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  1. Tolerant liberals almost have their piggy bellies full of that horse crap. What’s next, concentration camps for non-followers?? Anti-fascist my a**!

  2. The jab hold-outs are those who refuse to be bribed, manipulated or shamed into taking an injection that is full of unknowns. Thinking people don’t want to be guinea pigs.

  3. Under President Trump’s leadership- the state of Oregon did not see 400 cases in a day until 8 months later- October 19th- and that was with no vaccine… just a summer full of UV drenched sunshine. Now with Biden mucking things up… we’re into “another surge”… from 177 new cases on Sunday- to more than 700 new cases in two days. Obviously the virus is here to stay- China has gifted the world a new world virus that will never go away… no matter what you do or believe- it is here to stay… and China Joe and a colluding and corrupt US media will do nothing to prevent this from happening again- I assure you- this will not end well ! America needs a real leader like President Trump back in office- the nation is in complete free-fall !

      1. Many Can’t ! Both Biden and Harris mocked the Trump vaccine as untrustworthy- unreliable… why don’t you spend some time addressing those comments- they’ve done great damage… even St Charles staff won’t get the vaccine… why is that ? I blame Biden and Harris- what says you ?

      2. Your Link…… “Harris says she wouldn’t trust Trump on any vaccine released before election”…
        “The Democratic vice presidential nominee also expressed concern that Trump has continued to contradict his own health officials.”… Gee I dunno- President Trump sure looks and acts a whole lot healthier than “Gonna keel over any day now- Joe Biden” !

        1. Unlike many people here, when someone I generally disagree with (like Trump) does something I agree with, I give credit. I agree with Trump that the vaccine is safe and everyone should get it.

  4. Anytime Trump looks constipated or a little worse for wear the media falls over themselves hoping his health is in decline. Yet they’ll insist till the 🐄 s come home that sniffles is as fit as Jack Lalane. Heck I’d trust a mime over the golden boy fauci.

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