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Crook County sheriff tells Gov. Brown: I won’t enforce mask, gathering mandates

'Their home is a sanctuary the governor has no right ... to violate'; Rep. Breese Iverson also urges governor to reconsider

PRINEVILLE, Ore. KTVZ) – Crook County Sheriff John Gautney has written a letter to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, sympathizing with her “predicament” over how to curb COVID-19’s spread but also critical of the two-week freeze and refusing to have deputies issue citations for not wearing a mask or having too large a Thanksgiving gathering.

In the letter sent Thursday and posted on the sheriff’s office Facebook page, Gautney said Brown’s comment that Oregon State Police would work with local law enforcement to enforce the mandates “has created serious erosion between the governor’s office and law enforcement, in my opinion.”

Gautney said Oregon's sheriffs “made it clear from the beginning that our role in this mandate will be that of education to the public and by asking for voluntary compliance. I will not change from that direction from which we have been from the start.”

Noting that he’s not speaking for the state sheriff’s association or any counterparts, Gautney wrote, “As the sheriff of Crook County, I will not have my deputies issuing citations for not wearing a mask or based on who they have for Thanksgiving at their home.”

“Their home is a sanctuary that the governor has no right under law, or the Constitution, to be able to violate,” he wrote.

The precautions called for by the state are "common sense," Gautney said, but he added, "It is not something that can be forced upon the citizens by a government mandate."

Gautney said rural counties such as Crook County "cannot be placed in the same category" as the Portland area in such matters.

"The one-size-fits-all plan does not work on the rural side of the state," he wrote. "The business owners and citizens have reached a point that they are fed up with losing their livelihood due to the state-ordered shutdown, without any real justification or evidence that they are the cause of increased cases."

"People have to be allowed to have the ability to use their common sense and get on with their lives," Gautney said.

Gautney asked Brown “to lift the mandates and allow our economy to survive, if that is possible at this point.”

“The people need to have facts, and not statements from the government that is designed to create fear,” Gautney wrote, noting that in Crook County, “We have only 12 active cases in our county, with a population of roughly 23,000 people. That is an extremely low percentage and in no way does it justify the extreme violation of the rights of the people.”

Gautney said his “heart goes out” to those who have lost loved ones, but added, “I fear that we are going to lose a great many more to suicide and our mental health population is going to increase beyond our ability to provide care for.”

“Governor Brown, you need to open our counties for business, allow churches to hold services and schools to open, or I fear we will see something far worse than we have ever seen before,” the sheriff wrote. “We are able to continue to have reasonable restrictions in place and still be open for business. You have the power to change for the betterment of our state and still be able to protect those who are the most vulnerable to this virus.”

There was no word from Gautney or the governor's office of any response or statement by the governor.

State Rep. Vikki Breese Iverson sounded a similar note in her news release on Friday, repeated below in full:

Representative Vikki Breese Iverson believes families need Thanksgiving this year. 

Prineville, OR. - Representative Vikki Breese Iverson, House District 55, calls on Governor Brown to immediately reconsider the multi-layered hits to Oregonians this week. At a time when we should be giving thanks for our abundance, Oregonians are struggling to hold onto their businesses, keep their families intact and not lose their mental health in the midst of scare tactics and skyrocketing unemployment insurance.  

Representative Breese Iverson stated, “We need to trust Oregonians to act responsibly for themselves. I believe in the good spirit of our people and have faith that everyone will make the right decision when it comes to their health and those around them.”  

Breese Iverson continued, “My challenge to the Governor is be real about the definition of her own term ‘Most Vulnerable.’ I believe our most vulnerable encompasses our at-risk elderly, as much as our kids struggling with no peer connection; our small businesses struggling with continuous Executive Orders; our agricultural community struggling with numerous and expensive new OSHA regulations; the list goes on but the result is the same – thousands of Oregonians feeling displaced, alone and unheard.”

Suicide rates and other mental health illnesses are on the raise in Oregon and across the United States. We can trust Oregonians to be personally responsible, which needs to start now.

“I am disappointed Governor Brown continues to roll out Executive Orders. I hope that she will fulfill her oath of office to protect our most vulnerable citizens - all of them.” - Representative Breese Iverson concluded.

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  1. Guess this moron sheriff has already forgotten they had to arrest someone at the crook fairground literally last week for this exact issue, he had sure hope he doesnt get citizens arrested for reckless endangerment or manslaughter, too bad for him stupidity cant be a mitigating factor for the defense

      1. Exactly, so the mask mandate can and is being enforced in crook county, thankfully by wiser heads than their sad stupid kountry kgb sherrif, how many more dead will crook county and the rest of see because he is putting (rusky) politics ahead of equal protection for the rest of us

          1. She is a moron for following big fat failed donnie’s white house guidelines. Its obvious he’s a total loser so why would she want to emulate him and get even more Oregonians killed! Soooooomuch losing!!!!!!

