, until U.S. Border Patrol agents used pepper spray to move in and remove two detainees and some officers from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement buses.

As roughly two dozen federal agents assembled at the nearby National Guard Armory late Wednesday night, new Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz warned the growing crowd by bullhorn the agents were on their way to protect their workers.

The arrival of the Border Patrol agents in tactical gear at the protest scene, moving in formation, brought cries of "Feds go home!" and other jeers. An agency has said over a bullhorn that someone on a bus had a life-threatening medical emergency and they needed to remove the half--dozen people on the buses.

Around midnight, Bend Police tweeted that it appeared the federal agents had left the area, adding: "The attendees of the First Amendment event appear to have dispersed peacefully."

An ICE spokeswoman offered this statement late Wednesday night:

“The law enforcement activity in Bend, Oregon is part of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s mission to arrest criminal aliens presenting a danger to public safety and take them off the street. The two individuals arrested each had a history of criminal violent behavior. 

"While ICE respects the rights of people to voice their opinion peacefully, that does not include illegally interfering with their federal law enforcement duties. ICE will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of its officers and detainees, and will vigorously pursue prosecution against anyone who puts them in harm’s way."

It all began when the president of the Central Oregon Peacekeepers, Luke Richter began livestreaming on Facebook around 1 p.m. and stepped in front of the first of two buses, refusing to move. The livestream quickly was drawing hundreds, then over 1,500 viewers, followed by others arriving on scene and some streaming video as well.

The protest was a first, early test for Krantz, a former Portland assistant police chief sworn in just two days earlier. He gave a statement and answered reporter questions at a livestreamed news conference Wednesday evening, assuring that Bend's officers were only on hand to protect peaceful free speech and for "life-safety issues" -- not to assist ICE.

Krantz later went to the protest scene and used the bullhorn to warn the crowd, "My information is there will be federal agents coming here. They will ensure the safety of their employees and the people here."

Around that time, Bend Police tweeted: "We want to ensure community members present are safe. Please move to sidewalks, or leave the area."

"Let them go! Let them go!" protesters chanted at one point early on. "No justice, no peace!" they said.

City spokeswoman Anne Aurand confirmed that ICE personnel were in the location. She noted that the city of Bend is an official "Welcoming City," and in a resolution approved by the city council said "the city does not enforce federal immigration laws or detain people based on immigration status."

Bend police tweeted urging people to avoid the area around the SpringHill Suites by Marriott on Southwest Industrial Way, where the confrontation was underway.

"The Bend Police Department does not enforce ICE arrests," the agency tweeted, adding their officers were on scene "to ensure the safety of everyone on scene."

Bend Mayor Sally Russell said in a tweet she was told both men detained by the ICE officers "have warants out for their arrest. This is not a sweep for undocumented immigrants."

"Let's keep our community safe," she wrote. "Please leave peacefully."

While the protest continued into the night, a Portland-based immigration rights law group filed suit in federal court against the Department of Homeland Security to try to keep ICE from leaving Bend with the detainees.

ICE spokeswoman Tanya Roman said early Thursday that due to the pending lawsuit, "ICE cannot provide information concerning the two individuals."

Meanwhile, Deschutes County District John Hummel tweeted Wednesday night that he was on the scene of the standoff "and was impressed by the passion and empathy shown by our community."

Hummel said he, Gov. Kate Brown, Mayor Sally Russell and Police Chief Michael Krantz "have been trying to broker a resolution with DHS to no avail." His tweet ended with the Twitter handle of acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf and told him, "We're here -- let's work it out."

Central Oregon Peacekeepers President Luke Richter, who stood in front of the first bus to keep it from leaving, told NewsChannel 21, "If they're going to take people from a sanctuary city, they need to have proper documentation of that. We have not seen any warrants for their arrest."

Until the warrants are presented, he said, the men should be released.

More than 250 protesters were on hand by evening, many on hand for at least five hours, and many told NewsChannel 21 they plan to remain on site as long as they needed to.

Signs on display included "Stop separating families," "It ain't right" and "Where is the love?"

Friends of the detainees among growing crowd of hundreds of protesters said the men have lived here for some time, one 14 years.

Gus Juarez said the agents were hiding their identifications, and stopped one of the men going to work and the other coming home from work.

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman as first could not confirm any details to NewsChannel 21 regarding the ICE activities.

But Regional Public Affairs Officer Tanya Romain said in a statement, “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) fully respects the rights of all people to voice their opinion peacefully without interference.”

“ICE officers conduct targeted law enforcement activity and arrests throughout the course of their daily duties,” she added.

