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Jefferson County teacher on leave after viral video of Bend protest confrontation

Teacher twitter
Jefferson County teacher has been placed on leave pending investigation of encounter with Bend protesters

MADRAS, Ore. (KTVZ) – A first-year teacher with Jefferson County School District 509-J has been placed on leave pending an investigation after being identified as the woman in a video that went viral of a shouting encounter with a Bend group protesting the state’s COVID-19 restrictions.

More than 2 million people had viewed the Twitter and Facebook posts by Monday of the 55-second video in which the woman, driving a car, screamed at chanting downtown Bend protesters, most not wearing masks: “Kill yourself! I’m a teacher! I work in schools! My student’s families are dying!”

There were also obscenities and obscene gestures as well, before she waved and smiled at the person taking the video, then drove away.

“We are aware of the incident and are investigating,” Jefferson County Schools Superintendent Ken Parshall told NewsChannel 21 Monday.

Parshall declined to identify the teacher or which school or grades she has taught in, citing the confidentiality of personnel matters and the process that will take place.

He also said at this early stage in the process, the teacher is on paid leave, pending the investigation’s outcome.

(Warning: Graphic language):

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  1. She makes a good point, reopening the schools has led to more deaths, reopening other parts of the economy leads to similar increases which is why these protestors are so dangerous (and stupid), im glad our teachers have the courage to say it loud and show leadership, its a helpful contrast with the current loser president/kgb agent

    1. haha….courage? that is called self righteous rage and hate. A teacher that thinks she is an epidemiologist….how rich is that?? lol…..

      1. Go ahead and laugh. She is frustrated as most patriotic Americans. Trump and his foolish followers are keeping this virus alive and spreading. It is your party that is killing Americans and destroying the economy. Your guy lost, get over it.

      1. the only obscenity was what the “protestors” were advocating… depraved-heart murder, also known as depraved-indifference murder, is a type of murder where an individual acts with a “depraved indifference” to human life and where such act results in a death, despite that individual not explicitly intending to kill.

    2. Reopening the schools in Crook County have done none of what you claim. Maybe you should try to regionalize your comments- yer not in California anymore Dorothy !

      1. Crook County’s numbers are nowhere near as extreme as Deschutes County’s as you well know.

        And Crook County is doing a mix of remote and in person.

    3. I don’t think I saw this woman in Portland during the 120 straight days of mouth breathing, spitting ,screaming riots.

      I’ll she has an entire wall full of participation ribbons to go along with her worthless degree.

      The degree that I will probably end up paying for with my taxes.

      1. And what point is that? That she is an unhinged liberal with no proof or data that schools in Central Oregon have anything thing to do with covid deaths?

    4. “Kill yourself! I’m a teacher!” She says!
      I hope Jefferson County fires her. This video went viral and had millions of views on twitter, Fox News and every Conservative social account across the USA. Many thanks to the Lockdown Protesters for nationally exposing the brand of Leftist extremists we are dealing with in this state. I always laugh out loud listening to the Central Oregon Peacefakers leader Luke Richter brainlessly narrate on his Social Media trying to convince people that we are all Nazis, White Supremist and KKK members. Lies Lies Lies Lies If we had those types they would be kicked out in about 2 seconds.

      1. when are you and your fellow anti-vaxxers from the church of “Trump Is Lord” going to start screaming about the vaccine bering created by a husband/wife team of Turkish Muslims?

  2. Unhinged and triggered! I laugh.

    Show me the stats of deaths in Central Oregon related to schools. I’ll wait…

    She, like so many millenials, seeks to be relevant in some way. Do something noble, not cowardly like screaming from your car in traffic.

    I hope she gets fired because she is a disgrace.

    1. Hey dummy, schools have been closed so that people didn’t die, she is yelling about families dying from other sources which is true! Way too out there I know but she is not wrong!

      1. Except for every major health organization state that closing schools and lockdowns do not help with slowing the spread. CDC, WHO, surgeon general…guess they don’t know what they are talking about huh?

            1. Yourself and Redmond says, are spot on, its exactly what the WHO and many trusted doctors have said, schools are not where it is being spread. But that will never be admitted by the lying liberals. So goes unsaid then that the WHO and the trusted doctors are also domestic terrorists who are using this as a biological weapon. WOW why didn’t I think of that,went to the wrong dispensary I suppose, but if they are open are they not terrorist also, and the liquor stores too! Typical uneducated follower of millennial liberalism.
              No worry , Biden will save the day surely!