        1. Arrested for trespass.

          Not for any masking edict.

          Thanksgiving/Christmas at home is wholly different matter than “Trespass at the barrel races”.

          Law Enforcement statewide is either openly or quietly following the laws and Constitution, both US and state.

          It is a pandemic. It cannot be “controlled”. There can be mitigation of exposure but that cannot be made a criminal matter.

          1. Correct its very clear, not wearing a mask in a public setting will get you cited in crook county, regardless of the wild political claims from their sheriff

            1. Hey Minnie Mouse…. Guess what… I’m not wearing a mask ! And I won’t wear one tomorrow out in public either ! Instead I’ll breathe the fresh air- blow kisses to the cuties- and maybe even whistle a happy tune ! You best stay home- stay under your bed sheets- have yer mommy bring yer sandwich and yer soup… carry on like you have been for 10 months now- like a complete knock-kneed obedient heifer with a brass ring through the nose ! Moooo !

              1. Blowing kisses at the shorties in public made me laugh knowing how hyper sensitive everyone seems to be now, some entitled woman would in her deluded view call be whistled at as a form of harrassment or auditory assault.

              2. Out in public is one thing. I agree that you shouldn’t be expected to mask up when outside and while not close to other people. But I do agree with the requirement for masks when inside businesses…especially grocery stores.

              3. You sound so cocky and proud to be “looking out for number one”. I have a family member who just got off the ventilator. He’ll probably make it but clearly no thanks to folks like you. Sadly, your brand of selfishness goes hand in hand with an apparent inability to use logic or feel any sense of personal responsibility.

                1. My advice to your family member that’s “just gonna make it”- keep yer thumb abd fingers out of your mouth next time- learn about something called accountability and stop blaming everyone else for your lack of personal hygiene ! Fact is RF- if your relatives had on a mask- practiced social distancing- washed their hands and went about their daily lives- they wouldn’t have been exposed ! the science don’t lie ! Your relative messed up somewhere and yer now angry at BGHW ??? Talk about a special brand of selfishness !!!

                2. AS someone with a family member who caught the virus, all of them, mom, dad, and the kids and one of them had severe medical issues – it is interesting how your band of selfishness and arrogance along with inability to use logic thinks that you are the only one who has any sense of personal responsibility and/or is intelligent enough to take care of ourselves without being told what to do.

              4. Why would we worry about you blowing kisses from Russia? Either way you’re troll bot butt would be blowing kisses from outside the door of my business. Because there’s not a chance you’re coming in.

            2. you keep forgetting to add the word gathering- public gathering. and cited means ticket, i’ll use it in a sentence. she wasnt cited for not wearing a mask, her ticket was for trespassing. i hope that cleared things up for you

        1. Of course she wasn’t cited for not wearing a mask. It’s a ridiculous mandate. She was cited for trespassing just like any person would when a private property owner asks them to leave for any reason. It’s no difference when a private business asks someone to leave for a open carry. If you refuse it’s trespassing.

      2. OK Barney- instead of giving minnie-mouse any more of your precious time- can you do something more productive- like make sure our great Sheriffs words are quoted properly !……………. “Gautney asked Brown “to life the mandates and allow our economy to survive, if that is possible at this point.”…. I’m pretty sure “life” should be “lift” !

      1. Actually- the whole of Central Oregon should carefully note that once again it is Crook County that is showing leadership-strength of character- and courage to push forward as Deschutes County residents cower in fear- close their school doors- and blindly go along with Kate Brown’s strategy to turn them all into turtle doves by Christmas ! You people are pathetic- and have lost all credibility here as it’s pretty obvious- yer all a buncha Festers !

          1. Actual “local” science- from today’s OHA website- Regarding the “County Indicators”… Deschutes County remains at 3 out of 6 for Oregon Public health Indicators- While Crook- Jefferson- Klamath Counties hover back and forth between 4 and 6 ! The only ones risking fatalities to their fellow Central Oregonian seem to be found in Deschutes County- where they recently went all in for Joe Biden- Crack Cocaine- and have a Police force yet to declare whether or not they will enforce Brown’s treasonous acts ! So what says LE in Deschutes ???

            1. So you are saying because we have escaped (mostly) so far (and don’t say that to the families of the 6 dead people if you want to avoid being attacked) that we can now do stupid stuff. Typical and just what the folks in North and South Dakota thought and look where they are now…

              Please tell us your science background, BTW. Bet you have none.