"Despite severe challenges, ICE remains committed to our public safety mission and ICE officers will continue to perform their sworn duty to seek out dangerous criminal aliens and other immigration violators. ICE seeks straightforward cooperation with state and local law enforcement and has never requested them to enforce federal immigration law.

"Due to law enforcement sensitivities and officer safety, ICE does not discuss planned operations.”

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        1. No, it doesn’t say anything about them being on the buses. And it does bring up a good point to think about.

          “Krantz later went to the protest scene and used the bullhorn to warn the crowd, “My information is there will be federal agents coming here. They will ensure the safety of their employees and the people here.”

          Did someone forget to read this part to you?

      1. Nothing but kudos for the federal riot police from me and for that matter anyone else that loves this country. Dirtbags like you need to move to Portland I’ll happily pay your way.

            1. So we should protect criminals. What if these guys are child abusers, drug pushers, etc? Do you have any idea of their record? I would wait until that comes out before you back the wrong horse.

          1. BJ,
            Both Krantz and Hummel are stains on the community. Why the protesters weren’t immediately arrested for impeding the federal officers right to move freely and peacefully is beyond me. We all know Hummel is a moron who panders to the low information crowd and it looks like we’re learning Krantz is bringing his Portland values to central Oregon.

            1. I’ve been in many fights with Hummel over the past couple decades. The man is a viper. He’s a liar and a sneak. One of the biggest reasons for me leaving Bend was his elevation to DA. It was bad enough when he was on the city council.

              1. Hummel is a dirtbag with no regard for the law. Hummel needs to resign immediately or a recall petition must be issued immediately for the malcontent Hummel. Hummel is as worthless as they come and if he was a lawyer worth his salt he’d be in private practice making money rather than sucking off the taxpayers done. The fact of the matter is Hummel is a worthless lawyer not capable of making it in private practice so he makes his living on the taxpayers dime.

        1. So you weren’t down there to see the fat, sloppy idiots retreat and start yelling at each other, “Who’s got the keys to the truck?” The “Federal” old and obese “riot police” left with their tail in between their legs.

      2. My guess is that the people you are referring to are Bend Swat Team members who were initially sent to assist the patrol officers. The SWAT Team was training somewhere else, initially, but were diverted to assist in this situation. After more patrol officers were available, the SWAT Team members left. The federal officers that were sent to Portland to protect the Federal Justice Center are still hanging out somewhere near Portland and could probably get to Bend pretty quickly if needed. Let’s hope this all ends peacefully and they won’t need to come.

      1. Biden’s Life Matters hate police and obeying the law. Maga folks support the rule of law and LEO’s thus no double standard thus you’re a moron.

    1. Come on Kevin, Leave these “protestors” alone. They are so stupid that they do not realize that they couldn’t do more to get Trump re-elected if they tried. People know that you do not speak out against a mob of idiots like this or they will be followed and their property vandalized or worse. So most people who are law-abiding citizens are watching all this and not doing anything about it until November 4th. Then the sky-screamers will be at it again as they won’t understand that not everyone thinks as they do and Trump gets a second term. So please keep it up “protestors”. Trump appreciates all the extra votes you are delivering for him.

          1. It’s a proven fact illegal immigrants are a drain on the economy. You really should educate yourself on the topic before embarrassing yourself with your typical shoot from the hip replies.

            1. Mr. Petz. You are quite wrong. Perhaps a bit of research would indicate your lack of understanding. Immigrants are not a drain, quite the opposite.
              Your racist comment is a sign of ignorance.

              1. How can illegals not be a drain on the economy?
                They don’t pay taxes in Oregon. If they are illegal they do not have an Itin number. If they aren’t paying taxes and are driving or using social services like OHP, then they are a drain.

      1. Fresh Moron,
        About 250 protesters there not even a quarter of 1% of the Bend population. Sounds like the Portlanders, liberal Californians and the rest of the malcontents need to go home.

  1. big goings on in podunk bend ore
    guess id better make sure my green card comes out of the safe deposit box and is on my person
    feds want nothing better than spread covid on the immigrants
    put em in cages what is social distancing
    immigrants arent human after all right?
    one week and i get back to real democracy
    oh canada
    thanks for the memories bend i will miss you

    1. well technically that are not immigrants. An immigrant comes through the port of entry and goes through the process most likely just the way you did.

        1. Do you want to prove your point by showing the immigration centers for that time frame? Until then, no argument based on facts, just emotions.

                1. No I personally wouldn’t call them stupid, but, hindsight considered, I’ll bet they wish they would have done things differently. I wish the Europeans had too approached with a focus of cooperation instead of bigotry and greed.

