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Bend Police Chief Krantz issues statement on PD actions during ICE protest

Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz news conference 812
City of Bend
Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz gives statement on protest, answers reporter questions at Wednesday evening news conference

(Update: New, full statement from police chief)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – New Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz issued a detailed statement Thursday afternoon regarding his and his department's actions during Wednesday's ICE buses protest, saying state law largely dictated what they could -- and could not -- do.

Here's his statement, in full:

First and foremost, I know that the events that occurred yesterday in our community were traumatic, and I want everyone to know that I feel and I have heard the pain this has caused for many members in our community and especially to the families who had their loved ones taken away. 

I want to express my gratitude to the Bend community for providing an example to the rest of our communities and our nation of what a peaceful First Amendment event looks like.  The right to express yourself through peaceful expressions of free speech is a tantamount right of our United States and Oregon Constitutions. 

Last night’s event at the 500 block of SW Industrial Way was an example of our community organizing and managing an event that remained overall peaceful. We observed numerous examples of community members that could have changed the overall tone of the event. However, our own community members worked to keep the event peaceful. Thank you.

We also understand that some community members do not feel safe from federal authorities. There is a tension between our role in maintaining safety and the fact that federal authorities are allowed to operate in Bend. While we cannot prevent federal authorities from operating, we are focused on doing whatever we can to keep our community safe.

We know many people have unanswered questions about what happened yesterday. Responses specific to the Bend Police Department,  are detailed below.

The Bend Police Department received a notification to the dispatch center in the early morning hours of August 11, 2020, from a Department of Homeland Security agent that they were in an area of Bend conducting an investigation.  The details of this investigation were not specific to us, and there is no obligation or requirement that the federal investigators share this information with us.  It is common for federal agencies to notify local agencies when they are in the area conducting investigations, however there is not typically detailed information released regarding those investigations. 

Later in the day, we received a call for service of a suspicious circumstance of a vehicle parked in a neighborhood.  Bend Police responded. Upon contact, we determined that the vehicle was occupied by a federal investigator, at which point we left the scene.  The vehicle was not one of the buses in yesterday’s event. No other information was learned from this contact.

In the early morning hours of August 12, 2020, we received a notification to the dispatch center that federal agents from the Department of Homeland Security were in Bend conducting an investigation.  No additional details were provided to us, which is standard for federal investigators, as they have no obligation to notify or work with local departments.

On August 12, 2020, in the early afternoon at about 1:07 pm, the Bend Police Department received a call for service in the rear parking lot of a hotel at the 500 block of SW Industrial Way.  We learned federal agents were trying to move buses and were being blocked by 25-30 people, and that three federal agents were armed.  Based on this information, Bend Police Officers responded to the area.  Because of the unknown overall nature of this call, we sent resources from patrol and any other available officers.  At that time, Bend Police Department had several members actively participating in a training exercise for their assignment to the Central Oregon Emergency Response Team (CERT) who responded to the scene as well.  The Bend Police Department had both uniform patrol officers and officers assigned to the CERT team on scene at this point. Some were dressed in normal uniforms and some were in their gear they were training in, the gear that was available to them.  These are what are community members identify as SWAT teams.

I arrived on scene very quickly with several other members of the Bend Police Department command staff. We quickly assessed the situation and learned that this was a first amendment event. Members of our community were blocking the path of two DHS transport buses that contained DHS agents, federal contractor employees and two people who were in their custody.  We learned that these were agents from the immigration office of DHS and that they had two detainees on board the buses.  We also learned the overall event appeared to be peaceful and that all of our resources on scene were not necessary.  We took quick action to pull our officers out of the area and just to maintain a visible presence to provide for life safety and community safety.  I also immediately found resources to replace the officers that arrived on scene from CERT training in green uniforms. 

I realize the visible presence of officers on scene of a peaceful event in this specialized gear – typically used for response to an active threat situation - caused a lot of fear and anxiety in our community. I am sorry to our community for increasing this anxiety.  I realized this immediately, and did pull these officers out of the area as soon as possible in an effort to deescalate any anxiety or fear that this may have caused.