              1. My what a little commie dictator ol Wickly is ! Since when do you have the legal right to dictate what is “stupid stuff” and what isn’t ? You wanna jump from a plane with a bed sheet strapped to yer shoulders- go right ahead ! Wanna ride a bull ? Commute during morning rush hour ?? Lemme guess- ya got the toaster right next to the sink ??? You and your Kate Browns are what’s wrong with Oregon today- your over-reaching attempts to save us all from ourselves is nothing more than the Government Nanny State in hyperdrive ! Here’s some advice- go out and ride a bike without a helmet- drink from a garden hose- go play hide and seek with the kids at night ! Cripes Wivkly- live a little- you’ll learn so much more about yerself !

          2. lolol if what you are saying had any truth to it everyone east of the state lines of the states of Wa, Or, and Ca would be dead or dieing – or is it only on the west coast and the northeast states that is dangerous?

        1. Once again, thanks to BGHW, all the old jokes about Prineville’s family tree being a Lodgepole Pine come true again, for one idjit embarrassment anyway…

    1. Pipe down ninny-mouse… this has nothing to do with you morons out in Deschutes- with your China Virus numbers dragging down the rest of CO ! We saw it when you all supported Biden and Crack cocaine in the same election- now you wanna decide who’s stupid and who’s not ? You wanna see someone with imbecile written on their forehead- go look in a mirror ! Gautney’s got our backs out in Crook- and our kids are still in school ! Whatchu got- besides weak knees and a chicken liver ???

      1. Alright BGHW, that will be enough about Deschutes County! You are confusing Bend with the whole of Deschutes county. I’ve been all over Crook County and it pretty much consists of Prineville. Have you been out to Juniper Acres lately? Quite literally a bunch of back water hicks living in the middle of nowhere. Don’t get me started about Crook County. How about those people living near the Ochoco Reservoir? Not to mention all the heroin addicts who live in and around Prinetucky. These people make up the majority of those going to the Bend Treatment Center. Don’t get me started. Crook County has the largest drug problem in Central Oregon. Not even La Pine can compare.

        1. FUL ??? “Not to mention all the heroin addicts who live in and around Prinetucky.”… So which County voted to decriminalize heroin-meth and crack ??? It sure as hell wasn’t Crook ! Gee thanks Doosh County- one more thing to rail on you about !

    2. This “moron” sheriff is only stating he will not enforce a law that would have zero standing in court if litigated. No one can just come into your house without a warrant. Pretty simple.

      1. Correct they need probable cause to enter a home without a warrant, and the pc is established when more than 6 people are gathered in said home, as explained in the governors new order

        1. So why then hasn’t the DCSO made their own stand against Brown’s un-enforceable laws ? Cause yer all a buncha mouth breathin’ thumb suckin’ wussies ! Oh yeh- but ya got Joe Biden off in the distance to come… and do what ? Thank Northern Californians for all their support ??? What a buncha fools !

          1. I am happy to say that all the ultra-conservative nonsense we have been hearing lately is doomed within a generation. You can rant all you want but the stats are clear. Young people today are liberal by a margin of over 2:1 (look it it up yourself). It is just a matter of time before that blue wave buries the far right in a wave of population. All the rants and guns in the world cannot stop that and killing off more old people with COVID only makes it happen faster.

            1. Young people have always been liberal, for the most part, because of the brainwashing in schools – interesting to note though that as they get out into the real world and start supporting themselves they tend to transition to the “other side”

          2. Or maybe it’s because the Sheriff in Deschutes County has morals and is ethical. Instead of choosing which laws he wants to enforce, he applies them equally and fairly. You sound like the President, above the law. Do as I say, not as I do.

            1. So what is the DCSO’s position on marijuana- still an illegal substance at the federal level ! A drug still classified along with Heroin and LSD ! From the DEA- “examples of Schedule I drugs are: heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), marijuana (cannabis), 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy), methaqualone, and peyote” !
              ——-—- Oh yeh- so many morals and ethics !

              1. You are a certified tRump Humper. Your spew about Morals and Ethics, which your Girlfriend Trumpela abhors, just shows what a demented poor old soul you are. I truly feel sorry for those around you. Sad…

        2. Wrong. Probable cause does not work for something that isn’t a law genius. The governor cannot make laws, only congress. That is why it is called a mandate which doesn’t work in your private residence.

    3. You will be fine, look through your peep hole and tell your family to get lost if they show at your door during the holidays. Better yet call the police on them, you are a true hero.

  2. “Their home is a sanctuary that the governor has no right under law, or the Constitution, to be able to violate,” he wrote.”

