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La Pine man crashes SUV into post office; no injuries

SUV into La Pine post office DCSO 1105-2
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
SUV crashed into La Pine post office Thursday, but no injuries were reported
La Pine SUV into post office DCSO 1205-1
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
Numerous mailboxes were damaged when SUV crashed into La Pine post office on Thursday.
SUV into La Pine post office La Pine RFPD 1205
La Pine Rural Fire District
No injuries were reported when SUV driver smashed into La Pine post office on Thursday

Despite busy pre-holiday rush

(Update: Details from DCSO; no citations)

La PINE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A 57-year-old La Pine man crashed an SUV into the La Pine post office early Thursday afternoon, and despite the pre-holiday rush, there were no injuries, though numerous post office boxes in the lobby were damaged, authorities said.

La Pine Rural Fire District firefighter-paramedics were dispatched around 12:40 p.m. to the post office on Huntington Road after the driver of a Lincoln Navigator crashed into the south wall, Fire Chief Mike Supkis said.

The driver was able to get out on their own and did not require transport by medics, Supkis said. Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies said it was a case of driver error, and no citations were issued.

Firefighters stabilized the SUV and evaluated the building for structural integrity.

Supkis said Postal Service officials planned to keep the front counter open, as it’s in a different area of the building, but access to the parking lot and P.O. boxes may be blocked. 

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  1. I hope they aren’t in the habit of “Driver error”. Aren’t most accidents driver error? No need for citations anymore, just “driver error” go on home. Sorry about your building; wasn’t my fault. I’m not complaining, I just hope that if I “error” I get off this easy.

    1. Yeah, I have found you have to be careful before you hit the “post comment” button, as there is no way to edit it before it goes live. One of the things I don’t like about this new format. Hopefully, Barney is still working out bugs.

  2. We even have SnowFlakes in Bend as well as La Pine that just can’t drive The Bend P O had a drive through here a while back also Some of these snowflakes think they need to drive 100 mph where ever they go Even where i live they think they need to drive fast

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