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      1. You know, since it’s gotten a bit colder, I’ve seen a lot of people wearing coats and hats more often… What SNOWFLAKES! Don’t they know that only 10% of people die from hypothermia?! 100% of those people that died were wearing coats and hats, too! Don’t bother with coats and hats, because 90% of us won’t EVER get hypothermia! Don’t believe the hype! Coats and hats are USELESS!

  1. We didn’t wear your fire clothes either… funny how the state is when THEY need something… like a fire truck. Waive all kinds of stuff when it came to the workplace. Your intimidating crap is over

    Now run along, ya little rat bastids or we’ll run you along

  2. There will NEVER be a “cure” for the virus! When will people understand that? It is a VIRUS. You can’t cure a virus! You can only lessen the symptoms until it runs its course in the body. Holey Moses, we learned that in high school back in the 60’s!

  3. Mr Wood talks out of both sides of his mouth (trying to be nice) – in one breath he says he doesn’t want to wear his mask forever, then he says let’s make some permanent rules for mask wearing. Does give him more power to be a gestapo organization.

  4. Here is more math for you folks according to the CDC website.. Just 6% of the 13 people in Deschutes died of just COVID 19.. so what is that? A right leg or maybe a torso of 1 person? Meanwhile in that same period of time about 1700 will die of all the other causes and #1 is Heart disease. Maybe ban soda and Burger King NEXT?

    OSHA employees are just unelected bureaucrats and they do not make laws but they do have the power to Blackmail and strongarm business owners into doing their unlawful and Unconstitutional will.

    Time to wake up people.

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