    Kudos to the Sheriff. It’s nice to see L.E standing up to the clueless idiot in Salem,
    and basically telling her to go pound sand… She has this delusion that she has power
    over everyone and everything, and she is completely dismissive and disrespectful of L.E
    in general, except when she wants to try and force a power play over the people…
    Guess what Brown, law enforcement aren’t the only people that are smart enough to tell you what you can do with your ridiculous orders. You try your hardest to make people think that you are someone to be feared and taken seriously but unfortunately for you, there are a lot of people that know you are a spineless, pathetic weasel…
    It will be a cold day in hell before I follow any order from Brown, especially in my own home, and realistically there isn’t a damn thing that she can do about it…

    1. “She has this delusion that she has power over everyone and everything”…. As long as weak-kneed liberals in Deschutes continue to cower in fear of her illegal mandates… she does ! She has absolute power of those in Deschutes County who refused to kick her out of office when they had the chance and this is her payback- it’s a very authoritarian and deliberate plan that Brown has played against the mush heads in Deschutes- and propagated by Z21- who everyone should just flat out ignore ! Their coverage is very lefty liberal slanted and they haven’t had a good thing to say about a single Conservative here for years ! 21 is completely blind to the fact that once again the vast majority of counties east of the Cascades voted GOP… Completely Mr. Magoo type blind !

    2. Seriously though, please celebrate only with people you live with. We know without a doubt that tons of people are going over to grandma’s house to eat turkey with uncle Mike338 and aunt MrsMike338 and their brothers and sisters etc., and people are going to give it to the ones they love. They’ll probably live through it, but it sucks not being able to breathe, and it sucks to have hospital bills out the wazoo, and it sucks to be the one that made everyone else in your family really sick. I really hope everyone chills this holiday season, and sets aside the chip on their shoulder about masks and stuff, and does what they can to protect their family and friends. Be safe you guys. Call your Mom and tell her you love her and miss her, listen to your dad talk about his fav Jazz sax player with patience, get together with your nephew on Steam and play a couple rounds of CoD. Not because someone told us to, but because we love our family and friends.

  3. This sheriff just said that it’s ok if everyone goes out without mask and spreads the virus, effectively killing the populace. The deaths that results from infections after this date are on his hands and he should be charged as such. Not enforcing mask puts EVERYONE in danger. Not just the people not wearing one.

    During this time when infections are at an all time high, (yes even in crook county) we should be vigilant and safe to ensure that we don’t cause unwanted deaths. We need a sheriff that will enforce the law in all ways, not just the ones he deems necessary.

    Prineville is 8% safer than all cities in the US. The crime rate is amazingly high, ESPECIALLY for small town. It is obvious that this man can not handle his duty and should have been removed years ago. He has failed to protect the citizens and continues to do so to this day. There has been an increase in crime year after year and it needs to stop. This man is no sheriff. He’s an onlooker at best.

    1. Kill ! Die !! Why not just call it murder !!! Cripes half-wit- get ahold of yerself ! 97% of all people under 79 survive the Wuhan attack ! You science deniers can’t stand the fact that Crook County has opened it’s schools while your kids sit at home and suffer Kate Brown’s hoax ! You double down on the President- who’s “Warped Speed” project will bring multiple vaccines to American’s first- all awhile refusing to admit that CNN-Joe Biden- Kommie Harris swore it couldn’t be done ! They even went as far as to say that they won’t trust the vaccine and won’t be getting vaccinated… you want Killers- murderers ? There ya go ! Toss in NY Governor Cuomo for good measure !

      1. You’re saying it’s ok that 3% of people get in fected THAT COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED. THAT IS MURDER. When exactly do you say ok, causing deaths is wrong? SHAME ON YOU.

        1. Murder you say ? From the CDC- “An estimated 80% of cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke, are preventable. However, cardiovascular disease remains the No. 1 killer and the most expensive disease, costing nearly $1 billion a day. Abut 200,000 Americans annually- since 2000- die from this “preventable disease” !!! 20 years of almost 1/4 of Americans dying unnecessarily… and now you find outrage in a Chinese virus- that our President is providing a vaccine for in just a few weeks… then what are the voices in your head gonna tell you- don’t go near the light ???

        2. And less than 1% of those 3% that got infected will die, many won’t even get sick. It should read “shame on you for trying to create a whole lot of something out nothing”

      2. “You science deniers can’t stand the fact that Crook County has opened it’s schools”

        I have asked this before and will again – what is your science background to be saying all this? Let us know – what are your degrees, where are they from? If you have no science education we can feel free to ignore your posts on anything COVID.

        1. Oh My- Look at Wickly such an angry little troll making demands ! Put this way hater- no-body here doles out private and personal information on a public website like this ! You are free to ignore anyone you wish. But my suggestion- just try and deny any data I provide- because you can’t ! It comes directly from the OHA- the CDC- John Hopkins ! You wish it came from FOX News- but it doesn’t ! All the info I provide you can check yerself- so stop being intellectually lazy- demanding to be spoon fed ! You dumb-dumbs out in Deschutes are dragging the rest of CO down ! Get yer “Chute” together or go back to California !

    2. wearing a mask isn’t the law, neither is gathering in your home, how do you enforce what isn’t law.
      To the mask lovers, there is absolutely no law or no mask or no mandate that will ensure a zero risk factor, a zero risk factor is not obtainable, ever!


