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Bend-La Pine Schools superintendent speaks on Texas school tragedy

 The Bend-La Pine School Board met Tuesday night for a special meeting followed by a work session. In the special meeting, the board approved what's called the Really Great Reading program. For languages, there's a shift from foreign language to world language.

The mood was somber as the superintendent touched on the school shooting tragedy that happened in Texas.

Superintendent Steve Cook said he wanted to "recognize and provide some comments about the shooting in Ulvade, Texas today. We are deeply saddened to hear the school shooting that took place today in the small town in Texas. Nothing shakes us to the core like violence against children. The most innocent and vulnerable among us, particularly in a place where they're supposed to be safe without question."

In the work session, an annual report on equity and anti-racism efforts was discussed. Curriculum and school culture are meant to be anti-racist, including different viewpoints and cultures.

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Kelsey McGee

Kelsey McGee is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Kelsey here.



  1. Armed school staff would’ve prevented this 100%. You ever wonder why these weak people don’t shoot up police stations? Because they’d be killed right quick. Instead they shoot up dumbocrats gun free zones and schools where the most vulnerable people are. Wake up sheeple. If everyone was armed we wouldn’t have hardly any of these tragedies happening.

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