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2 Portland-area sheriffs reject role in governor’s plan to curb Portland violence

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Portland police on Monday identified weekend shooting victim as Aaron Danielson, 39, of Portland

Police identify weekend shooting victim; president demands Guard call-up

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Sheriffs from two counties in the suburbs of Portland on Monday emphatically rejected a plan by Gov. Kate Brown for their deputies to help patrol the city following last weekend’s deadly shooting of a right-wing supporter of President Donald Trump.

Their decision threw into doubt a plan announced a day earlier by Brown to keep the peace in Portland by adding nearby sheriffs deputies and Oregon State Police troopers as the liberal city struggles to regain its footing in the glare of the national spotlight.

Brown, a Democrat, announced the security plan for Portland after the fatal shooting of Aaron Danielson, 39, on Saturday as Black Lives Matter protesters clashed with Trump supporters who drove in a caravan through the city. No one has been arrested in the case.

The rejection by the two sheriffs, elected as nonpartisans, increases uncertainty about Portland’s future just as Trump puts the chaos in Portland in his campaign crosshairs as part of his law and order re-election campaign theme.

Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts said inundating the city with more law enforcement would not work because Portland’s newly elected district attorney has dismissed charges against hundreds of protesters arrested for non-violent, low-level crimes.

Roberts and Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett also said the liability for their deputies would be too great amid worries deputies could be sued for actions they take outside their home jurisdictions.

“The same offenders are arrested night after night, only to be released by the court and not charged with a crime by the DA’s Office,” Roberts said. “The next night they are back at it, endangering the lives of law enforcement and the community all over again.”

Brown’s chief of staff, Charles Boyle, said Roberts did agree that deputies from Clackamas County could help by handling some calls normally taken by state police while its troopers are dispatched to Portland.

Trump has made Portland and its Democratic leadership a frequent target, and he demanded that local and state leaders call in the National Guard after Saturday’s fatal shooting.

“Portland is a mess, and it has been for many years. If this joke of a mayor doesn’t clean it up, we will go in and do it for them!” Trump tweeted Monday, a day after tweeting that the mayor was a “fool” and a “weak and pathetic Democrat mayor.”

Brown has so far declined to send the National Guard to Portland, but instead announced the planned coalition of law enforcement agencies late Sunday. In a statement, she said right-wing groups like Patriot Prayer had come to Portland “looking for a fight” and vowed to stop more bloodshed.

The Portland police also drew criticism Monday for not doing more to keep the dueling groups apart and for letting the situation get out of control.

Police Chief Chuck Lovell defended his officers, saying the clashes between protesters and Trump supporters were spread out over many city blocks and that the shooting took just seconds.

“While it’s easy to cast blame on paramilitary and alt-right groups on the one side, or anti-fascist and Black Lives Matter groups on the other, the responsibility to safeguard communities rests with government,” said Eric Ward, executive director of the nonprofit Western States Center, which helps marginalized communities organize social justice campaigns around the West.

“In Portland, law enforcement has regularly failed to keep our city’s streets safe.”

Oregon State Police troopers supported Portland police at protests Sunday night. Authorities arrested 29 people.

Danielson, the man who was killed, was a supporter of Patriot Prayer, a right-wing group based in Washington state that was founded in 2016. Since early 2017, its supporters have periodically come to Portland to hold rallies for Trump, ratcheting up tensions long before the national outrage over the police killing of George Floyd.

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  1. Kitty needs to swallow what’s left of her pride and ask for help from the National Guard or start charging criminals….tick tock kitty

    1. Huh, weve tried arresting them, weve tried detaining them without charges, weve tried not arresting them, weve tried marching with them as well as marching against them, the one thing we havent tried yet is listening to them

      1. Because their only message is dismantle, they don’t have any real ideas. “Defund Police”, that sounds like a good plan. I guess we could be protected(?) by local warlords like in Somalia or Lebanon.

  2. These Sheriffs are are correct. Kate Brown and Ted Wheeler have been fermenting lawlessness for months. They’ve been apologists for criminals to further their partisan politics. And now that their pets are openly murdering people in cold blood on the streets of Portland they want someone else to come to their aid – all without acknowledging their own duplicitous failures.

    No Kate Brown, you’re not getting out of this by deflecting blame and pointing fingers. You are responsible for the debacle Portland has become. You own it.

    1. Welllll that doesnt explain kenosha very well, dear sweet naive comrade snowflake, you are lucky you have your safe space away from the scary city to hide in

    2. In a way, I can understand what the sheriffs are saying. Hell, they have their own jurisdictions to handle, and the trouble can easily migrate into their county areas. How about some national guard? Other than that, I find some of your post unhelpful. We yell at each other far too much, and I can be guilty of that too.

  3. It must be frustrating for Kate Brown to “direct” and “order” law enforcement to do “this” and “that” –

    Only to learn she hasn’t got that authority nor the respect of law enforcement to do so.

    Looney Ted Wheeler and Crackpot Joanne Hardesty crafted Portland’s decent into chaos and violence years ago. Now its businesses and citizens are paying the price.

    Trump can activate the Oregon Guard under Title 10, and deploy it to Portland, and Kate/Ted can’t stop him.

    They own the violence, destruction, and now death.

  4. Mayor Ted is a fool (add any title you want). These thugs need to be arrested, seen by a judge, and sentenced to jail time. Have the State National Guard set up a jail out at the airport. Portland will not recover until the streets are clear.

  5. The violence is taking away from the original message. But trump encouraging his people to take up arms and go in his name is insane. Our country under trump has become an actual dumpster fire!!!!!

  6. He happens to be White, so Kate will blame him for being in the way of a “peaceful” bullet, or two. Setting that aside, Why does Kitty Kate want someone else to clean up her and Wheelers’ mess? The Fed’s where doing it at no cost to the locals and she kicked them out. Any of these people who have been arrested should lose any unemployment or welfare benefits they are getting until after they prove 6 weeks’ worth of steady employment.

  7. Maga’s “Law and order, law and order!!” Brown- “Ok, Portland needs help, bring your storm troopers.” Sheriffs – Wait, what? We don’t wike you, you have different beliefs. We take our ball and go home.” Total dysfunction. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. She is trying to focus all the fault on the Prayer group, apparently she expects us to forget that the riots have been going on for months now? and without the Prayer group in attendance? and she expects to have forgotten that the Prayer group actually began as a counter protest group to try to counter the antifa and the occupy Portland group who made such a mess of downtown Portland a bunch of years ago? or are we to believe it is their fault because they dared to disagree with the rioters????

  9. They are still trying to blame this on Trump, so far not very successfully. Trump has offered to send in federal police, they will not accept his help, and now no one else is willing to because the DA in Multnomah County would just let the rioters free after a good breakfast in the morning. Let’s play a game – Name a Republican run city that this is happening in?

      1. PP showed up for a couple hours. Antifa killed one of them. Antifa has been there for years. Kate and Ted have supported and encouraged them since 2007

  10. Why would any sheriff risk their lives cleaning up that terrorist infested dump when the DA refuses to punish these rioters? Why help when Temper Tantrum Ted has supported Antifa for years and throws the cops under the bus any time they enforce the law? But keep on blaming Trump if it helps you sleep as Antifa tries to burn your condo building to the ground.

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