          1. Not my problem if you have kept your head in the sand and not kept up with the recommendations and data. Feel free to stay ignorant if it fits your narrative.

  3. I don’t care which side of the debate we are on this is not a behavior and/or attitude that any of us should want teaching our children. If she was the teacher of one of my kids before this video, she would not be after this video, if the district lets the union keep her on or not.

      1. more than once I sat in the principal’s office and even clear to the superintendents office when my kids were in school if I felt the need to protect my kids. Would not any responsible, involved, parent do the same? All of the teachers of all of my kids all through school knew me and we all worked together to teach them, or make them teachable if needed.

    1. I never agree with you. I do here. Regardless of the issue and your feelings around it, that’s not behavior I would condone from someone in that position. If you can’t restrain yourself from reacting in such a manner you certainly have no business dealing with children.

  4. she should be terminated, frankly. we should expect more from an educator. those protesters were exercising their freedom of speech. you don’t like what they are saying? keep driving by. everyone has a right, but at no time should a teacher of our nations future tell people she disagrees with to kill themselves.

    when did our country move to immediate physical and verbal confrontation of those who don’t agree with you?

    i am a masker – for sure – wore today in my house when a vendor came over. keeps everyone safe. but i know anti-maskers. i disagree with them but do i scream at them? nope.

    i reported a guy in fred meyer yesterday who had no mask. but did i scream at him? nope.

    it’s called class and character.

      1. wow – then whatever you do – don’t go near them! that’s an answer, right. you fear them then stay away as many of us did. but if you choose to berate them from your car? suffer the consequences due to your profession.

    1. I’m not sure she (?) should be terminated- but definitely needs to go through sensitivity training for the obvious anger issues she’s trying to deal with. This is a never-ending problem with the left… they simply cannot tolerate the opinions or views of others- just look at the childish psts by both Kuya and weedsmoker. Intolerance has been their mantra since their teen years- and no-one has taken them out back behind the woodshed and gone all Joe Biden on them- so they lash out- play the fool- and think their cute… simply hopeless.

      1. i love the she (?) – that’s awesome.

        sensitivity training? nah. i’m old school. she needs to grow some thick skin and stop being a child. her parents failed her.

        and the “gone all joe biden”? classic.

  5. Well, I imagine someone knows her given the video of her face and car, not to mention flapping gums.

    That said, she certainly represents Jefferson County teachers well…NOT!

    Peaceful protest…constitutional right…and dum-dum while operating a motor vehicle i downtown traffic goes on a profane rant.

    With video rolling.


    Proving once again you can’t fix Stupid.

  6. The council is aware and we are listening intently. It is disturbing that the trust we place in the US government to allow the children of our 3 tribes to be educated is given to such vulgar morons!

    But then again, you violate our trust daily, if not hourly!

      1. Excuse me you racist piece of filth!! You steal our land, our fish & our water than have the stones to tell me to get off the Dole? We do educate our children & we have a Trust with the government of the USA to provide for our children’s education as part of your thieving!

        Why don’t you give us back our land and bail back to where you came from terrorist!!

  7. curios how Barney has chosen to make this a news item after weeks of protecting the identity of the Bend Proud Boy who brandished a firearm and threatened others at the rally at Pilot Butte last summer…and that was video shot by KTVZ’s own journalists that Barney refused to release until the DA filed charges.

    double standard much?

      1. you had video shot by your news crew of a an assault committed by a Proud Boy against those exercising their first amendment right…an assault that led to criminal charges and you with held that video for weeks.

        and you are right it is apples and oranges…you prefer oranges to apples and your response confirm you have a double standard.

    1. a bend proud boy? are you sure he’s a member of that group or are you just trying to stir the pot and create a narrative? why do you need names anyway? so you can go to their home and harass them as the leftists do?


      and stop attacking the moderator until you live a day in his shoes having to deal with this. what do you do for a living? sheesh.

      1. Why do you lying clowns always say its a lefty acting like a con when one of your own does something stupid? You guys are are plenty stupid on your own.

  8. She has freedom of speech the same as anyone. She is also an overwrought hysterical dumpster fire. Identifying herself as a teacher was particularly stupid.

