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Gov. Brown announces plans to expand COVID-19 vaccinations to all seniors


Starting Jan. 23, following CDC guidelines, ramped-up vaccine doses expected; patience sought, Brown asks that people not call doctors, providers

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Based on updated guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Gov. Kate Brown announced late Tuesday that Oregon will be expanding COVID-19 vaccinations to include all individuals age 65 and older.

In addition, the federal government announced it would be releasing its full reserve of vaccines available to states, rather than holding some doses in storage for a later, second dose.

Vaccination of Oregon seniors––as well as child care providers and early learning and K-12 educators and staff––will start on Saturday, Jan. 23, when additional vaccine shipments are expected to begin arriving from the federal government.

“While this is an unexpected change in course from the federal government, receiving more vaccines is welcome news for states — and Oregon is ready to devote all resources necessary to ramp up distribution with our health care partners,” Brown said.

“The Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon National Guard have already begun working with hospitals, pharmacies, and local public health partners to ensure Oregon seniors and educators have ready access to a vaccine. We will be detailing plans on Friday for the rapid deployment of vaccines to health care providers and mass vaccination sites across Oregon.

“If you are an Oregonian who is newly eligible for vaccination, I am asking for your patience. Please, do not call your doctor’s office or health care provider with questions about when you can be vaccinated. Today’s news arrived with no advance notice from the federal government. Oregon health care providers are working as fast as humanly possible to shift their vaccine distribution plans to meet this sudden change in national guidance.

“Now, more than ever, I am determined to ensure that communities that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 have access to a vaccine: Oregon’s Black, Indigenous, tribal, Latino, Latina, and Latinx, Pacific Islander, and communities of color. Reaching educators and individuals aged 65 and older from these communities is absolutely critical, as we strive to achieve equitable vaccine distribution in each phase of this process.”

The governor and the Oregon Health Authority will provide more details on Oregon's distribution plans for seniors and educators, as well as how Oregon will continue to reach those populations most vulnerable to COVID-19, on Friday.

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  1. Kovid Kate is now just making this up as she goes ! She honestly believed that people would be crashing the door down to get this vaccine- and they’re not ! There is no support for Brown’s hoax in the general population- she needs to take her clown car to the nursing homes and Hispanic community- these are the two groups at the highest risk- and that is according to Brownstain herself and the OHA !

    1. If only we had the stable genius of Oregon BGHW protecting us and calling the shots we would live in a utopia unlike any ever in the history of the world! if only he would grace us with his leadership the state would be a model for all states to strive to become! oh BGHW please oh please run for office and take care of all of us because only you can do it! You are so smart, and tremendously handsome I’m sure, so only you can do this for us, PLEASE!

      1. I will “once again” gladly accept the fact that you have had to result to a personal attack- completely void of any rational point about the topic at hand or my comments- as a clear victory over you and your radical lefties who really have no game- no smarts- really nothing to offer but anger and hateful outbursts- much like a pre-pubescent teen who has yet to grow a single follicle ! You troll this site all day with nothing to offer- just hate- venom- anger… and nobody buys it ! Yer a loser- and probably a drunk ! Your comments are meaningless- nothing but loud-mouthed bullying. probably the one time class clown that never could get enough attention- so here you are- a pathetic mess of a human being- and I’m being kind because Barney likes you !

            1. No B ! 80 percent of your radical left dope smokin’ freeloaders who mooch of the Oregon taxpayer would be forced to improve their arguments- their opinions- the overall quality of their posts… and threatens the liberal view-point being promoted here. I’ve never heard anyone argue that a fruit vendor sells 80% rotten bananas because they make great smoothies !

    2. Back to your anti-Gov Brown diatribe I see. You either skipped reading beyond the headline before commenting (blithering?) or, more likely, simply couldn’t comprehend the information in the article.

      1. “Back to” ??? Gee- I never left- I must be slipping ! As for your garbage- you are free to point out any part of my original quote that is off target. Like I’ve said from day one of the Trump vaccine roll-out- the most at risk populations need to be addressed first- not the young healthy low risk medical and first responding crews… who have no record of massive fatality rates or have been singled out by the OHA as having “above” average exposure rates per their population base. Kovid Kate has engaged in a catastrophic disorganized attempt to control a mild virus- she’s tripped over her pant suit cuffs every step of the way- from shutting down schools to catastrophic results- to damaging the states economy beyond repair ! All of this as she simply followed what other “states” were doing- and refused to “think outside the box” and follow the path of what successful “countries” were doing ! Now protesters are about to mount large scale gatherings on the State’s capitol in Salem ! Will she be out front to speak to these people- or will she cower in fear and blame all them victims of her policies for their own financial and mental hardships- like she’s had no part of it ! I dare anyone here to re-post a comment by Kalamity Kate where she takes personal responsibility for the chaos she has put you all through ! Go ahead- I double dog dare you !!!

      1. C’mon the Latins are falling for that nonsense? Latin men are know for their machismo and the Latin women take pride in their femininity. I’ve spent sometimes months in Latin American countries. Damas and Caballeros 2 choices no confusion @ the Bano down there.

      2. Let me clarify: It’s an all out assault on language and its use. It is weaponizing language as a tool to brainwash people into thinking that gender is a “social construct” to create the illusion of sameness. It is also deeply offensive to the “Latinx” community being that it humiliates the entire Spanish language as it is almost entirely a gendered language.
        Oh and by the way, this was entirely manufactured by white people cuz they always know best.

  2. I was born in Oregon that make me indigenous, a native Oregonian. Also after months of knowing a vaccine was being developed and in the pipeline. And with that amount of time to formulate a plan for accelerated vaccinations. Instead brown who is seriously infected with liberalism cannot keep herself from using race based allocation of the vaccine. By the way what is a latinx?

      1. Do you mean the dictionary that noted the term “sexual preference” as offensive the very day it was used to slander Amy Cony Barrett.
        The dictionary that trembles with fear of the woke mob and quite literally puts politics ahead of the objective job of standardizing our language.
        That dictionary?

  3. So Brown is literally dissuading white people from getting vaccinated?
    “Oregon’s Black, Indigenous, tribal, Latino, Latina, and Latinx, Pacific Islander, and communities of color.”
    It kinda seems like a Marxist eugenics project, and very much illegal, if we even care about what is lawful anymore.
    It’s a one party state so anything goes now.

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