Then, Wednesday afternoon, I began reaching out to multiple federal executives in an effort to get information about what specifically was occurring and the specifics of the people in custody on the bus.  I was told that the agents were assigned to the enforcement and operation unit in DHS and they had two people in custody for immigration warrants with underlying criminal charges.  I assessed the situation and did not find any reasons to believe we needed to act quickly for any life safety issues.  This gave us the ability to continue to set up our response and gather additional information.  Ultimately we learned that the two people being detained were in custody for an administrative detention and removal warrant. DHS refused to provide additional information of who the detained people were or if there were any additional criminal charges.  

Once this information was gathered,  I applied Oregon Revised Statute 181A.820, specifically section 1 to this event.

The state law reads, No law enforcement agency of the State of Oregon or of any political subdivision of the state shall use agency moneys, equipment or personnel for the purpose of detecting or apprehending persons whose only violation of law is that they are persons of foreign citizenship present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws. 

When Bend became Welcoming City in 2017 we reaffirmed our alignment with state law and Bend Police Departmental policy reflects these same values. We do not assist federal authorities on matters that only involved immigration issues, and we did not assist federal authorities yesterday.

After evaluating the information available, I gave directions to maintain a small group of officers at the scene and to be visible, protect life safety issues and to provide a safe space for expression of speech.  The objectives I set for our members were to;

  1.  Maintain uniform presence on scene for public safety/life safety response.
  2. Allow for expression of free speech.
  3. Maintain lines of communication between police department and any members of the community groups that wish to communicate.
  4. Maintain a friendly and accessible demeanor.

I continued to have contact with DHS executives and I advised them that Bend PD was maintaining a presence for safety only, and that we would not assist them in any of their detention efforts, including removing persons in custody from their bus and moving them to another transport vehicle.  I spent the afternoon and night interacting with federal officials, Mayor Sally Russell, City Council members in Bend, City Manager Eric King, the City Attorney’s Office, partner agencies, and community members working to deescalate the event and come to a safe outcome for all community members.

Ultimately, the DHS made the decision that if we were unable to assist them, they would be required to dispatch one of their teams to remove their personnel, employees and person in custody off their buses.  I advised them that I would share this information and let our community know that the federal agents would be arriving to remove the people off the transport buses.  I advised federal officials that the people that who were present were peaceful, expressing their free speech.  I also told them that there were many families with children in the groups and this was an overall peaceful event with no aggressive activities currently.  I did acknowledge that at the very beginning of the event, a person was involved in attempting to flatten tires on one of the buses.  This action stopped quickly and that person left the area. 

I decided Bend Police would maintain our visual presence for overall life safety of all of our community and that if federal agents arrived we would not be assisting in their efforts of removal and detention.    

From this time on, until the federal agents arrived on scene, the Bend Police Department stayed on scene, at a distance, for safety to our community.

Myself, Mayor Russell, City Manager Eric King, District Attorney John Hummel and other City officials went directly to the event and I spoke with our community and thanked them for keeping this peaceful.  I offered information to our community that federal agents would be arriving on scene soon and that they would be removing people off of the buses.  I asked our community members and organizers to help keep the event peaceful.  These community members were essential partners.

Once the federal agents arrived on scene, Bend PD members, moved away further from the event to ensure we were not assisting or perceived to be involved in the federal actions.  I am aware that the federal agents removed the people off the buses.  I have had no communications with them since then regarding their actions, and I have no information as to what specifically they did to accomplish removing people off of the buses.  Once they removed people, the agents left and community members began to leave the area. 

Bend PD continued to monitor the event and the remained with an increased presence in the Old Mill area to ensure overall community safety.  Later in the evening, we were made aware that federal agents had returned and removed the buses that were in the parking lot.  The Bend Police Department did not assist in the removal of the buses and did not have any advance information that the buses would be removed.   

Today, I spent time with members of our community affected by this event and began to hear about their experience from yesterday. I will continue to build on the relationships with partners in our community. I stand with you, and share your interest in finding solutions.

Earlier story:

In just his third day on the job, new Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz was facing the first public test of his tenure, as hundreds of protesters surrounded two federal immigration buses and said they wouldn’t leave until two men detained on them are released or a warrant with charges is made available.