        1. so since European countries invaded America and took it through warfare you somehow think Americans today should just allow foreigners to invade America now? what stupid and ridiculous logic

    2. So you’re Canadian?? Please leave and have a beer on me eh. Do you have any idea how long an illegal immigrant would last in Canada?? If I slipped over the border and got caught they’d have my ass on the first bus to the US. I sure liked Oregon pre Floyd.

    3. Immigrants are human… after all, this country is built on the sweat and blood of immigrants,
      ILLEGALS are just that, people who have broken the law. ILLEGALS. For them, deportation awaits. If they want to come in LEGALLY… or go thru the process of ASYLUM… then do that. But to jump over the boarder and immediately break the law… which is what most can’t *$#@@%* figure out, is ILLEGAL and they will be deported… unless of course the progressives take over… then we are done as a country

      1. We’re done as a country with the current administration continues for another 4 long years; then we’ll be done as a country. Just look at how many huge tax paying citizens are leaving the US in search of a better country and better government; New Zealand for example.

    4. In 1995- Canada’s population was about 30 million- by 2016 it had grown to 36 million- a pathetic 6 million in 20 years !

      In that same amount of time- the US went from 266 million to 323 million- a difference of 56 million… which begs the question- if Canada is such a global beacon of Democracy- why doesn’t anyone want to live there ?

      1. They have people begging to get in but Canada has sensible immigration law. With a few exceptions you have to prove a need and prove that you can be a productive member of society. And then the gov actually checks on you and you’d better have act together.

    5. Of all the dumb statements on this site this is probably the most stupid. Mosey, don’t let the High Desert Door hit you on the way out. See ya!

  2. Serious, if you’re here illegally and you have been picked up by ICE, if you’re legit there is a path to stay here. If you’re not legit then you need to be deported back to wherever. Any organization without rules or boundaries will never survive this includes cities and countries.

    Good job blue, let the feds do their job and get out of here.

    1. Ha magas spent decades whining about federal secret police, but now that we have a kgb agent president they instantly pretend to love the secret police in true 1984 style, snowflake hypocrisy at its finest

    1. No doubt!!!! New Administration could not happen fast enough. As for local level Krantz has no business here…Portland did not want him for a reason.

  3. The “PeaceCreepers” are desperate to maintain their presence and influence in Central Oregon – meaning Bend.

    Where other organizations are creating programs, building bridges with collaborating partners, hosting educational events, and generally identifying their niches and becoming effective community partners, the “Peacecreepers” continue their antics.

    While they hawk their t-shirts and “Peacecreeper” gear hoping to make a few bucks on the side.

    They see boogie men (and women) in every vehicle with a government license plate and quickly text their “leader” with images and dire warnings that “the British are coming!”. Their FB page features “Fearless Leader” staring into his cell phone as he reels off the latest “injustices” and “offenses”, rallying the troops – most of which are internet troops and not actual “tennis shoes on the ground” – to the “Peacecreeper” cause.

    It is just as likely the buses are, in some manner, involved in providing transportation for personnel training at the nearby BIAK Training Center, owned and operated by the Oregon National Guard.

    For decades now this training site and center has been utilized by state and federal agencies to provide training for a wide variety of National Guard units as well as law enforcement and other agencies requiring its unique facilities and terrain.

    And yes, personnel and civilian contractors can and do stay in lodging in town.

    In any event you can’t fix Stupid and Stupid is what the “Peacecreepers” are showing themselves to excel at being.

          1. Too bad Trump’s construction buddies don’t know how to erect a wall that stands up to wind. We have technology that would be much more effective than the 700 BC tech Trump’s ego wall is based on.

          1. Having an immigration system that is so inept and broken that people actively TRYING to become legal immigrants are ignored and shunned resulting in our said faulty system declaring them illegal for no fault of their own.
            This country was founded by illegal immigrants. It is the land of opportunity. All are welcome. Unfortunately, that applies to you and your intolerant, ignorant friends, too.

        1. You vote democrat because you don’t know facts from fiction. You have no wisdom nor real life experiences. You are truly irrelevant! And you will never have relevance

    1. Lol biak has the secret starwars bunker from the 80s, and here we see secret buses carrying secret police to make secret arrests, youre right comrade there is a connection

  4. Sorry to see Bend going so far to the looney left.
    They want to defund police, want to make open borders, allow all kinds of lawless mayhem to inflict our land.. all in the pursuit of touchy feely I feel sorry for you type of feeling thing. Forget about most if not all of them were here “ILLEGALLY” in a land and govt. that was made up of laws and order. ILLEGALLY. Get it? ILLEGALLY. means… not legal.
    Next thing they will want Is all the criminals to be freed from the federal maximum security prisons… like El chapo.

    1. We’re done as a country with the current administration continues for another 4 long years; then we’ll be done as a country. Just look at how many huge tax paying citizens are leaving the US in search of a better country and better government; New Zealand for example.