        1. Aw pipe down ya loud mouth ! You worry about yerself and yer own mask ! You social distance so I don’t have to- that means you stay clear of me ! You wash yer hands and stop playing with your lower lip all day ! Take my advice and wear gloves in public- wash or spray yer groceries with HOCL- common salt water ! Stop denying everyone their civil liberties- their rights- and of course their own perceived privileges ! Stop acting like a Nazi Cow ya fascist !

    3. Your assumption like the governors is that masks and closing restaurants is the answer. However there is no factual evidence that it is true. And obviously it’s not working as the cases go up and pretty much everywhere people are wearing masks

  4. We all would give the benefit of the doubt to most Oregonians. Gov Brown is doing the best she can, with what she has. I get it. It’s those few rebels that will not comply. They are the spreaders. This is why any and all who do not comply need to be punished. And those officials who refuse to enforce the rules should be impeached/fired.

    1. “those few rebels” ??? So tell me… if you have your mask on- and you social distance- and you wash yer grimy paws… what do you care what other people do ? You all out in Deschutes county are the ones with the never ending new cases records ! You got a lot of nerve criticizing Crook County citizens- who were the first to open their schools- the first to meet the standards- the first to show you all how it’s done ! and all you can do is show up here at criticize success ??? Damn you a fool !

      1. barney, not all in Deschutes voted blue, or should I say yellow with a fear that has no base. Agree, Deschutes is mostly blue, but there are a few red ones, myself being one, but we are highly outnumbered, to the point I had to move a Trump sign away from my vehicle at my apartment complex because of what would happen to my vehicle.
        I only read through these comments to make sure that I’m not losing my mind and others like yourself by not following the sheep off the kate brown cliff of stupidity!

        1. There aren’t many of “our kind” allowed here much anymore. The moderator sits back and allows the non-stop bullying- name calling- personal attacks (completely off topic) and seems to selectively censor that blue side when they do decide to fight back. You call em out on it- and the denials pass like bad chili through a toddler ! One only has to look at how negatively the coverage of the US President has been here for four years now- absolutely no consideration for any other side of the aisle. I find these delirious Dumbocrats around here- now foaming at the mouth because the little Blue County that could- much like the President- is proving them wrong- making them eat their words through undeniable facts and actions… and they can’t stand it ! Crook schools have opened- our Sheriff understands the US constitution and won’t violate our civil rights and liberties like Brown insists ! Now wait for the naysayers and fools from Bend and Redmond to melt down- let the hysterics begin !

      2. BGHW ~ thanks again for not disappointing with your continued cruel snark.

        What has your journey been like to exude such animosity and hate.

        My continued sympathies.

        Stay well, rock on…happy trails.

  5. Wow, someone not blindly following Brown’s illegal mandates and basing decisions on actual cases per county. I particularly like that he respects Constitutional rights. Gautney for Governor.

  6. Excellent response by this Sheriff, sad to many illiterate people still votes this brainless politicians into office. Hope one day people will open their eyes and no longer be sheep being led to the slaughter. Sheepdogs rule.

  7. Irresponsible to send out this message, especially on a day when Oregon hits another record high for covid cases. Crook County has been spared in severity thus far; does he not think family members may travel from other parts of Oregon or beyond? Ultimately adults will make their own decisions, personally not sure I agree with citations for holding family gatherings. But we need our officials to be encouraging household only holidays and to enforce the message that covid is dangerous and deadly because it absolutely is. I fear the spike we will see from this.

      1. I am not disagreeing with constitutional rights! The concern is that this sends the message to disregard recommendations to not gather with large groups this year. There is a high risk of infecting family members and loved ones via asymptomatic transmission in an indoor space, this is an airborne virus, and it is very contagious. People will come from outside of Crook county to see family. Our leaders need to be encouraging people to take precautions, especially while we are already in a covid surge.

    1. You need not worry about the folks out in Crook County- the first to meet the governor’s fear mongering challenge- the first to re-open schools- a county that supported President Trump and his efforts to get a vaccine in the time period he stated- while you all out in Deschutes were voting for Joe Biden and Heroin- folks out in Prineville were going about their daily business ! You all should be ashamed !

      1. Keep up the fight. I just talked to a stranger in Iowa on the phone and he couldn’t believe how Brown is destroying our state and everything the working class has made here. Total tyranny. I’m embarrassed to admit that I live in Deschutes County and in Oregon state for that matter. I voted against every item that passed. The rest of the states are laughing at us and Oregon’s deplorable situation. People aren’t even seeking truth. Just blindly accepting the lies like the perfect useful idiot they’ve groomed. People need to remember that Brown is our public servant. Fight for freedom, ppl need to wake up and be part of the conscious resistance. Keep up the good fight for the ppl.

