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Electrical fire causes $350K damage to downtown Bend office building; sprinkler limits spread

Investigators say downtown Bend office building fire was electrical, related to heat tape
Bend Fire & Rescue
Investigators say downtown Bend office building fire was electrical, related to heat tape

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – An electrical fire caused about $350,000 in damage and losses at a downtown Bend office building late Saturday night, but an official said the sprinkler system prevented more damage.

Bend Fire and Rescue was dispatched around 11:40 p.m. to the reported fire in a two-story commercial building in the 100 block of Northwest Greenwood Avenue, Deputy Fire Marshal Susie Maniscalco said.

Police and fire personnel arrived to find flames and smoke coming from the second story and roof of the unoccupied building, which is equipped with a full fire sprinkler and alarm systems, Maniscalco said.

Crews got to the second floor and said a single fire sprinkler in the attic kept the fire from spreading through the attic.

“Had the fire sprinklers not been in place, the long-term cleanup and disruption of businesses would have been greatly impacted,” Maniscalco said in a news release.

The cause of the fire was determined to be an electrical fire relating to heat tape. No injuries were reported.

The building’s estimated value is $2.7 million, and property losses were estimated at $200,000, Maniscalco said. Contents were valued at $400,000, with losses of about $150,000.

Barney Lerten

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    1. Editorial judgment call. Why name the businesses? We don’t name every homeowner fire or crime victim, either. I just checked, another local media posting didn’t include it either.
      For those who care: Tenants in the building include Stellar Realty, the Cigar Chapel, DVA Advertising and KernuttStokes CPA, Maniscalco said, adding that the fire originated in the advertising business.

    2. Truly disappointing what has become of this free space to share thoughts. What compels you and others to spew your misery and discontent? Kinda feel bad for you.

    1. The entire block has now been bought and rebuilt into spacious apartments each about half the size of a McDonald’s bathroom. With no kitchens. Or bathtubs. Or laundry. Yours for only 4,000 dollars month plus first and last month, plus 1000 dollar deposit (Nonrefundable), 120 dollar person background check fee (Also nonrefundable.), 500 dollars move in fee, plus assurance that you have a job paying at least 10,000 dollars monthly. Month to month, no lease. Must fully move in within 2 days or else agreement and all money is forfeited.

      Parking available on street.

    2. Not unoccupied. In the context of real estate, unoccupied means that it is neither leased or rented. Incorrect usage of the word in the article, if my journalism day recollections are correct.

  1. Thank you fire personnel. Unless you are unvaxxed. Per the people posting on here. You shouldn’t even get to go to a hospital if you have a injury if non vaxxed. These losers hate you. They hate me. I was a hero recently per their terms now I should not be allowed to buy or sell goods. This community dues not deserve you.

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