  5. Excellent FB catch ref Mayor Russell’s clarification –

    Sally Russell, Mayor of Bend

    Regarding the news of ICE in town:

    “I understand people’s concerns, and I am grateful that our city, Bend, does not use funds, personnel, or equipment to enforce federal immigration laws or to detain people based on immigration status. I’ve been informed that both men being detained have committed crimes. This is not a sweep for undocumented immigrants.”

    That said – yet another unmitigated disruption of the community by the “PeaceCreepers” which can’t get out of its own way when it comes to getting it wrong. When ICE sends a team in to take down and arrest criminals who are not citizens, those criminals have most often committed violent crimes, drug crimes (illegal importation and sale), human trafficking crimes, and so on.

    What the “PeaceCreepers” may have done with their moronic demonstration is to have alerted those with federal warrants – with any unforeseen consequences that could have. Again, the old adage is correct. You cannot fix Stupid.

    1. Classic! I agree! Remember when these same sort of agitators were calling for boycotts on them for exercising their right to freedom of religion?

      It all fell apart once the agitators actually had a sandwich.

  6. The new police chief said he does not want to be judged on where he is from. Here is his chance. Show us (and the protesters) we will not stand for this crap here. By the way, he should not be advertising that the department does not enforce federal immigration laws as if it is a good thing.

    1. There’s others on the bus. They go north and pick them up along the way. Some will get dropped off at deportation centers and then the bus turns around and does it all over again going south

  7. Interesting Bend History, A few decades back when the local Forest Service used to grow seedlings at the Bend Pine Nursery there was an ICE raid there. It seemed to create a stir as workers went running for the hills to avoid the agents. The whole operation shut down as the place was largely staffed with the so called illegals. Cheaply paid Mexican labor was commonly used in many forest related industries. You have to give those laborers credit as far as hard workers goes. I am not sure how well it worked out for the locals however. They were basically phased out of the industry altogether. Bend, being a low wage service industry would suffer lower wages if the illegal workers started taking jobs from the locals. ICE has a function and a job to do IMO PS the last time in Canada i was told at the border that if they thought i might take even one job in Canada i would not be allowed in.

    1. Ever see the cone pickers all over the county? Take a look around the big pondo areas. Families of them, many camped out. All have cone picking permits….which is insane, because that means the feds are helping them out. If I try to get a forest products harvest permit….guess what? If I try to get a Matsutake permit….guess what?

      1. “stopped one of the men going to work and the other coming home from work”

        These guys have outstanding warrants- so who employed them and why wasn’t a proper back-ground check done ???

        How many more of these criminals are “hiding” here within Bend Oregon- and it does the community a great disservice by not identifying their employer… where’s OSHA ?

        1. The big thing is not that the employers didn’t run a proper background check… but the fact that these snowflakes wanted them to be set free… do other crimes to other people, and think that’s the way it should be

      2. Wrong, detention is an act of violence. If I surround your car with a group of thugs to get what I want (in the name of protest), would that be okay?

      3. You mean like the physical violence going on in Portland for 70 days and counting! Liberals are going to be in for a big surprise when ordinary Americans are getting fed up with anarchists who hate our country! Please let them all move to a similar place like Venezuela

              1. Except with obummer….NOBODY was saying he’d be impeached and removed in the first year, NOBODY lied about RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA….except obama and his people. Try again, asshat

      4. You are correct. it is different & worse! For at least these 3 reasons.

        1. It puts the operator of the bus in a position of putting the lives of not only the person attempting to stop the bus in danger but also the lives of those on the Bus.

        2. This by definition is an act of violence. In this case, the person standing in front of the bus is the one committing an act of violence against her or himself.

        3. And of course the families of those impacted by this person’s actions can/will damage them both metally and in some cases physically for a lifetime.

          1. A crime like interfering with a lawful arrest or false imprisonment? As far as I know preventing such interference and ending imprisonment is not enforcing “federal immigration laws” or detaining “people based on immigration status.” Some things are black and white. This is one of them.

        1. They should have rounded up all the people that was in front of the bus… ie interfering with an execution of a federal warrant… and send them to a federal facility for holding. Maybe in Montana,

    1. Actually, when you purchase affordable groceries, you are probably supporting illegal labor. When you stay in a Hotel (including drumpf’s) or eat in a restaurant, you are probably supporting illegal labor. Watch “A Day Without a Mexican” to get the idea.
      This is not about illegal labor. This is about bringing criminals to justice. Just because they’re not white doesn’t make them above the law.