In a livestreamed statement and news conference Wednesday evening, Krantz, a former Portland assistant chief who was just sworn in on Monday, said Bend police were made aware Tuesday and Wednesday that ICE agents were in the city, conducting an investigation, but “were not made aware of detailed plans.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Krantz said, Bend police received a call from a federal agent, informing them that community members were blocking a bus carrying two people in custody. They arrived on scene shortly after 1 p.m.

“The Bend Police Department are not involved with their (ICE) operations,” Krantz said. Following state law and Bend Police policy, he said, city officers do not enforce federal immigration law or detain people based on their immigration status.

Krantz said officers were only on scene to “allow for free speech, and for a peaceful area for our community to assemble, and to provide life-safety support.”

“Bend Police are currently on site to protect the safety of the community and are not there assisting the role of ICE,” Krantz said.

Asked why some officers showed up in camouflage and with what protesters said appeared to be tear gas, Krantz explained that some officers had been involved in scheduled SWAT training and they were sent to the scene initially, before the situation was clear, to support patrol officers on duty.

As soon as they determined what was actually occurring, Krantz said, those officers left the scene. “We recognize it could have instilled fear among community members” of what was taking place, he said, adding that they were quickly “replaced with regular patrol officers.”

Asked if there’s a plan going forward, Krantz said police will remain on scene “for the safety of the community” and that he did not have any specifics for what the federal agents plan to do.

“We hope for a completely peaceful resolution, and for our community to have their First Amendment rights safely expressed,” he said.

Asked about possible criminal trespass charges, Krantz noted that the area of the protest is private property, and the property owners “ultimately” don’t want the protesters to remain on scene.

“We are not, at this time, ready to take criminal action, arrest action, balancing the level of the (alleged) crime against the opportunity for residents to speak,” he said. “There may be some low-level crime occurring, but we have to balance the rights of the community.”

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    1. So you think the city police should break state and local law just to placate the feds? Sorry you just lost your conservative card 😜 (if you ever had one)… finicum is laughing at your childish hypocrisy from the grave along with every other american hero you spit on comrade snowflake

        1. To whom? They do not need to show protesters anything. That is ridiculous. I would however like to know after the fact the criminal activity the men were involved in. I have no problem with them taking criminals off the street, but communication after the fact (not during) will help their cause.

        2. Hey Herr. Federal law states they do not need warrants to detain individuals. Just like if a police officer suspects you of a crime he does not need a warrant to detain you. Please understand the law before you make up nonsense.

          1. Heard one account that there was in fact active warrants signed by a Federal Magistrate, therefore anyone involved in preventing the lawful action of the ICE Agents are in fact committing criminal acts. Local law enforcement failed to uphold their duties if this is true.

    2. I think the Chief handled this wisely. Cops(city, county, state, fed) are like a family and are always willing to help each other. The sad part is when politicians pass ridiculous laws to pit one family member against the other. Only bad things can happen from that sort of thinking.

    3. Strike three as far as I’m concerned. The maggot protesters were impeding the duties of federal officers. If Krantz won’t come to the aid of a fellow law enforcement official performing their legal duties he must resign or be fired. What law enforcement officer would work for a cretin like Krantz who folded to 250 protesters approximately 1/4th of 1% of the population of Bend?

    1. He was probably thinking he could get away from the mob in Portland if he moved across the mountains. Sadly, the cancer is spreading. Fortunately, the feds won’t take any crap if someone tries to stop them from doing their job. And I don’t think the Bend PD will take any crap either if someone tries to stop them from doing their job. Arresting criminal illegals isn’t really the job of the Bend PD, unless the crimes were committed in their jurisdiction.

  1. I wonder what would happen, if under the “peaceful protest” banner, people would stand in front of a Bend city cop car and block it from moving? They are intimidating people by their very presence on the street.

      1. I read the article perfectly well, thank you. I diverted from the parking lot – private property – and went to a public street for my question. Unless you are claiming the First Amendment only applies to impede Federal officers when it fits the liberal agenda?

