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Hummel leads way for new Central Oregon Decency Project

Pledge: 'I promise to offer respect to all people...'

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- It's no secret this is a time of heightened tension in our country and our communities.

Now, a new program is trying to bring opposite sides on some difficult issues together, to talk and communicate in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel told NewsChannel 21 on Friday: "Who in our community hasn't said, 'What the heck is going on in our country,' right?"

Friday may have been a highlight for Hummel.

"This has been one of the most impactful days of my professional career," he said.

Hummel was a major force behind the launch of the Central Oregon Decency Project.

"A bunch of us came together and said, ‘We need to start having discussions in our community, so we can get to know one another and understand the viewpoints of people with whom we disagree with,’" he said.

Friday's event, held at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in Redmond, allowed parties from both sides of a criminal case to come together and discuss their problems.

Luke Richter, president of the Central Oregon Peacekeepers, was there to talk with a man who is charged with blowing exhaust fumes during a Black Lives Matter rally in downtown Bend last May.

"The conversations are going to be what brings people together and what moves this country forward,” Richter said. “So if people just aren't willing to stand with each other and just talk about the differences, then we're not going to get anywhere."

On another side, Hannah Carrick spoke after she vandalized Drake Park with graffiti.

"I kind of jumped at the opportunity,” she said. “Because the alternative was a more traditional justice route, which really doesn't allow any room for the defendant or the victim to talk at all about the context, the personal history of the emotions that are involved with any given crime."

A big part of the Central Oregon Decency project is the decency pledge from the American Decency Project, which reads in part, “I promise to offer respect to all people."

Hummel said, "It's attainable, and it should be something we all strive for."

He added that The Decency Pledge did not keep the event from getting emotional at times, while still having constructive conversations.

"I'm not naïve,” Hummel said. “I don't think we're going to come out of here with all love and balloons and happiness. But I do think people will come out, having said to themselves, 'Wow -- that was a special and impactful day.'"

This is just the first step, he said, to a bigger initiative.

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Jack Hirsh

Jack Hirsh is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jack here.



  1. Decency…..yeah Johnny….decent of ya to call for a POX to be placed on Autin’s house for FOLLOWING STATE GUIDELINES AND THE LAW.

    REAL decent of ya, scumbag. YOU have helped us all get to this point

  2. KTVZ still no story on Hunter Biden receiving millions from China and other countries???? WHY? Did you know his dad is not only involved but also running for president? Barney any plans on talking about this story? It only shut down twatter, was banned by fakebook. If I remember correctly you readily reported false information about trump and Russia……do you have an agenda????

        1. I do believe that, cp.
          KTVZ and Z21 are owned by News-Press & Gazette out of Saint Joseph, MO. My understanding is that digital content (especially national and world) are provided for a fee from news sources. It seems that profit comes before content, so it’s likely that cnn and ap are the cheapest sources… I’m sure all the click bait helps drive the cost even lower.
          I suspect Fox news is asking for too much money 🙂
          I won’t blame a local guy or gal just because the corporation they work for chooses cash over integrity. Locally they do a great job.

          1. TRUE THAT….
            The News-Press & Gazette Company is owned and operated by the Bradley family,presided by Brian Bradley and David R. Bradley, with Hank Bradley, Eric Bradley and Kit Bradley serving on its board of directors.
            If it were not for the local coverage, there would be no need for this website to exist.

          2. His job is to report stories to the public. That’s a HUGE story….he needs to report on it no matter WHO he works for, and to keep it suppressed means he accepts being culpable for spreading horse**** news

    1. Of course there has been no story. FOX is the only major news that has covered it… and we know this station is not affiliated with them. I wish there were more sources for news in Central Oregon. If we wanted the censored version of National events we could just go to CNN, ABC, NBC, or CBS. Was there even a story on here about Facebook and Twitter blocking the Hunter Biden email story? Probably not. Wake up people. When are we going to stop letting the liberal leaning media companies decide what is news and what is not?

        1. Thanks for clarifying. I did not realize there was any affiliation with FOX. I wish there was a news feed as it would certainly add some diversity to what is seen on here.

          1. An interview that just came from the sky? Or, does he have you on speed dial for his PR? Didn’t see any questions, or answers, in your story. Just self-serving statements. Did you edit them out in the course of your “editorial judgment”?

    1. EXACTLY!

      Hummel is a unscrupulous politician first and an advocate for justice NEVER!

      Get rid of this clown!

      He serves no one but himself and the radical Leftist agenda!

  3. “I promise to offer respect to all people.”
    Nobody should ever take a pledge like that. Well, maybe a liberal (they lie about pretty much everything anyway).

  4. Great job Big John. Hah! This from a guy who called a small private rodeo operator a “IDIOT” for allowing a dew people to have some fun. Hate speech Hummell for gov!