      1. If you idiots have an immigrant take your jobs, you deserve it. You’ve obviously squandered the opportunities afforded to you as a US citizen. If you’re so stupid and so lazy that someone without a dollar to their name, who has to hide from the law and doesn’t speak the language is able to be more successful than you? Well, sorry, that’s on you.

        1. Once again you blend “immigrants” into the mix with “illegal immigrants”… why is so difficult for you to keep them separated- do you consider all immigrants to be of the illegal kind- and you dare shout “racism” at others ?

          Yup- like stench on a cow pie- that’s on you !

  8. This is Central Oregon’s Peacefakers, a group taking a page out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook as they sow discord and chaos and play the role of instigators hell-bent on turning Bend into a little Portland. They are razy-making like petulant children stuck on playing the role of instigator until someone kicks back, and then the Peacefakers pretend to be the victims. Listen closely to remarks of Nutasha D. and Ms. Perez at the next Peacefakers screech fest. Luke and the Peacefaker “men” hang back and shoot video of passerby and their cars and license plates while unhinged, young, female millenials rage on.

  9. Central Oregon Instigators is more accurate.

    Bend becomes more like Portland every day, which is not a good thing.

    Hope the feds quit sending any federal dollars to Welcoming Cities/Sanctuary Cities.

  10. To anonymously report foreigners illegally working in the US (including foreigners on student visas who are working), you can send a letter to:

    1000 2nd Avenue Suite 2300
    Seattle, WA 98104

    Or anonymously report them to the tip line:

  11. What gives the protesters the right to be on the property in the first place? Are they guests at SpringHill Suites? Did the property owner give permission for their activities? If not, it seems they would be trespassing. They should have been ordered off the property and promptly arrested if they failed to comply. BPD should not simply be standing by and allowing this group to interfere with Federal agents who were there doing their jobs.

  12. We need a petition to make the Bend Police department enforce ICE arrests because not doing so is ridiculous. The new Bend Police higher up from Portland needs to change that….but he probably won’t because he is from Portland.

    1. Be great but his strings are pulled from the law breaking enabling mayor and city “officials .” Any damage be it to person or property by these illegal gatherings or interferences should be directly billed to these so called leaders.

  13. I set foot in Bend in 1969, grew up, went to school, attended college and got married. I much preferred Bend in the 70’s. This is the kinda of bullcrap that is causing many locals, not you newbys, to consider moving away. You are turning Bend into mini Portland. You clowns need a get freaking jobs..

  14. Somebody enlighten me. Who died and put this Luke Richter guy in charge? “If they’re going to take people from a sanctuary city, they need to have proper documentation of that. We have not seen any warrants for their arrest.” love it: WE HAVE NOT SEEN! hahaha is that the Royal We? Attention all federal agents. Do not attempt to arrest criminals until you have run it by Luke Richter. OMG! What has happened to this city?

    Until the warrants are presented, he said, the men should be released. You go, Luke!!!

    1. Be great but his strings are pulled from the law breaking enabling mayor and city “officials .” Any damage be it to person or property by these illegal gatherings or interferences should be directly billed to these so called leaders.

    1. That’s totally up to the people of Bend . . . You elect them and you get what you get! Bend is now a Democrat controlled city, in a Democrat controlled state. You don’t like that, get together and vote them out. Having said that, Good Luck, as Bend and the majority of Oregon seem to prefer the Democrats.

  15. “Until the warrants are presented, they should be released”

    Funny….they didn’t do that with the Bundys. They had no warrants whatsoever UNTIL 6 HOURS AFTER their arrest.

  16. The racist Repukes are in fill bloom and it stinks! Go hate with your moron friends at the trailer park and give it a rest already? You tools complain endlessly about how Oregon, Brown and how miserable Z21 is so leave? Don’t you ever get tired of being *******?

    1. Don’t you ever get tired of being an instigator and propagandist? You sure love being sympathetic to those committing crimes and anyone against stopping crime.

  17. These new pandemic social media social justice warrior rioters protesters are sitting looking at a screen waiting for anything to feel useful. They love to call anyone a naughtzee or a race-ist they don’t like or agree with with no evidence whatsoever. If they don’t like the way you look, dress or the car your driving or no reason at all. Then they put it on social media and have the little swarm show up as if every rumor and bit of misinformation is true. Dangerous this is for those who haven’t noticed. One gets on social media and call’s someone one of the above mentioned names and next thing you know you could have your house burned down or your car vandalized or be beaten by a mob all because of false information. This is the equivalent to group bullying, the same thing liberals say is so horrible in schools and social media is what they attempt to inflict on anyone who differs from them.