      2. Not at all trying to bring politics into this discussion, the fact that a deadly virus was politicized in the first place is a good part of the reason we are in such deep trouble at this time, because now people still don’t think this is real. Speaking of fearmongering, try a day spent in the ICU with people very sick from this disease, would not wish this on anybody. I also work in Crook County, where I can say the majority of my patients have been following guidance of doctors and scientists to avoid getting sick. Crook county has been good so far thankfully, the concern is that large family gatherings with people from away, or even people in Crook that don’t realize they are infected will spread it to others and we will see an increase in numbers. We need public figures to encourage small gatherings only this year, and my concern is that the sherrif’s statement sends the wrong message. That is all.

        1. So Winnie- according to your post- you simply believe that citizens in Crook County have just been lucky ? That nobody in Crook sacrificed their businesses- never stayed home from school- didn’t bother to limit their time in public- haven’t bothered to mask up or social distance… that somehow- them Cowfolks out in Crook… “are just plain fortunate” ! Really ??? Then you need to read the Sheriffs letter to the Governor gain. I would say on the contrary- that citizens in Crook have been extra cautious and conscientious about the rules and mandates. Citizens in Prineville have locked down- stayed home- have sacrificed more than Deschutes- and the numbers back up my allegations ! Crook county folk didn’t rally en mass for BLM or Antifa like what we saw in Bend and Portland. Crook County folks mind their manners- don’t shout at others- spit venom and hurl insults ! They instead try to eat right- enjoy the outdoors and the clean air- if you truly do work in CC- then you know there is a huge difference in soft spoken country folk compared to wild eyed meth heads like what you have in Deshutes ! I think what’s bothering most folks here at this website- is that CC has re-opened- they went out and earned the right to open their schools- their shops- their businesses… But Kate Brown won’t accept those efforts as she makes another blanket mandate negatively affecting everyone- even those who don’t deserve it ! Our Sheriff has sent the right message- you all worry about yerselves- we’re doing just fine out in Crook County !

      3. Ahhh why u so mad tho lol 😂! All this knowledge u thought u had about covid19 was proven false! All this angry “truth typing” came back to getcha didnt it? Now your in here trying to beef w your own community… gross. Hope u learned something from it. Trump lost, Kate won and finally, folks like u, filled w hate for women and progressive politics will fade away into the comment sections of Q and Parlour…President Biden will finally get this Trump virus under control so we can all throw our masks in the trash and celebrate! Better days are ahead 🙂 #onward!

      4. I would like to know just what your educational and intellectual qualifications are to be making statements that contradict the people with years of education and decades of experience in medicine? Please tell us what those qualifications are, we want to know!

        Opinions are fine but opinions from people that know nothing about the subject are worthless so put up your credentials or shut up.

      5. Hey BGHW. Fact…I live in Crook County (21 years). And I find the sheriff lacking in his judgement. And I wonder how those who have lost loved ones feel. And, not everyone in CC feels / believes as he does.

        Personally, I’m happy to take a pass on seeing/ being with family. Reason, I look to the future where we can be together. Fortunately, my family (out of state) feels the same.

        It’s one day. Pretty insignificant in the grand scheme.

        So let the Sheriff and Ms Breese party on, and when it’s their turn to need medical care …perhaps they will be told ~ “healthcare is not a constitutional right”.

        And please feel free to attack me. I know it fills you up 🙂. Your posts/ comments indicate a very angry person.

        1. We are all glad to know that you are a very small minority, based on the recent vote count for both you mentioned. And you are correct – healthcare is not a constitutional right

      6. All? You know what dipsquat BGHW? All in Deschutes county did not vote for Clueless crook-ed Joe Biden. And Crook County has more Heroin that all of Oregon.

      1. It’s just another “offensive” post allowed to remain here because it must meet some kind of approval rating with the Moderator. Who can deny it anyway he wants- but this comment about in-breeding passed his desk and he thought- “Yeh- that’s fine” ! Sigh !!!

    1. While we’re at it let’s not forget La Puke, where your sister-mom kissed the bullfrog who turned into Grandpa Earl and spawned your cousin-uncle-nephew-daughter who’s identical twin is the mailman.

  8. If Trump had issued these restrictions, this sheriff and his bunch would be all over it arresting folks and the right wing would be happier than Guiliani in front of the Four Seasons Landscaping shop.

    1. See – that is the problem with folks who don’t think for themselves – the reality is that it doesn’t matter who “says it” – it is either constitutional or not.

  9. It is indeed comical that the state of Oregon has these mandates about mask and number of family members at Thanksgiving.

    While at the same time literally decriminalization of hard drugs and letting rioting fools bounce off charges for arson, trespassing, assault, vandalism, burglary, etc…

      1. If we ever have a sheriff that doesn’t care about our constitutional rights he needs to go. Just like if we have a governor that doesn’t care about our constitutional rights, she needs to go.

