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‘Not enough time’: C.O. restaurants scramble to prep, reopen indoor dining

A few days notice makes for scramble for supplies, contacting workers

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The managers and workers at many restaurants in Deschutes County are moving fast, preparing to reopen for limited indoor dining on Friday.

"We're happy to be reopening. We're in a bit of a time crunch, but I think we'll all rise to the challenge," Greg's Grill Manager Andre Gregoriou said Wednesday.

Gregoriou said there have been some obstacles with the state giving only a few days notice of the move from Extreme to High Risk.

"Obviously getting our staff back is an issue, two days notice for anything is not enough time," he explained.

Andre said he anticipates some supply issues as local food purveyors that supply restaurants work to catch up with the last-minute announcement as well.

"We will probably encounter some difficulties with that over the next 10 days, and bear with us," Gregoriou said. "And it's not because we don't want to have a full menu. It's just because that they're trying to stock up while we're trying to serve you guys."

Just down the way in the Old Mill, at Anthony's, a quick effort to reopen is also underway.

"It's mostly calling all your vendors, making sure you get your linens and your towels and your wine and your beer," said Anthony's Manager Liz Wolfe.

Wolfe said she's also been on the phone, locating her employees.

"Who's where?" she said. "It's been two months. I have employees that are now in Eugene going to school, I have employees that have moved, and who can come back, so we start at the top and offer everyone back the positions."

At Va Piano Vineyards, Manager Maury Brown says their employees are preparing to come back.

"They are all coming back, but they have been laid off -- furloughed, excuse me -- since November. So it will be a little bit of a transition," Brown said.

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Blake Allen

Blake Allen is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Blake here.



  1. A time crunch? Restaurants can open on Friday. They don’t have to open on Friday. More notice would suggest the opening date is an arbitrary thing tied to the “Wheel Of Fortune.” It is scientific. Tied to those who might be infected.

    1. I talked to an employee at one place last week and they knew was probably going to happen this week. Enough time to start getting ready. Of course you want to open as soon as you can because every day staying closed is revenue lost that you never get back.

  2. Sometimes your fifteen minutes of fame are for all the wrong reasons ! Does Andre really believe- that after a whole year of fear mongering and tall tales of mass extinction from an Ebola like virus- that patrons are just going to show up because he says he’s got half his staff and some bread sticks ??? If only Andre and the hundreds of other Da-Shoots County restaurants had only pooled all this energy to recall Kovid Kate- they would have been back in business months ago ! but they didn’t- so now they whine incessantly over the bad hand the Dictator in Salem has dealt them ! If I were them- I’d slap a lunch wagon together and go sell food cart snacks out in Lake County ! Even though they have higher China Virus numbers in two out of three categories than Crook- the good dictator in Salem has deemed them “moderate risk”- Do you ding dongs still not get the level of lies that have been perpetrated on you here on a daily basis ? We now know that NY Gov Cuomo hid his geriatric death count because it was proof that the Dems were making decisions intended to worsen the appearance of the virus. We now also know that there are four other States involved in this hoax- what we don’t know yet- is “OREGON” on the list ! Stay tuned- I’ll keep you updated because the 21 won’t !

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