    1. Just a liberal thing? How about the “conservative” armed militia that took over the state house in Michigan and threatened to lynch the governor? And that was just about public health and wearing masks issues! I guess that was justifiable group bullying, protected by the Constitution, but those protesting something you don’t agree with are just liberal bully lawbreakers who don’t have the same rights.

      1. Yeah…liberal thing. Seen any right wingers burning buildings, shooting people, looting, beating cops, throwing rocks and bottles, paint and fireworks bombs, and everything else millenial?

  18. Finally finished reading through all this garbage… quite the little echo chamber you all are. I would hate to live in the scared/angry little world you all inhabit. Looking forward to Biden/Harris leading this country back to respectability and sanity. I’ve got $5 says Trump quits before the election and gets pardoned by Pence, there’s no way his ego could withstand the smack down he’s going to receive in November. #ByeDon #TrumpPrison2020

    1. 5 bucks? holy hell big spender, slow down!!! Sanity and respectability you say… mean like kamaltoe harris saying she sided with the woman biden raped? How about her prosecutor record? Don’t mind a little “respectable” tarnish, huh? You people also bet your other allowance money that trump would be out in the first year

        1. I would argue rose to the top via solid education, professional accomplishments, and hard work. Pretty much the opposite of Trump and I’ve been a Republican for 40+ years.
          And I’m underwhelmed by the posturing of DA Hummel and the non-performance of our new police chief regarding a mob interfering with legitimate law enforcement duties.

  19. I am impressed with the passion this issue generates. I scrolled threw the comments for several minutes to get to the end!

    I love my neighbors and fellow members of my community. I wouldn’t care to ask how or why soneobe chose the be a part of this community. Nor concern myself with how others support their families and households.

    A divisive administration has divided our society.
    I pray against the politicized violence that tomorrow may bring with agitprop federal distraction forces.

  20. Mr. Richter’s actions needs to become a federal investigation to include interferring with law enforcement officers having served legal warrants of arrest.

    This individual is a bad clown act as well as a riot waiting to happen. Hopefully DHS and the FBI are now stepping in.

    And DA Hummel is a complete disgrace. Pandering at its worst.

    1. Oh! Well of course! If ICE says they’re good, they must be! How about some articles from Tesla about the benefits of electric engines?! Or some articles from BP about how much better fossil fuels are for the environment? It’s pretty obvious that the word “educate” should not pass your lips.

      1. These protesters chanted “let them go”. That’s a good idea. Let illegal immigrants with a criminal tecord go back into the public. These people are so dumb it makes you wonder how they can even live.

  21. And I commented a couple days ago that in 25 years, Bend will be known as “Little Portland” . . . Looks like I was off by 24 years and 263 days. My Bad!

    1. Given the standard definitions of a “couple” and a “year”, you’re only off by 100. Thanks for illustrating your intelligence for us once again.

  22. Hummel is just another mealy mouthed liberal appeaser with no regard for the law. So grateful to the Federal agents who actually enforce the law. But don’t worry patriots, all this left wing jerkiness will fade after President Trump is re-elected. MAGA!!!

  23. Meanwhile, Deschutes County District John Hummel tweeted Wednesday night that he was on the scene of the standoff “and was impressed by the passion and empathy shown by our community.”

  24. “Central Oregon Peacekeepers President Luke Richter, who stood in front of the first bus to keep it from leaving, told NewsChannel 21, “If they’re going to take people from a sanctuary city, they need to have proper documentation of that. We have not seen any warrants for their arrest.”

    “Until the warrants are presented, he said, the men should be released.”
    Well Mr world revolves around you. I don’t think any Police Officer would show people on the street somebodys warrant. That has personal private information.

  25. This entire incident begs the question: How did these protesters know that these white unmarked buses were ICE, and how did they know they were here in the first place? Was it publicly advertised? Was Bend BLM notified of their arrival? It looks a bit suspicious to me. Kind of like the new police chief from Portland may have brought this on himself. Krantz stated that the police were there to protect free speech and not there to assist ICE. Krantz knew the protesters were going to be there> How did Krantz know that? Welcome to the new Central Oregon version of Portland folks.

  26. WTH was John Hummel even doing there? Even worse, he then cheer leads about how wonderful folks are as they trespass and block federal law enforcement from performing legal, federal duties.

  27. This was handled POORLY by the new Bend Police Chief and the Bend Police Department. I am so DONE with these stupid ass protestors, the Mayor of Bend, the City Council of Bend. As a 50 year resident, you stupid asses have destroyed our precious Bend, turning it into a small version of Portland. I detest you protestors and clowns responsible for this. Go back to Cali and Washington where you came from. Can we go back in time to 1970??