    1. Didn’t bother to read his letter did you ! What he doesn’t care about is Government over-reach- closed schools- unemployment- poverty- food stamps- the loss of civil liberties- civil rights- attacks on the US constitution… You might find great comfort in allowing and promoting all that BS- as part of the helpless- whiny- socialists club- you probably will never get or understand true independence. There have always been half-blind myopic’s who need a plantation to live on- so go ahead- no-ones stopping you !

        1. Read the Sheriffs letter to the Dictator in Salem- where he clearly states- that Brown’s cure is worse than your politicized pandemic ! Th left is ramping up unemployment- poverty- drug use- depression- both economic and social issues are off the charts ! NOT MATTER HOW LOUD YOU SCREAM- YOUR STUPIDITY IS YOURS ALONE !!!

      1. I don’t recall anything in the Constitution giving an individual the right to ignore the safety of their community just because they don’t feel like doing something as simple as wear a mask or limit their gatherings. I do recall something about the greater good though…

        1. Your problem is in you thinking that the Constitution grants citizens privileges. The Constitution only defines the limits of government authority. Period. Full stop.

      2. Wth barney, why did you edit my post?…there was nothing in it threatening or name calling anyone specific. Great to know that you don’t want the truth out.

  10. Every one of you ought to be ashamed of yourself for so easily giving up your rights for what you can do in your own home based on lawless orders by the governor. These orders are not laws passed by the legislature and cannot be enforced, therefore, asking them to be enforced by the sheriffs is unconstitutional. Liberal response of “blah blah blah you don’t care about people dying” makes you look like a fool. Go live in Venezuela or Cuba and tell me how it is for you.

    1. Here’s the path I see the Governor pushing towards with her nonstop attempts to rile the citizens- force State-County-and Local Police into highly immoral and unethical acts- it’s called- “Kristallnacht”- or the Night of Broken Glass. Violent acts against Jews carried out by SA paramilitary forces and civilians throughout Nazi Germany on 9–10 November 1938. The German authorities looked on without intervening.The name Kristallnacht (“Crystal Night”) comes from the shards of broken glass that littered the streets after the windows of Jewish-owned stores, buildings and synagogues were smashed. The pretext for the attacks was the assassination of the German diplomat Ernst vom Rath by Herschel Grynszpan, a 17-year-old German-born Polish Jew living in Paris.”…. One could easily take this November timeline- the divisive politics of the day- and a heavy-handed authoritarian and argue that what happened in 1938 is repeating itself here in Oregon today ! We have violence in our streets (broken windows)- we have a clear political target (White Conservatives)- and we have a political leader that continues to spew hate through fear (the China Virus) attempting to justify the madness (multiple violations of individual sovereignty and civil liberties). You even have a willing part of society that is going along with the charade- the violence- the riots and hate ! Go ahead- argue all you want- but the Demokrat party and their supporters have been fueling the regime now for four years- and it’s now come down to our State Governor threatening to put you in jail for a dinner party ! Go ahead Martha- idiotmouse-tio and chico- the rest of you Nazi thugs- prove me wrong- and do it without your typical off topic rants !

    1. “Common” is the right word. Common as in the sadly stupid common man these days who lacks education, judgment, or anything resembling responsibility toward others in their community. That is common all right, but it is not sense.

  11. Good for him for standing it up to that socialist woman! So far she has done nothing but spread fear, hate, lies, control, and allowed the rioters to continue destroying our cities. Sounds like a Hitler to me. Her power and whoever is paying her is out of control and must be stopped. Trump will come back for 4 more years and clean up this mess. No freebies, get back to work, get back to school, make your own money, get off your now legal drugs. All news stations which are bought and paid for blocked Sindey Powell’s speech that talked about how the democrats cheated. Why did the news block all this? because they know it’s true and they are scared.

  12. He can his opinion on his own time. If he doesn’t want to do his job then he can quit. Prineville is not an independent state…still in Oregon. The Sheriff should have just kept his pie hole shut. Forever trying to appeal to the Cult of Trump. He just wants their attention and votes!

  13. Have we stepped backwards to the Old Wild West when the sheriff was the only authority in the territory? The governor’s mandate is to protect our citizens. Isn’t that also part of his oath to “protect and serve”? Besides, it shouldn’t even be an issue. We are our brother’s keeper. When did we stop caring enough about others to be unwilling to compromise at a time when our country asks for sacrifices? The frontline

  14. …combatants desperately need us to do our part. This is a war that is being fought by lower rank officers, each with a different battle plan because the wartime President and his lackeys are too busy trying to subvert a free election to be bothered by a quarter million deaths. They have adopted a do-nothing herd immunity strategy, relegating Americans to the status of livestock where deaths are just written off as acceptable losses. All the moral.outrage about being told to wear a mask, etc. Where’s the moral outrage about 250K+ dead Americans? Get your priorities straight people!