  9. She seems to be suffering from insane rage our Chinese masters wont be so accommodating to her behavior . These millennials dont have a clue as to what is coming

  10. Anyone this Unstable, Unhinged and Triggered shouldn’t be allowed to drive a vehicle let alone teach and oversee children. A vehicle weighing appx 3 tons made of metal, plastic, glass and fiberglass that can go zero to 60 in a few seconds with a top speed easily over 100 mph. Let alone in Central Oregon in December when roads could become slick at any time. A vehicle is easily weaponized to unstable angry confused people and she is a danger to everyone.

  11. She wasn’t at work… 1st Amendment right. Yes she was intense…but really the maskless Trump cult is infuriating for lots of folks. She voiced her opinion and let off steam not in the most appropriate place…but who wants to go face to face with that bunch and get Covid! The school district needs to step off of this one.

    1. She is acting a little Trumpy and I don’t like it. But man people are fired up and stressed right now, maybe let this one go. In normal times this is unacceptable but for now, it is just venting.

    2. People get fire every day for crap they post on social media while they are at home. Why should this be any different? And I doubt the children’s parents are dieing. Their grandparents maybe, but probably not their parents.

    3. A teacher should not show a political view for starters so no your wrong she needs to find a new career… Then there is the fact she is so covid smart she drove 45 miles through 3 different towns stopping at god knows how many places gosh she is a hero not putting her students at risk at all

      1. This I will partially disagree with you – I agree they should not show a political view in the classroom. A teacher should be free to whatever view they wish on their own time. That being said, when they identify their profession or are known for such they need to show appropriate behavior so that others will be comfortable letting their kids be in their classroom.

    4. Depends on the wording of her Jefferson County’s employment agreement. Many school districts have wording that implys an employee can be fired for conduct unbecoming of a teacher, officer, and other positions of public trust.

    5. The group that shouts about “cancel culture” being toxic wants to “cancel” this teacher. The Republican hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    6. But she brought her work to the shouting match when she identified what she does (hopefully did) for a living.
      lololol – so everyone who disagrees with you will give you covid now????

    1. No you don’t! You live in section 8 housing & are looking for another way to defraud the government. Just like you steal from us & send us your garbage disguised at educators!

  12. First off, if this is all the better she can control her emotions, she needs a different line of work. Next, she did not have to directly confront them as Kate has in place a “narc on the neighbor” hotline to call in these situations.

  13. Opening schools is murder but shopping at Costco is fine. Check. If I lead a normal life I’m murdering people. Check. Acting like a depraved fool is responsible. Check. I don’t know whats worse. That blithering idiot masquerading as a teacher in this video of the fools in this thread defending her. Just plain sad.

  14. Well this is definitely a good way to change peoples minds about teachers carrying guns to help protect the kids while in school. No way any sane person would want a teacher like this to carry a sharp pencil let alone a firearm.

  15. How embarrassing. She is exactly the reason I will NEVER vote a democrat again. They have been acting like this since Trump took office and before, A toddler throwing a tantrum. What a perfect display.

    1. Liar. You never voted Democrat. You prefer a lying president who knows he is so crooked that he is trying to pardon himself and his children before he leaves office. Also, he is biggest toddler EVER trying to destroy our democracy with his requests that states actually ignore the voters.

  16. Sweet, she shouldn’t be around children anyway.
    Not mine, that is for sure.
    She needs to flip burgers for a living.
    Learn to code.
    Too damn angry to be around civilized people.
    Too programmed. too radical.
    So damn sad for someone so young to be so angry for all the wrong reasons.

  17. Wow… I can’t believe that this loud, foul mouthed idiot, that obviously has anger management issues is a teacher. I really hope that they never let her back in a classroom…

    1. I taught for a decade and saw many a foul-mouth teacher scream at their students and even co-workers. If parents only knew what really goes on in schools, they would shut them down for good.

  18. Bottom line. Screaming at someone that “They should go kill themselves” is totally unacceptable for any public servant. You on the left wouldn’t tolerate that from a police officer and I know that those on the right certainly wouldn’t. But I see comments from people defending this totally out of control person and saying it is fine that she indoctrinates our children, our future, with this type of behaviour and thinking. Simply disgusting.

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