  28. Guess I have to ask… Since Bend is now a Sanctuary City, secretly pushed thru under the table without letting anyone know, will I be needing special permission to have my pest control company come out and treat my property? I don’t want to upset any of the newcomer snowflakes in Bendland and start a riot.
    BTW Looters have it easy today. It was a lot harder to run with a color TV set in 1968

      1. “Bend has been recognized as a Welcoming City, to support and celebrate its immigrant and refugee members of the community”
        That would be legal immigrants and refugees? Immigrants and refugees are located everywhere in the USA
        Thats not what sanctuary cities are these days. They are havens for illegals and undocumented.

    1. “I want violent criminals – especially those not legally in the US – removed from our community.” Funny how the vast majority of deportations are people who have no criminal record other than entering the US illegally, nothing more serious criminally than jaywalking, a misdemeanor. We don’t know what crimes these two allegedly did. But at least one of them has been a member of the community for 14 years, and both held jobs. Sorry, but they don’t sound like they fit the mold of violent career criminals, and our community just might be diminished by their absence.

  29. These protesters have no right to interfere with ICE agents enforcing existing immigration law. Their actions themselves are a violation of the law and they should be prosecuted. If this is not done that is a golden invitation to conduct more illegal violations in the future. The Mayor of Bend and the city council should not Pander to these protesters. Unless the residents of Bend vote for a city council that will enforce the law then Bend is in serious jeopardy of turning into Portland and that is not a good thing.

  30. So when Luke Richter is getting a ride to the protest by his mommy and I block mommy from driving forward as it will be my protest Luke will be ok with this? And Bend PD will take no action only to observe and make sure it will be peaceful. And Hummel hearing that he has a chance to be on TV will be there in a New York minute making his speech and again showing who is truly is…….. The only question I really have is how does Luke get time off from work to be able to show up at the incidents?

  31. Free bus tickets for all you freaks! You probably couldn’t afford one anyway…..

    PDX is probably welcoming you.
    Thank you ICE for protecting this community. Please come again.

  32. I am thankful for law enforcement and all those that put themselves in harms way on our behalf. It would be a very sad day for many to have to stand toe to toe against lawlessness. If you want to protest take it to the place that it matters. Go to the Mayors House, the City Councils house, the Chief of Police’s House, and protest all you want. You are not going to change anyone’s mind by acting like a horses rear, and cursing over a loud speaker.
    Interfering with LEO’s is not going to stop them from doing their job, and interrupting some of our favorite restaurants from recovering from near financial disaster is unkind.
    If you want to live in Bend act like you belong here! Drop the SoCal, (NO LOWCAL be Local, bumper sticker coming soon), Portland or Seattle attitude and start acting like a LOCAL. Bend does not need to elect nor support a Southern California or the like policies or attitudes. Obviously people migrated here for a reason and it was not to repeat bad San Diego and North decisions!

  33. Biden hates police and law and order? Yeah, right. That’s why he chose a tough former prosecutor as a running mate. MAGA folks support the rule of law and LEOs? Trump is focused on destroying the biggest LE agency in the country because they had the nerve to investigate him and because they consider Putin an enemy, not somebody to believe or defend like Trump does.

  34. For a guy with no apparent job…other than perhaps selling “PeaceKeeper” gear…

    And from Nebraska and Arizona…

    With no apparent assets than perhaps his cell phone and car…

    And at best a high school education or perhaps GED…

    With self-disclosed direct ties to the riots in Portland and the Central Oregon Democratic Socialists of America…

    And who likes to describe himself as “scarier than the police” as an earlier article on the event last night offered he did with his bullhorn earlier during the ICE BUS STOP AFFAIR…

    Mr. Luke Richter must be loving all the attention, disruption, and turmoil he is trying so desperately to be at the center of these days…

    Welcome to Portland, Bend.

    Just say’in.

  35. Allegedly these men were convicted on domestic violence charges. Why in the world would protesters protect these people. Absolutely disgusting and utterly disrespectful to the woman who were abused. They should be ashamed.

  36. No Justice, No Peace…..Welcoming City…….Let them go???? Ok, I am not sure what authority Luke thinks he has in questioning federal law enforcement on wanting to see warrants. If there is some constitutional authority that I am missing ok great….I get it. However, these people could be pedophiles for all any of us know and people are using such words as I have written above. That’s disgusting to think Bend is welcoming to possible pedophiles, rapist, traffickers, fill in the blank. You and I break the law & no one is crying when we are separated from our families. No, people say that’s Justice for your actions and right fully so but when its an immigrant who is here illegally, people suddenly have this pity story that trumps the crime. I never thought I’d see the day where people in this country rampage through the streets to protect criminals. Its gross! And to say you knew them and they were kind people….cry me a river. Some people said the same thing on Epstein. Many of us could have a rapist next door and they may treat you with kindness and respect all while they commit heinous crimes. Oh and Hummel is a turd! Glad to know the DA is beginning to show his true colors. Disgusted with a government that prosecutes criminals…guess I know where he will stand when people begin looting, raping and pillaging the city of Bend. The left just blows me away….they hate ICE and yet they side with Marxist groups such as Antifa and BLM. So you hate government law enforcement agencies and yet love Marxism???? I figured if you love Marxism then you appreciate ICE hanging out in your living room asking what your up to all day. I mean you leftist seem to be ok with secret tattle tail police roaming the streets rating on people for not abiding by your mask laws. In one instance you want justice for someone breaking your Marxist governor’s mask aw but cry foul when a federal law enforcement arrest a possible pedophile…..that makes a lot of sense.

