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Old Bend neighborhood parking may soon be limited to residents, guests

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- For some time, many residents in the Old Bend neighborhood south of downtown have reported issues with crowding and being unable to park by their homes. But that could change soon.

The city is proposing action that could mean closing parking in the area to the public, and only allowing residents, their guests and those staying in rental properties to park in the area.

The new system would mean resident would be eligible to purchase a $30-a-year parking pass, as well as a visitor parking pass. Construction crews and those renting houses in the area could buy the passes as well.

Revenue generated from the parking passes would go toward upgrading the neighborhood, with residents deciding where the money would be allocated, as well as some going into a reserve account.

The pilot program would begin in October and run through the end of 2021, then continued permanently, if successful.

Bend City Councilor Chris Piper has been working closely with the effort.

"I'm excited about it," he said Thursday. "I'm excited any time there's an opportunity for our community members to get involved in the livability and safety of our community as we grow."

And neighbors appear to be on board with the idea.

In fact, a recent survey put out by the city and the Old Bend Neighborhood Association found that out of 250 residents so far, 70 percent are in favor of the new parking measures.

During a visit to the neighborhood Thursday, several residents said they support the proposal. Resident Nancy Doster said it's about more than just the congested parking.

"This week, there were people changing their clothes coming off the river and picking flowers," Doster said. "I think they think they are still at (Drake) Park."

Doster said of the ongoing visitor issue, "We have had them go to the bathroom in our yard, throwing their garbage around. We’ve offered to take their garbage, welcome them, and it hasn’t proven to be very sanitary to have them here."

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  1. “Revenue generated …… would go toward upgrading the neighborhood, ”

    Maybe they could build a wall around their neighborhood?

    Isn’t “Upgrading the neighborhood” fascist code for gentrifying? I.e. only upper class citizens.

      1. The regulations are really fussy about that angle, which is one example of over-regulation IMO. Cost ODOT a bunch of money when it’s along a state highway.

  2. It’s a public right of way. There should not be any restrictions or special permits. You live near downtown, there are plusses and minuses. Parking is a minus.

  3. I lived in old Town a while back, and this is long overdue. It can be tough enough finding parking amongst just the residents in some parts. Add the people coming to park their vehicles for the day, and you may be stuck parking several blocks from your home.

  4. This is fine with me. Just as soon as you can certify that no one in your neighborhood has a job that relies on the tourist industry. The city should also seriously curtail any public works in your neighborhood. Don’t want the tourists? Fine! Believe me, I understand. But, no touristy no touristy revenue for you.

  5. the only improvements the neighborhoods need is for residents to be able to get in/out their own homes. offering someone their space back for an annual fee sounds like a mob deal, how about a 1 time fee for some “dont do it stupid” signs.

  6. Rather than making it harder for visitors to find parking, maybe it would be better to build additional parking lots / facilities. Charge for parking is OK – just don’t make it impossible.

  7. The people who live in this area do not own the streets and should not have bought houses with no parking for their cars! We have just as much right to park there as they do! I’m sure they have no problem driving down to the river and parking in someone else’s neighborhood and crowding them out right?

  8. Cool, a new revenue stream for the city, that is ok we don’t know as much as they do about how to use our money. I would be soooo excited to be able to pay for the privilege of parking in front of my own house.

    Wait – wasn’t this just discussed a couple years ago when the new college was approved with not enough parking “because nobody would be parking in front of people’s homes”? The inconvenience was worth if though it it got a new revenue stream started.

  9. Again people just can’t follow rules Park in the direction of follow of traffic & stay off private property be respectful & follow the laws Some of the people are very very disrespectful Park in the right direction of flow of traffic & follow the LAW’S

  10. yea, you know the town of Bend is long-gone once things like this start happening> I rented a house on St Helens Pl 15 or so yers ago, there were never more than few cars parked on the store, now it’s solid cars on both sides with barley room for traffic to pass

        1. I haven’t seen any constructive comments come out of Neuro.
          Maybe he is sitting down in a basement board and just wants to do something but can’t figure out what.

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