  5. Do the decent thing and resign Hummel. You back the Peacemakers who are really Peacefakers and you’ve demonstrated that you have no problem with the showdown with ICE in the Old Mill area where the Peacefakers blocked the ICE buses; refusing to leave private property. Hummel is the local BLM crowd’s chief enabler. Rather than launch another Bend project, Mr. Hummel, how about reviving the Golden Rule in conversation and practice— starting with any community gathering?! Oh, I guess there are Bendites who may interpret “golden” as racist. So many readers here probably have no idea what the Golden Rule is.

    1. Good point. The golden rule has become a thing of the past, it has been replaced by
      the “all about me” generation…
      My parents taught me how to treat and interact with others, and I was able to figure out
      on my own what was right, and what was wrong or unacceptable.
      Now it takes a major movement involving protests and destruction of property, and the worst offenders are the people that feel the need to continually tell people that they are righteous and politically correct.
      People like Hummel and the OBE feel like they need to have a press conference to announce it, and realistically that’s just a continuation of the “all about me” mentality…

  6. It could be a great idea . . . if people were to actually listen. Sadly, I don’t believe the Peacekeepers listened, nor did Hummel. They have their agenda and they won’t change that agenda regardless, even if you beg or plead. What worries me more, is that Hummel has now come out and said he would refuse to prosecute a certain law. That means he is a Liberal/Democrat and doesn’t have to prosecute the laws he believes are wrong. This is proof there are two standards in our justice system . . . One for Liberal/Democrats and one for the rest of us.

    1. The liberals have a complete lack of respect for our laws. Not only have they developed an
      elitist attitude about it, they are so casual about it that they don’t even care if people
      notice what they are doing…
      A prime example of this is our worthless Governor Brown, who decided to ignore the wish of the voters by refusing to allow executions to be carried out, just because she has no backbone, and because she doesn’t believe in it…

  7. I want to see the story on Hunter Biden ! Unbelievable that you have not written on this as it is big news . Talk about bias . How does it feel to work for a news organization that does not report news ? Kinda feel silly huh? True journalism is gone , propaganda is all we get like this silly nonsense story to bolster Hummel

  8. Wow. Such hate from so many. Toxic. Did y’all know it’s not healthy. Or do you care. Toxic to you and the recipient. And so easy to toss out behind a screen and no identifying name.

    I’m sure one or more will choose to attack my comment. Please do if it builds you up.

    Hate doesn’t serve. Regardless of political party …or financial status or religion.

  9. Modeled in some respects after the Veterans Treatment Courts program. And as with the VTCP, it will only work if it is utilized and that utilization tracked, quarterly, with specific and valid metrics.


    “A Better Understanding

    “Veterans treatment courts allow jurisdictions to serve a large segment of the justice-involved veteran population as opposed to business as usual: having all veterans appear before random judges who may or may not have an understanding of their unique experiences and issues. Because a veterans treatment court judge handles numerous veterans’ cases and is supported by a strong, interdisciplinary team, he or she is in a much better position to exercise discretion and effectively respond than a judge who only occasionally hears a case involving a veteran defendant. A veterans treatment court judge better understands the issues that a veteran may be struggling with, such as substance addiction, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, or military sexual trauma. A veterans treatment court judge is also more familiar with the Veterans Health Administration, Veterans Benefit Administration, State Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans service organizations, and volunteer veteran mentors and how they can all assist veteran defendants.”

  10. Perhaps DA Hummel will have Central Oregon “peacekeepers” Mr. Ian Lewis, Mr. Mike Satcher, and Mr. Luke Richter take the pledge first?

    Given their very public history of “doxxing” Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly president Riccardo Waites, Bend’s mayor Sally Russell, selected city council members, selected county commissioners, myself, Chief Dale Cummins (Prineville PD), the entire city of Prineville, Chief Mike Krantz, Sheriff Shane Nelson, assorted named Bend Police officers and a host of others who the “Peacekeepers” target on their FB page in their self-assumed role as cyber vigilantes?

    And John Hummel himself pledge to cease posting on their Facebook page until they clean up their own act?

  11. Wait! Let me fet this straight!

    John Hummel, the Lefty DA that panders to radical ant-American, anti-White extremists like Luke Richter and his Central Oregon Instigators, oops, I mean Peacekeepers, is going to lead this charge?

    Are you kidding me here?

    This sorry excuse of a DA publicly denounced ICE when they were doing their job, then he publicly denounced the new Bend Chief of Police that was a former Portland LEO, Mike Kratz, by implying that since Portland ysed tear gas on violent ANTIFA/BLM domestic terrorists, he shouldn’t be considered for the role!


    This is your Deschutes County District Attorney you all voted for folks!

    John Hummel should be disbarred and NEVER be allowed to work in the criminal justice system EVER again.

    He plays politics and he doesn’t with impartiality and bias.

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