  37. Did anyone even read that “The two individuals arrested each had a history of criminal violent behavior”?? Why would you all want Violent Criminals (immigrants or no immigrants) on Our Streets??

  38. We need details about the warrants for “violent crimes” committed by these two before jumping to conclusions. One lived locally for 14 years and no specifics about any local LE issues, and both had jobs, paying taxes and contributing to the economy. If these protesters knew these two personally and knew them to be nonviolent, good community members, perhaps the protest was justified. Trump promised to deport violent criminals, but I know of folks who were deported for things like jaywalking or traffic tickets or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, even veterans of our military. They serve our country, promising to sacrifice their lives for us, and then we kick them out, some to a country they no longer have any ties to. What a show of love and gratitude by our people for vets. But they’re brown and weren’t born here, so who cares, right?

    1. Oh please do tell and be specific. I would love to see an article quoting facts about people being deported for jaywalker. If that is true should be easy to find for you.

        1. I’ve mentioned before but,
          I will expat in a few years ( maybe sooner with all this lunacy going on ) to Brazil.
          I had to gather all kinds of documents from every state I lived in, worked in. Long form birth certificate, marriage licenses divorce papers, referrals, passports, visas, even had to have a statement notorized that I was single since there isn’t any documentation for anyone here that would say that. I had to get all those documents apostilled in the same state where they came from. Then all those documents had to be translated to Portuguese. Then I had to go to the country with a legal passport and visa and be interviewed and have those documents examined. 30 day process. Blah Blah… the end statement is this… I am doing all of this the legal way. And unless I go for duel citizenship, I am only a documented immigrant. IF I get myself into any trouble there, those legal papers get revoked and I am sent back to the US. This is the Law…. I understand it…. and I think its only right that they would take my papers away. UNLESS I was a citizen. Then I wouldn’t be deported.

    2. This is the way you put spins on things to eliminate the word ILLEGAL and UNDOCUMENTED
      If they are serving in the US Military, I guarantee you that they have at least proper documentation, even if they are from the Obama DACA program. A non-citizen must meet certain requirements to be eligible to join the military. The must have an Alien Registration Receipt Card (stamped I-94 or I-551 Green card/INS Form 1-551) as well as a bona fide residence established with an established a record of the U.S. as their home.

        1. This person was a legal documented immigrant which could legally serve in the military, He wasn’t an illegal immagant,
          ICE was following the law. They are documented immigrants, When this person broke the law, ICE had to deport him just like they would do any other legally documented immigrant. You can lose your documents / green card for any illegal activty
          Documented isn’t US Citizen. Now, I will agree that if any documented immigrant serves in the US military, the US should give that person a citizenship. Until that can happen, we still are a land lf Laws. ICE was following the law.
          Don’t like the Law? do something to change it.

    3. 1st misdemeanor 2nd felony, if they are illegals they pay no taxes and if ICE picked them up they had been convicted of a crime and had removal order against them.
      You cannot pick and chose which laws you want to enforce!

    4. I’m curious about your comment about them serving our country and then getting kicked out. When I watched 4 young men graduate boot camp (they were all from different countries), they also were granted US citizenship…

  39. Great lol… here we go… Trump and Biden wont help this situation.. nor will ANY other politician for that matter…we need to ditch this BS 2-party system for good and start over….

  40. Yeah its weird. I served and many I served with came from somewhere else. They ended up getting married and joining the Military. What came first I don’t recall but most became US citizens so these stories I do find interesting. Hey…..I think I’d rather live in Ensenada right now then here. Gheez….we keep acting like America is so great but I think some of our cities are more run down then Tijuana currently is. Almost doing them a favor by not throwing them in prison but releasing them into Mexico. What I did find interesting is these articles didn’t really come to the lime light until Trump took office but NPR reports these began in 2013. So….they are basically politicizing such stories during Trump’s admin all while they started under someone else’s….won’t mention names 🙂 #walkaway.

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