  15. THANK YOU Sheriff Gautney and Representative Iverson!!! It is about time our elected officials spoke out against the non-sensical mandates made by our power hungry governor “not asking us but telling us”. Thank God we have officials like you two who actually have read the Constitution and serve the people of Oregon.


    NO ONE ever said that you couldn’t do WHATEVER you want INSIDE YOUR OWN HOUSE. All people are doing is ASKING that you be safe! You think your freedoms are being taken because you don’t want to protect other people? SHAME ON YOU

  17. Oregon Republican legislators run away and hide out of state when they don’t want to vote and Republican Sheriffs refuse to do their duty when they don’t like it. ‘Baby Trump Tantrum’ has really spread among conservatives.

  18. Here is the science as of today and it says masks are needed. More than HALF of transmission happens from people that do not know they are sick. You anti-maskers are killing your friends and neighbors and are too stupid and lazy and political to care. What you are saying is that it is OK if your so-called “rights” and “freedoms” kill innocent people – as long as you don’t know it happened, it is OK. And these holier than thou people call themselves “moral”!

    Newser quoting Information from the CDC dated 11-20-20:

    “Turns out most COVID-19 infections are spread by people who show no symptoms at all—another reason why it’s good to wear masks and take other simple precautions, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “CDC and others estimate that more than 50% of all infections are transmitted from people who are not exhibiting symptoms,” the agency says, per CNN. “This means at least half of new infections come from people likely unaware they are infectious to others.” The CDC explains that 24% of coronavirus transmitters are asymptomatic, 35% presymptomatic, and 41% were experiencing symptoms. That means 59% were transmitted by people without symptoms.”

    1. Don’t forget ,covid only has a .26% fatality rate. Even less for those under 65. Flu is .1%…. So you want to destroy everyone’s livelihoods for a mere .26%? And don’t give the bs line of “if it saves 1 life” without thinking about all the other repercussions.

      1. Feel free to ignore the fact that we have a flu vaccine but none for COVID at this time.

        Feel free to ignore the fact that vastly more people have gotten COVID this year that eve the worst flue season short of 1918.

        The lower fatality rate does not matter much if the number of cases is way higher. Duuuh.

        That makes your comparison ridiculous. Not to mention that recent data shows COVID to be transmitted 59% of the time by folks that have no symptom’s where flu almost always has symptoms before transmission. So masks are required for COVID because the carriers are out and about, not laying in bed like with the flu!

        1. Feel free to ignore the fact that even with the flu vaccine we still get to live with the numbers that were quoted. Makes one wonder how much more serious it would be without the vaccine, or if the vaccine even works on a virus.

    2. The science that you found – what about the science that contradicts that or that denigrates your assumption? Or is it that the only “science” that is valid is the one that backs your opinion (or is it the opinion you were told you are supposed to have)

  19. Time to find another line of work instead of just pandering to yours and your constituents political beliefs. I thought your party was the bastion of “rule of law” and “law and order”. You don’t get to selectively enforce things. Flipping hypocrites.

  20. Now, the dope peddlers from Bend will travel to Prineville to sell drugs. The Bend area dealers must be going broke as the people in Bend are too afraid to go out and buy their daily dose. These Bend area dealers will be spreading covid to that county as they have in Deschutes. Stopping travel from Deschutes County to Crook county will cut back on the drug issues there.

  21. The distinction between in public vs. in your home is a false flag. Would the Sheriff say you have a right to poison someone because you are in your home? When Crook County is growing and seeking to attract new business these antics just help in promoting a stereotype to where people might think it is just another hillbilly backwater.

  22. Exactly which freedom is being ruined by wearing a mask in public? When your decisions effect others to the point of possibly deciding on if they live or die, what freedom do you expect is being infringed upon? Freedom of expression? Nope, cause you can still do whatever you want. speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government? Nope on all fronts.

    Exactly which freedom are you talking about when you say it’s being taken away? And exactly how does wearing a mask take that freedom? When you wilfully do not wear a mask around other people, you are putting yourself and them at risk. When other people could get sick because of your decisions, there is nothing stating that wearing a mask is a freedom at this point.

    You still have the ability to go out, do anything you want and all you are asked to do is wear a mask. Shame on all of you that have the gall to say that any of this is infringing your freedom. You have been asked to help control the spread and you refuse. To the point that it has continued to spread unabated. Such a simple thing that you refuse to do for your own pride. We all know what god says about pride. You think wearing a mask makes you scared? I have been shot at by everything you can think of and then some. I have fought for actual freedom. Mask have nothing to do with your freedom. It has everything to do with being smart and keeping others safe. Put your pride away and do the right thing.

    Proverbs 11:2 “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom”

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