    1. One persons low level crime is another persons boston tea party, king george called them criminals but now they are our founding fathers, its not as confusing as you pretend comrade

      1. THERE you go again. You used this same excuse while supporting the murders of innocent people by your beloved antifa and BLM goons. Those killed by your buddies are just the new “Boston tea party” participants.

  2. Hey Krantz, this isn’t Portland. The majority of people in Bend want you to assist ICE, even legal immigrants want you to. There is only a small vocal minority that don’t want you to.

      1. riiiiiiiight……because your kind proved your point so many times, huh? Guess how many times in recent days people like you have been absent from the comment boards? Gee….why would that be?

          1. “unitelligible”?????

            WOW. hysterical actually.

            mocking someone you don’t feel is intelligent by using a non-word like, “unitelligible”.

            way to make the opposite point you wanted to make.

      2. Never Trumper, I agree 100%. I can’t believe the BCC would hire this reject from Portland. I’m sure he was fired or forced to ‘resign’. Not even on the job for 2 weeks and he’s starting his bullying. Soon, our other officers will become his zombies. He was a piece of crap in Portland, they got rid of him, and now he’s a piece of crap here. What a shame for our peaceful city. Better start a fund for the bodycams now.

    1. Wrong! Our local police are paid to protect and serve local citizens. The Feds get enough of my tax dollars. I don’t want ICE here either. I am so proud of those that turned out.

  3. Frantz can turn this all around by upholding ALL of Bend citizens’ right to free speech— not just the Peacefakers crowd who tenaciously latch onto private property as they exercise free speech and also interfere with the work of federal agents; now Frantz can also pay close attention to everyday, LAW-ABIDING Bend citizens when they publicly address their concerns for the community and encourage Krantz to instruct all BPD officers to do the same.

    1. Sadly, I am not surprised by the BCC in hiring Krantz, look at the individuals on the council. The surprising issue here, is how and why a paid public servant as Hummel, is allowed to not do his job, the sad part is that he was voted in to not do his job. Which speaks volumes about the kind of individuals who live and vote here in Bend, and for that matter the entire state, case in point, Brown, our Governor.

    1. Your Face, Did you expect anything else from a reject from Portland? It’s pretty bad when Portland dumps you. I wonder how many applications he filled out before Bend? It seems we are always picking through the bottom of the barrel. We need bodycams NOW!

      1. As soon as he was announced and said don’t take me for where I come from I said, ohhhh here we go. So the answer is no, lol. He isn’t going to help CO at all, he’s just going to be a POS with his political views and strong arm tactics.

  4. Wonder what it is like for a Bend cop to watch “low level crime occuring” and not be permitted to do your job?

    Or a citizen paying taxes in Bend for satisfactory law enforcement?

    1. “their is no need for a chief”?

      THERE is a need for an EDUCATION!

      Nice. the uneducated are ignorant. if you can’t get the basics correct, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  5. Chief Krantz, you have already embarrassed us. The fact that BPD showed up and did nothing to help another law enforcement agency is unacceptable. You let your officers stand by and watch while a crowd of protesters was allowed to interfere with Federal agents who were doing their jobs. If city and state “sanctuary” laws truly prohibited BPD from being able to do anything you should have apologized for this fact instead of acting like it is the right thing. I hear Seattle is looking for a new police chief – please consider.

    1. Correct. He actually instigated more agitation and violence by his statements. It was like a warning – The Feds are coming!! The Feds are coming!!

      He also sounded quite incompetent and insecure in his bullhorn speech.

      Who the heck did our city hire? WOW! My 12 year old could have calmed the masses so much more effectively.


  6. So just to clarify, chief…if I get some black clad masked people and protest on the mayor’s lawn or in barb Campbell driveway, you won’t immediately arrest me? Equal protection and all that, right? From above: Asked about possible criminal trespass charges, Krantz noted that the area of the protest is private property, and the property owners “ultimately” don’t want the protesters to remain on scene.

  7. So protecting the rioters, is now interpreted as protecting free speech? Another liberal deciding which laws are to be enforced and when? I can’t wait until President Trump is re-elected and all this nonsense dissapears.

