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Wyden says he plans to seek reelection to US Senate in 2022

Senator Ron Wyden Senate floor jobless benefits 1021
Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., spoke on Senate floor in October to urge passage of expanded jobless benefits due to COVID-19's economic impacts.

Says wildfire prep, prevention, infrastructure are key issues

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., says he’s seeking reelection in 2022, ending speculation that Oregon’s senior senator might retire and pave the way for a crowded lineup of potential replacements.

Wyden, 71, told Oregon Public Broadcasting that he believes he has more work to do in Washington D.C.  Wyden holds several key positions in Congress, including on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“Of course I’m running,” the Democrat said. “There’s so much to do for Oregonians, and I’d very much like to have the honor of representing Oregonians again.”

Should Democrats regain control of the Senate this month, Wyden is in line to chair the powerful Senate Finance Committee.

One of his priorities in the coming Congress, Wyden said, is wildfire preparation and prevention. He and fellow Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley have proposed creating a 21st Century civilian conservation corps — essentially a modern re-creation of a program that was part of President Franklin Roosevelt’s efforts to pull the United States out of the Great Depression.

Wyden said the racial justice protests of 2020 changed the way he thinks about his job.

 For example, he said, the Senate Finance Committee is looking at racial injustices in the health care system.

“You look, for example, at the fact that so often in affluent white suburbs, there’s an incredible array of health care services. But in communities of color, very often, what we’re seeing is almost health care deserts, where they really lack for basic services,” he said. “... These challenges are going to have to be priorities for every single senator, for every single committee, and they will be at the top of my list.”

He’s also hoping President-elect Joe Biden makes infrastructure a priority during his first 100 days in office.

“I believe the big major piece of legislation right out of the gate needs to be infrastructure -- roads, bridges,” Wyden said. “This is a chance to put folks to work. It creates jobs.”

Wyden’s decision to seek reelection changes the political calculus for ambitious politicians planning ahead. Though the 2022 campaigns are more than a year from entering high gear, speculation is already mounting about which Democratic leaders might be considering seeking higher office.

Wyden’s announcement means there will be only one high-profile statewide job up for grabs: The governorship. Gov. Kate Brown is term-limited out of office in 2022.

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    1. New York is a shorter commute and his kids grandparents live there. Total family guy that hates airports. He does get to Oregon frequently. I’ve actually sat with him while changing planes. I’d hire him to represent my state any day. Did you notice in ‘17 he didn’t object to the will of the voters when the electoral votes were certified? He’s no douche bag.

  1. No matter which party you support, everyone should support term limits. No one should make a career out of political office. Would solve a whole load of problems on both sides.

    1. Term limits AND an age limit. You hit 65 you need to go fishing. No more political career. They’re too old, senile and out of touch. Especially the old white dudes. See ya Wyden, McConnell, Schumer, Graham, etc. Walk off into the sunset, enjoy your remaining years on earth and let the important decisions be made by people who’s synaptic gap is less than a 1/2″. Buh bye.

      1. I noticed you failed to mention Biden in your list, but it is a racist list anyway as you are only targeting White Males so your true colors are flying.

      2. An age limit doesn’t make sense. Plenty of older folks still have brilliant minds and there are plenty of younger folks dumb as a post. I am not going to name a list of older and amazing smart individuals as it would be huge. They are just typically to smart to run for office.

  2. “Con Wyden” has overstayed his welcome as a pure example of what is wrong with Oregon politics. A lifetime politician- doesn’t even live in Oregon- has done nothing for the State he represents but lie- make empty promises- and gouge the little guy out of his hard earned paycheck. Oregonians continue to demonstrate their stupidity by supporting this con man who has been around long enough to have made catastrophic policy resulting in the states massive wildfires- failed economy- riots- and legalized drug use… Demokrat policies that have turned our once great state into the laughing stock of the nation- throw this bum out and stop the lunacy !

    1. You fail to mention what he has or hasn’t done. Sounds like you probably just hate democrats and don’t get past that most important fact. I know many people like that.

  3. He is a good man, measured in his responses, intelligent, well versed in government and has shown strong ability to work with the other side when they are open to it, example is his work with Sen Smith from OREGON in years past

    1. He did vote against Bush’s Iraq war and stated excellent reasons why. He is generally spot on with his direction. A good example of a safe seat that will speak the truth, similar to Ben Sasse in Nebraska.

  4. I have to wonder if little Ronnie Whynot actually lives in his house in Potland or does he rent it out and charge taxpayers for his expenses when he comes back to town, Or does he charge us Oregon taxpayers for his house in New York when he is not here? I think I will drive past there and see what his house looks like.

  5. Big surprise… Politics was never supposed to be a lucrative, life long career.
    If this clown is going to run again, he should be required to actually live in
    our state full time, and not just have a token Oregon residence…
    Liberal hypocrisy at it’s finest. If he was a Republican, the Dems would be screaming
    about his not truly being an actual resident of Oregon.

  6. Senator Wyden is a sponsor of an Israel Anti Boycott bill that makes it a felony to boycott Israel or encourage others to do so. The penalties would be $250,000 fine and/or 20 years in prison. So no more complaining about those Israeli settlements on the west bank. Go ahead and give him a call and have him explain his reasoning.

  7. i like how they all talk about term limits when the opposing team has been in office a long time, but they never want to take any action on the matter because they would all be past their terms and would lose their parasitic existence. we should change our whole political process. we should make public service like jury duty or the draft to get the big money/media out of the process. instead of voting for the people who throw out the most money to the media, make it everyone’s civic duty to serve when called. you start down in lower offices and either get voted out or voted up after 1 term. then you are getting the best people for the jobs moving upwards running the country not the people who got the biggest connections selling the most favors

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