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  1. Data don’t lie- DaShoots County residents do ! And according to the OHA data linked- Doosh residents like them there in Redmond- will not cooperate with OSU trace testers. Why hasn’t KTVZ followed up on this local embarrassment ? The question is simple- why do citizens in Bend-Deadmond- and LaSpineless feel the need to be so mouthy here on line- yet so uncooperative in real life ? This is the pure definition of hypocrisy ! Here’s yer link- notice how them folks out in Crook have hit 100% out of four times and one 99% ! You half-wits out in Doosh County need to shut yer yaps and start acting like adults instead of chronic wheezy teenage stoners ! Here’s yer link- try not to whine about the facts !!/vizhome/shared/SSZMGR77Z

    1. I’m shocked such a comment even got published. The bar is set extremely low on this local news station. Please raise it. Nobody needs to hear this trashy bashing attempt.

      1. “Imjustsayin” is a typical liberal- shocked by all the wrong things ! Maybe you should spend your time looking at the data I provided- then come on back and explain how the OHA is providing such “trashy bashing” stuff – and while yer at it- take a bit of time and energy to chastise Doosh County for their unwillingness to do damn near nothing right ! They whine about their closed businesses- yet failed to recall Guv Hate Brown- they belly-ache about their closed schools- but failed to sign a petition to remove Kovid Kate- they moan about the miserable year they’ve spent in poverty and under Martial Law… But Yep- you guessed it- didn’t do a damn thing to get rid of Brownshirt and her Executive Orders. So go ahead cry baby- Blue-hoo-hoo me a river !

    2. Wow…just wow. Reverse racism and bigotry in action.

      Or, just another malignant narcissist pumping him or herself up in the public forum at the cost of others.


  2. I will not be contract traced. I had someone test positive in my office and I kept getting phone calls that I did not recognize so as usual I don’t answer. Both he and his girlfriend were asymptomatic. Heck, I probably had the virus and gave it to them earlier.

    What a farce this virus is. If you have comprised immune system stay home and wear face diaper and keep distanced, otherwise leave us alone and let us live our own lives.

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