  8. If ICE took people into custody, those people 1. were illegally live here 2. had a criminal record and had removal order against them. Just because a few idiots gather and block the path of a vehicle it does not make it ok.
    I hope all you illegal lovers will be fine when one of them hits your car and has no insurance or DL, steals your identify and racks up a bunch of credit card charges and fraudulently borrow money under your name.

    1. Lassie, When are the miles and miles of caravans, filled with rapists and murderers arriving in Bend?…oops…they NEVER arrived anywhere. I’ve got a great idea…let’s build a wall around Bend, and have Mexico pay for it. “Who’s going to pay for the wall?”…MEXICO!…oops…Mexico said ‘the check’s in the mail’. Who’s going to drink, or inject themselves with a disinfectant?…not me. Please add a LINK where illegals have hit a car, without insurance. Or, an illegal has stolen someone’s ID, stolen their identity and charged a bunch of anything, and took out loans in your name? I’ve lived here most of my life, and I’ve never heard of that happening in Bend. So, please post the news story on that conspiracy theory. You’d be best to stay locked in your house than to venture out in the extremely dangerous, city of Bend. Seriously. I’m positive an illegal has been stalking you, so watch your back.

  9. Former law enforcement from anti law enforcement part of oregon and people in Bend are surprised? Some very ignorant or plain stupid people in the city of Bend hiring process, I believe the latter.

  10. The Bend police chief is a probationary employee like any other new hire, send him packing. Less than a month in his position and what a disappointment.

  11. Meanwhile Hummel made the national news and some people in Washington have suggested he resign immediately for failing to do his job. Why was he there again? Tell me please! What is our DA doing supporting irritating pond scum? Sanctuary at Hummel’s house!

    1. According to the Chief of Police, Trespassing will not result in arrest in Bend. So, if we Protest at Hummel’s house, or Mayor’s house or Barb Campbell’s house, we should not be arrested as long as we are peaceful. I wonder what they’d think if 50 of us showed up with megaphones.

  12. Great. So Bend really is not Portland East. Now that the new chief declared he will not enforce the laws watch out downtown. There’s going to be a lot of bread taking and justice looting.

  13. What makes no sense, if they did everything right and weren’t involved, is why they cut their radio feed on broadcastify throughout the entire duration of the event? So much for true public transparency. It seems they want to keep what really happened a secret.

  14. So. Has anyone come up with the answer to “Who informed the protesters that these buses were here”? I doubt that ICE made a public announcement of their own arrival. It was either Krantz or Hummel. Maybe both. The protesters did not come by this knowledge by osmosis. Someone leaked the information. WHO WAS IT? I’m going with the newcomer (outsider)!

  15. I admit to being very skeptical of police in almost any circumstance, but I really have to give this new police chief credit for appearing to have restraint, for which I am so thankful and grateful for, and respect for the rights of citizens in our city, which frankly shocks me. A police force should be a source of protection in service of our community, not a band of brothers striving to intimidate an enemy city into compliance. We ask for guardians, not warriors. The leadership of any police force seems to serve as it’s moral compass, and Chief Krantz seems to know north from south. I am not ‘won over’, but after seeing how this man handled this stressful situation without overreacting I am cautiously optimistic that our fine city is now on a path to a more just legal system. Well done to everyone involved. Except the above commenters, what a bunch of boot lickers.

  16. Bend became a welcoming city in 2017. Welcoming who?? Illegals? And what has Bend become since 2017, Seattle, San Francisco, and the ideals and quality of life that our so prevalent in those cities.
    It’s not enough that Portland is a national embarrassment, but now Bend, in its willingness to have complete disregard for federal law, and for the BCC to let Hummel be the spokesman for Bend. To have Oregon in my taillights, will not happen soon enough. The sad part, Bend was once a great small town.
    Im sure the liberal millenials will chime in here, I would expect nothing less from a generation with no contribution to or for anything that doesn’t benefit their self evoked entitlement mentality.

    1. I was glad to see some pastors out there as well. Church leadership too often stays on the sidelines when social injustice occurs in our neighborhoods. Well done.

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